Harbaugh dismisses Gore reports as “water-cooler talk”


On Sunday, both PFT and Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that 49ers running back Frank Gore has become frustrated with the status of talks regarding a new contract.  Asked about the reports during a media conference call, coach Jim Harbaugh opted not to give them any credence.

“I don’t think there’s any substance to the things you’re asking me and the examples that you’re citing,” Harbaugh said, per Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “We will deal with Frank man-to-man [and] won’t listen to the water-cooler talk, so to speak.  We’ll deal with Frank and his agent.”

Harbaugh twice repeated the catch phrase.

“It all sounds like water-cooler talk to me,” Harbaugh said.  “I’m not interested in it, in the water-cooler talk.

Sometimes, however, the things discussed at the water-cooler are true.  In this case, it’s hard to fault Harbaugh for not conceding that Gore is frustrated and that he may request a trade, especially since Harbaugh isn’t the guy with his fingers on the franchise’s purse strings.

Entering the final year of a contract that will pay him $4.9 million in 2011, Gore wants to be paid on par with Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams, who signed a five-year, $43 million deal, with $21 million guaranteed.

Don’t we all.

Except Chris Johnson.

11 responses to “Harbaugh dismisses Gore reports as “water-cooler talk”

  1. Even though he’s coming into his contract year after 3 productive season’s in a row, Gore’s timing is off.

    With few exceptions, most owner’s aren’t ready or willing to commit to the dollars they must start spending in 2013 under the new CBA – especially for a RB who will be 30 by then.

    If he can’t get a new deal now, his best leverage would come from having a big season in 2011 and force SF’s hand as his free agency approaches.

  2. Maybe Gore is frustrated Nevin Shapiro can’t get him loot anymore when things get tough!

  3. Gore doesn’t want a contract extension, he wants to escape the 49ers. What a garbage team.

  4. As a Cardinal fan I hope he gets traded to Oakland. A team we will not see until 2014.

    Pay the man.

  5. gore is my dude. give hime 3 years 21 mil with an option for a 4th year like 15 of it guaranteed money and say roll with it. d williams money was just stupid high so to invest that much money in a rb not named adrien peterson is foolish.

  6. The panthers really messed things up. Grossly overpaying Williams Gore, CJ2K, and all the other now deserve more than Williams acording to the numbers. Way to go Carolina! What a mess you have created.

  7. Crazy talk incoming.

    Let him walk. Yes he’s been a key part of the offense over the years, but that’s just it, he’s been THE offense over the years.

    If the Niners ever want to establish a nice, balanced offense then they need to stop running the majority of it through one guy.

  8. Harbaugh is a rah-rah coach, fresh from the college ranks. He will spout the company line. Gore better last the season, if he wants a new deal with anyone.

  9. Mr Rosenhaus, Stop it already nobody is buying your BS. Your attempts to create leverage are shallow and repetitive. Plus they don’t work. You can take down that picture of Scott Boras, you will never be in the same league.

  10. Like the debt ceiling, we need to curb these overpaid entitled males and bring them down to earth. Just as there is a minimum starting salary in the NFL there should be a cap as well. Maybe something like 4 million. If that doesn’t float their boat they can leave the US and play in Europe. this would bring down the cost of a ticket and allow for more of a real home team feeling. This is exactly why I prefer college football over the pros in all sports.

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