Aaron Curry’s contract drops from six years to four

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For three of the top 11 players taken in the 2009 draft, last week was a bad, bad week.

The Bills cut Aaron Maybin (No. 11), who received a curious hero’s welcome in New York after clearing waivers.  Also, the Bengals opted not to pick up the option on tackle Andre Smith, reducing his rookie contract from six years to four.  The Bengals avoided a $4.75 million option bonus.  (Curiously, the contract didn’t have the standard “non-exercise fee,” which would have forced the Bengals to cut or trade Smith in order to avoid the payment.)

Then there Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry.  The fourth overall pick in 2009, a league source tells us that Curry recently agreed to a new deal that cuts his rookie contract from six years to four.  It will make Curry an unrestricted free agent after the 2012 season.

In return for early freedom, Curry gave up $5 million in guaranteed money that he’s due to earn in 2012.  It suggests that 2011 will be a make-or-break season for Curry.

All in all, the first 11 players taken in 2009 have had more misses than hits.  Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (No. 1 overall) has shown real potential, but he has had too many injuries.  Rams tackle Jason Smith, the second pick and presumably the new Orlando Pace, was bumped last year to the right side in 2010.  Chiefs defensive lineman Tyson Jackson has been unspectacular at No. 3 — but in light of the other guys taken around him, we now understand why G.M. Scott Pioli said in April that he’d take Tyson Jackson in that spot all over again.

Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey has been a disappointment at No. 7, and 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree hasn’t come close to living up to his potential at No. 10.

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  1. “All in all, the first 11 players taken in 2009 have had more hits than misses. ”

    Don’t you mean more misses than hits?

  2. And he was supposed to be the “sure thing” in that draft… great job, draft gurus!

  3. Could really see this coming. If Curry had been a fourth-round pick, then his performance thus far might not be that much of a disappointment. But as the #4 overall pick, he’s supposed to be an impact player, and he has been anything but.

    His propensity for running his mouth on Twitter and picking up dumb penalties (as when he threw the helmet of a Viking offensive lineman this past weekend) doesn’t do much to help his cause. He really doesn’t seem to show much of a head for the game. He has a lot of physical ability, but when it comes to actually utilizing it, he’s left a lot to be desired.

    Time for him to put up, shut up, or wind up a Raider in two seasons. After all, he has a really impressive 40 time for someone his size…

  4. I haven’t heard the name ‘Aaron Curry’ in forever… I’d like to ask all the Seahawk fans how he has looked over the last couple years.

  5. As a Seahawks fan, this is good news. It’s either he performs like a #4 pick to be paid or bust. So far, he’s been a bust – He has been a like a Gorilla for us… Massive strength and power, but has no Football knowledge whatsoever.

  6. Crabtree shouldn’t be on that list with them guys…MC yards and catches have gone up in his two yrs with the niners..not to mention that half the yr his rookie season he didn’t play and still ended up wit almost 50 catches..I think ppl are caught up because he holdsout and missed training camp all 3 yrs..but ppl forget he’s been getting his numbers with bad qb play…let’s go niners

  7. I guess it goes without saying that BJ Raji at #9 was probably the best of the bunch. Kinda like how Haloti Ngata at #8 was the best of the bunch in 2006.

  8. The Packers first round picks of BJ Raji and Clay Matthews look even better given the lack of quality in that draft.

  9. 2009 worked out pretty well for the Packers in the first round. B.J. Raji (9) and Clay Matthews III (26).

  10. He runs around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.
    Over pursues, no cover skills, and can’t rush the QB.
    They have been trying really hard to coach him up and find something he’s good at, hasn’t worked.
    Really fast, really big, and really disappointing.
    Just another in a long line of Tim Ruskell’s first round busts.
    Maybe they can ship him off to Chicago for a 1st round pick!

  11. The guy I wanted that year, Hakeem Nicks, seems to be doing rather nicely for his Giants team. Luckily, the birds team I follow didn’t do too badly. Jeremy Maclin’s biggest problem was getting sick this year but he’s been a productive receiver for us.

  12. rah said he would have taken freeman first overall after the draft that year and everyone laughed. who would you take first overall in a do over? freeman and clay matthews are the only 2 options


  14. cornellsteelers says:
    Aug 22, 2011 4:40 PM

    If the 2009 draft was re-done Mike Wallace would be a top-10 pick.
    If he’s a top 10 pick then that makes Hakeem Nicks a top 3 pick in that draft.

    The most complete receiver in the 09 draft and soon to be perennial pro bowler, #88.

  15. This post curiously left out the success of Mark Sanchez, 5th overall selection in the 2009 draft, Superbowl XLVI MVP

  16. “Just another in a long line of Tim Ruskell’s first round busts.”

    This is so so true!

    It’s such a relief to know that GM John Schneider is running the show now.

    GO HAWKS!!

  17. Just thinking back 2 years ago, Curry was a player that could have gone 1 or 2 that year, he was that highly regarded. Seattle did the right thing, based on his lofty status and what were their options at #4.

    Just goes to show you that the draft is a crapshoot. You never know how college players are going to adapt to the pro game. And not just teams are wrong. The so-called experts like Kiper and his bretheren are just as bad.

  18. I was psyched at the time that Crabtree was still available at number 10 and I thought my Niners got a steal. Boy was I wrong. Saying only that “he hasn’t lived up to potential” is letting him off easy. He’s a diva who is apparently allergic to hard work. Heyward-Bey is worse…but at least he tries.

  19. Curry is especially disappointing when you consider that Mark Sanchez was taken immediately after Curry. Curry has been a non-factor in most games. He doesn’t have any football smarts and might possibly regress this year without Tatupu at the center linebacker spot. Hawthorne is great as a middle backer but Tatupu made certain that everyone around him was in place and knew their assignment.

    If you needed more proof that Ruskell was a complete disaster, this is it. A franchise simply cannot waste a top five draft pick.

  20. yep, but bspn todd mcshay says a 3rd pick on pryor is a reach…lmao….how many third rd picks make it in the nfl after 4 years?

  21. If only 1/2 of Tatupu’s football sense could’ve rubbed off on Curry and his physical tools, he’d be in line for an extension.
    As it stands, he’s got little margin for error under the new regieme.

  22. wow.. who would have thought that the best pick ups of the 2009 draft class would have been:
    5. Mark Sanchez – Jets
    8. Eugene Monroe – Jaguars
    9. BJ Raji – packers

    say what you want about each of these three players BUT they are paying dividends for their teams. From what I have seen, each of these players has had their share of growing pains BUT they are still playing solid for first round picks after two years.

    PS – suck it, Kipper.

  23. It really isn’t fair to cast judgement on a draft too soon. However when your team flat out cuts you, or forces you to take a pay cut only 2 years into your contract then it is clear that player has been a disappointment. What is strange is that it was an exceptional draft for WRs yet the top 2 WRs drafted wouldn’t be first rounders if every team had it to do over again.

  24. megabeast37215 says:
    Aug 22, 2011 4:36 PM
    I haven’t heard the name ‘Aaron Curry’ in forever… I’d like to ask all the Seahawk fans how he has looked over the last couple years.

    Imagine T-Joke playing on defense.


    No cover skills, bites on every fake, dumb penalties.

  25. Sanchez hasn’t exactly lit it up. The Jets have had a pretty loaded roster the last two years and many times have seemingly won in spite of the play of Sanchez rather than because of. Now with the Burress hype train in full effect it’s time for the Jets to take the training wheels off Sanchez and find out if they have a real NFL quarterback. Dallas is going to blitz the ever living @#$% out of Sanchez in the opener…book it.

  26. Curry was great as a pass rusher in college. How often does he blitz? I think if we have him blitz, we would see his performance improve.

  27. @snoqualmieterry

    Curry was not great as a pass rusher in college…I think you’re mistaking him for someone else. You would think he would excel at it, given his amazing athleticism, but he’s really no good. TE’s bully him around all day long.

  28. The reason Andre Smith’s contract didn’t include a non-exercise fee was because Andre thought he would have to pay for the right to not exercise.

  29. If restructuring his contract inspires him to get off his butt and make some plays…good move Seattle. However, I’m also not one to forget coach coming out and saying last year that he didn’t know exactly how to utilize Curry’s talents on our team. We shall see what the season has to say about him being a bust or not. If the coaching staff was telling it true last season and in the off season then we should see some better utilization and hopefully better play.

  30. Gotta say, I was shocked the Chiefs didn’t take Curry given the hype, but it just goes to show once again that Scott Pioli knows what he is doing. That said, it’s a make-or-break year for Tyson Jackson too. Most defensive ends need a couple of years to get used to the pace and the system, but if T. Jack can’t hack it this year, look to see him cut soon.

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