Gore won’t comment on possible trade request


Well, it’s time to fire up the water coolers.

Asked whether there’s any truth to the notion, as reported right here on Sunday, that he may ask for a trade if he doesn’t get a new contract, 49ers running back Frank Gore didn’t deny it.

I don’t have any comment for that,” Gore said, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com. “That’s up to the team and my agent.  If they want to trade me, it is what it is.  But I don’t have a comment with that.”

If a guy doesn’t want to be traded, he doesn’t say “no comment” in response to that question.

Gore was slightly more talkative about his frustration with the lack of a new contract, something coach Jim Harbaugh also dismissed as “water-cooler talk” on Sunday.

“Things aren’t going well right now — kind of slow,” Gore said.  “But I’d like for it to get done before the season, so I can put all my focus on having a good year and trying to get to the playoffs.”

Gore is entering the final year of his current contract, at total compensation of $4.9 million.  He’ll be an unrestricted free agent in 2012, unless the team uses the franchise tag to hold him in place.

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  1. Making selfish, me first moves is not a way to distinguish yourself as a worthwhile investment in an ever growing pool of talented runningbacks.

    These guys (i.e. Johnson, Gore) really need to realize that the value of their position just isn’t as high as it used to be.

  2. The division will be go to either the Rams or the Cards this year..

    … if the 49ers lose Gore, well.. thats just another blow to the team cause they are already stuck with Alex Smith.

    … and the Hawks, with an O-Line that showed up on Saturday against eh Vikings, no QB would be able to be productive.

    Granted, its preseason..

  3. Before everyone accuses the Niners of being cheap, remember that in 2007 they tore up Gore’s rookie deal and paid him for his exceptional performance two years before they really had to. It goes both ways.

  4. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my career playing with Alex Smith either. Maybe now he can get his career back on track.

  5. sign him to an incentive based contract. When he gets hurt in week 10 as usual he won’t reach the incentives.

  6. Gore wants DeAngelo Williams money. No way should they give it to him. It is that simple. They are better off trading him and that is coming from a big Gore fan.

    My reasoning is simple, he is older and gets injured. He has played 16 games only once in six seasons. Also, running backs aren’t that hard to find and should be starting about only for 4-5 years. He has a few good years in him, but let another team drop the big contract on him.

  7. Frank – you have no leverage at this point in time. Take the $5 million you are under contract for, have a good season and then the NFL market will tell you what you are worth as a UFA.

  8. Im a huge niner fan and i have always loved what frank has done for us in the past , with that being said id be the first one to say pay the man but from what i can remember every year he gets hurt and the fact that he is getting older i cant say he should get d will type money but a contract with incentives with a good signing bonus , i like our backups but just not ready to say bye to gore so i hope they retain him !!

  9. Sixth year RB’s aren’t worth big money. Just the way it is. They should just let him play out his contract and move on…..

  10. (1) He’s 28 years old, running backs are typically done at 30.
    (2) He is at a position that is no longer as valuable as a few years ago due to rules that favor the passing game.
    (3) Hes gained 6400 yards in 6 seasons. Thats 1000 per year appx. That makes him a good back not a great one.
    (4) They have a new coach that has no vested interest in him.

    He’s probably overpaid at $5M this year.

    He needs to remain silent and take his generous salary for this year.

  11. He’s not gonna get a big money, long term deal. He’s closer to the end than the beginning. He’s been a gamer and taken a beating. The wear and tear is going to start showing soon.
    He got his payday after two years in the league. I think they should let him play out his deal or let his agent seek a trade, if that’s what he wants.

  12. Seams that Frank and his forgot how the Niners gave him a new contract when he still had two years left on his rookie contract. They gave up two cheap years and made him one of the highest paid RBs in the league. I hope the Niners don’t give in to him and do what’s right for the team. Ita going to take a couple of years for the new system to really make a difference and by then Gore will not be as impactful of a player. So as much as I like him as a player, if we trade him for a high pick I won’t be too sad.

  13. As a Niner fan, i think it’d be a damn shame if Gore is off the team before Alex Smith. Just sayin

  14. trade where he’s a running back for gods sake, cut him theres a 100 guys you can replace him with. running back is the 22nd most important position on the football field

  15. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.

    All true:

    1.) Gore has been the best player on the Niners for 5+ years
    2.) Gore has exceeded all expectations for a third round pick
    3.) Gore had a season ending hip injury last year.
    4.) Gore is 28, Kendall hunter is not.
    5.) Niners front office now believes they are deep at running back
    6.) Gore has looked fine in preseason games this year.
    7.) The York’s are more invested in their new stadium than they are winning football games.
    8.) Gore plays with a chip on his shoulder for not being drafted in the first round.
    9.) Ownership fired Steve Mariucci after an incredible wildcard win and replaced him with three consecutive losers.

    Conclusion: We may lose our most valuable asset.

  16. As a Eagles fan I think Philly shoukd pay Desean cause he has easily outpeformed his 747k salary , but IMO 4.9 M for Frank Gore is more then fair . Gore has to prove he can stay healthy first . If healthy Gore is borderline elite , but thats a BIG IF !

  17. Kendall Hunter is a nice player if Gore does get traded. With that said, Hunter won’t be a division winning running back but Alex Smith won’t be a division winning quarterback.

  18. Sorry everyone, old backs cannot command huge money, especially one who has trouble staying on the field due to injuries. That’s why virtually every team has a running back by committee approach to the game. Good linemen on both sides of the ball are worth more in today’s game.

  19. “But I’d like for it to get done before the season, so I can put all my focus on having a good year and trying to get to the playoffs.”

    That’s where your focus should be regardless of your contract, son.

  20. Hey Frank, it’s me, Reality. Right now, the 49ers are having trouble finding anyone who’ll give more than a 3rd rounder to take you on.

    Therefore, you’re not worth 50 million dollars. Sorry buddy, that’s life as a running back in the NFL.

  21. Offer him a three year salary a $5M a year. He deserves the love and they are well under the cap as it is. It won’t affect the ability of them spending it on someone else, so reward the man who played his heart out for a team regardless of how terrible the supporting cast was/is.

    ….unless he rejects that amount and a high 2nd rd pick is offered…

  22. He got a nice contract in 2007. Let him play it out. If he breaks down and misses half the year, then you get a nice look at Dixon/Hunter. If Frank plays great in 2011, the team somehow wins, and you can’t live without him, franchise him for 2012. Then he’ll be 30 and everyone can go about their merry way.

  23. Haha, they lose all those starters in free agency, replace them with leftovers, and then begrudge their best player a new contract that he deserves? Yet another example of how poorly run this franchise is.

  24. wherezwaldo says:Aug 22, 2011 8:26 PM
    “As a Niner fan, i think it’d be a damn shame if Gore is off the team before Alex Smith. Just sayin”

    Hey c’mon now, he might “BREAK OUT” this season….

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