Albert Haynesworth pleads no contest to simple assault


The trial of Patriots defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth ended before it started.

Haynesworth entered a plea of no contest to simple assault for an incident where he was accused of inappropriately touching a waitress at the W Hotel in Washington D.C.

Dan Patrick (not that one) of ABC7 in D.C. reports Haynesworth will serve 160 hours of community service.  That’s a lot of hours.

Haynesworth was asked for comment by reporters as he entered the courtroom.  His response: “Go Patriots.”

UPDATE: Keith Alexander of the Washington Post has more details.  Haynesworth has agreed to an alcohol abuse assessment and psychological assessment as part of the agreement.  He has 18 months to complete the community service.

39 responses to “Albert Haynesworth pleads no contest to simple assault

  1. A suspension should come quickly based on his continuous behavior detrimental to the team and the league. He is the epitome of the NFL TURD–Troublemaker Under repeat Discipline.

  2. Cop a feel ….. Cop a feel …. Never too late to cop a feel …….

    Haynesworth probably feels pretty good about the outcome of his court case …… In a short off the record interview in the men’s room after the case was heard, Haynesworth was heard to say:

    “Hell, I’ve been groping women in public my whole life. They finally caught me.”

  3. Out of those 160 hrs of CC he will do 0 hours and have someone write him off as doing 160 . On another note he looks in shape to me in that picture ,and is focused on doubting all you morons that think he is washed up wrong. It is only preseason , but look at Andre Carter for an example , he didn’t look great in Washington last year in the 3-4 , year before that he had 11 sacks in a 4-3 , now he is back in his comfort zone and looking great , i suspect the same for ” Fat Albert “

  4. An quick informal assessment on the alchohol and psychological fronts came back as “A fat, mean, crazy, drunk”.

  5. If Pryor can be suspended for conduct in which he engaged before he was even a PROSPECTIVE employee of the NFL, it seems like Haynesworth should be punished for conduct that occurred when NFL players were locked out.

    But, then again, Goodell’s policy is not based in logic, so anything could happen.

  6. Dan Patrick (not that one) of ABC7 in D.C. reports Haynesworth will serve 160 hours of community service. That’s a lot of hours.

    Sitting on Peyton Manning will knock about half of those 160 hours of community service. He’d be doing the New England community a BIG SERVICE.

  7. 4t9er that shipped sailed a long time ago. They have been far more willing to take on malcontents in recent years (Moss, Haynesworth, etc) but please dont make it sound like they havent done the same thing all along. Bryan Cox in 01, Dillon in 04…..the league has plenty of bad dudes in it, every team has some.

  8. He’ll probably get 4 week suspension… to get in shape.

    Count his Daniel Snyder money.

    Show up for work in time to play against the Jets or Cowboys.

    Work about 1/2 season… play pretty hard and see if the Raiders or Bengals sign him in free agency.

  9. i love how he brings the typical gold digging slizut out with him for the photo op so that people see he has a women that stands by him.and i dont think the nfl can suspend someone who cant stay healthy enough to play anyway its like they arent suspending him at all.thankfully hes only a few thousand cheeseburgers away from dying of a heart attack before he reaches 50.or at least a nice stroke is in his theres that

  10. So much for his defense.

    Not a huge Haynesworth fan, and guessing that between being unable to practice for two weeks and now a “no contest” plea, plus a likely suspension (it WOULD be hypocritical of Goodell to suspend Roethlisberger and not Haynesworth – even though thre allegations against Roethlisberger were much more serious), I’m thinking Fat Albert has run out his welcome in Patriotsville.

  11. Contrary to the knee-jerk, superficial reaction in the post, this actually makes the cutting of Haynesworth less likely. A trial for sexual assault is far riskier to AH and the Patriots than an admission of simple assault, with all the distractions of a trial taking place now, at a key point in the pre-season. I have to imagine this was a decision in which the Pats had some influence.

    As for equating what Rothlesberger appears to have done in Georgia with what AH did do here, that’s a stretch. Suspension, yes, but certainly not six games. Belichick probably is not planning to use AH in games for a while in any event, since this year is all about the playoffs and they have a deep DL.

    And, last, and certainly least, the notion that Goodell would reward Kraft in this manner is moronic.

  12. this works out pretty good actually…
    Al will get his 4 game suspension…get to rest his knee & learn the Patriots playbook…work out & get in better shape…& go on the non football injury pup list keeping a spot open for the patriots to keep a guy they wanted to further evaluate until Al comes back, rested,ready & angry to wreak havock on opposing teams….yup, works out pretty good if you ask me…

    This is a blessing in disquise…

  13. Fat Albert will soon be looking a new team to steal money from. What a knucklehead this guy is.

  14. So how much is a breast grope worth when it comes to the Waitresses civil trial demands, 5 million?

  15. So he’s a drunk with mental issues too? Damn what a resume.

    As for community service………what are the chances he will even show up? And if he does, if it’s anything more strenuous than emptying a trash can, he won’t pass the pre community service endurance test!

  16. Lets see…

    Trade a jersey and some autographs for a few tatoos and get a 5 game suspension before even entering the NFL.

    Be a tremendous pain in the azz for years, grope some women in public then cop a plea and receive no suspension.

    Ah yes, the beautiful mind of Roger Goodell.

  17. @FinFan68 …

    Thank you! That was before the lockout, so based on how he’s handled some previous cases, Goodell should suspend him. But based on how he handled Underwood and Young, I guess he’ll just ignore it.

  18. Many sources are reporting that no suspension is expected… Roger’s tough on DUI and uniform violations, but grope a woman’s breast in drunken anger (he wasn’t copping a feel he squeezed the bleep out of her bleep because he was p.o’d because she took offense at his drunken smarmy comments, read the reports), well, that’s no big deal to Rog. After all, she was a waitress, she should expect that stuff, right Rog? I agree with the earlier poster, he will be willing to go to jail before he does a minute of community service… and the idea that he will seriously undergo psychiatric treatment for anger management is laughable… he got away with it, once again, there is zero chance he will change who and what he is, zero.

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