Jed York suggests 18-game season would curb fan violence


After his team’s preseason game with the Raiders was marred by fan violence, 49ers owner Jed York suggested that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s proposal to shorten the preseason and expand the regular season would make fans safer.

York said today on KNBR (via the Sacramento Bee) that the fan violence that marred Saturday’s game at Candlestick Park is one reason to support reducing the preseason to two games and expanding the regular season to 18 games.

“I think when you have a preseason game, when you don’t have your regular-season ticket holders coming to a game, I think that plays a big factor into it,” York said. “I think that’s another reason why the NFL is looking at, you know, trying to revamp the preseason schedule.”

York’s suggestion is bizarre, and he offered no evidence to support his apparent belief that there’s more fan violence at preseason games than at regular-season games. Frankly, his comment came across as a crass attempt to use the violence at Saturday’s game — violence which resulted in three fans being hospitalized — to garner support for the 18-game season, which Goodell and most owners want but players have consistently opposed.

The violence at Candlestick Park on Saturday is a time to have serious conversations across the league about how to keep fans safe, not a time to make specious arguments in favor of an 18-game season.

140 responses to “Jed York suggests 18-game season would curb fan violence

  1. Bizarre? It’s f’ing stupid…

    At least until he provides the results of the long-term study showing the high correlation between fewer NFL games and fan violence at the stadiums…

    I’m waiting Inbred Jed…

  2. When I read sports writing I never know what to believe. The best one in awhile is the “Juan Catillo says his linebackers are ready to win the Superbowl”.

    First of all if he did say that, which he didn’t, who cares? Should he say they aren’t ready? But the best part of it all is he didn’t say anything close to that. He did say those words, but with some moving around of punctuation, it sounds way different. Here is how it went down

    Question: the rest of the team seems to have veterans ready for a run at the Super Bowl, what about the LB’s?

    “The linebackers will be ready.”

    “To win the Super Bowl, remember, it takes 16 weeks, and then really whoever is playing their best during the playoffs. So when you look at it there’s time to develop

    That’s what he said.

  3. I agree with Jed, the Niners and Raiders should play a home and home every year for their two additional games.

  4. The more this guy opens his mouth, the more he reveals himself to be just as big of an idiot as his dad. I hate that my team is being held hostage by that d-bag family.


  5. There once was a man and his name was Jed.
    Rich football owner,talks like he’s been kicked in the head.

  6. Jed York is an idiot. Increased security and/or decreased alcohol sales would help to decrease violence…not decreasing preseason games in favor of more regular season games. What’s sad is to see the owner of the team hosting 2 separate shooting incidents to exploit that situation to further his pockets, and by extension those of the NFL and its owners.

  7. I thought Amy Trask’s statements were stupid until I read Jed York’s. Dude, it was your stadium. While no one may behave that way at your country club, obviously they don’t have a problem behaving that way at your football stadium. Take some effing responsibility, man up, and quit passing the buck. Your fans don’t want to hear you deflect blame. They want to hear you offer some solutions. We now have a clear cut favorite for the position of biggest douche bag.

  8. This is the same logic that brought us:
    “If we give giant corporations giant tax incentives to ship jobs from this country to a different one, it will improve this country’s economic condition”.

  9. Maybe if you didn’t rip off your season ticket holders by making them pay full price for practice games, there would be less violence at the games too.

  10. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!! This is going on when games don’t mean anything, so lets add 2 more games that count and that will stop it. What a moron!

  11. In effect, he’s saying poor people that can only afford to go to a preseason game cause trouble. That is something I would expect from an owner, “It’s not that our security sucks, it’s that damned middle class!” What a tool.

  12. You missed the main idea he was expressing in your analysis of his statement.

    “I think when you have a preseason game, when you don’t have your regular-season ticket holders coming to a game, I think that plays a big factor into it,”

    He’s basically saying poor people go to preseason games and they are violent D-bags. IF we had more regular season games that rich people go to we would have less violence because all the poor people would be at home clutching their guns and bibles. Then he turns it into a crass play for an 18 game schedule.

    Out of touch asshat NFL owners helping Out of touch assdart NFL players destroy America’s most popular sport one day at a time.

  13. Makes no sense. The only way to curb the classless, fat, ugly, and trashy violence in parking lots and in stadiums is to increase security and ban and enforce those bans from stadiums. Having harsh trespassing and assault charges brought on people will help discourage it as well.

  14. Frankly, his comment came across as a crass attempt to use the violence at Saturday’s game — violence which resulted in three fans being hospitalized — to garner support for the 18-game season, which Goodell and most owners want but players have consistently opposed.
    Ding, ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. Absolutely disgusting statement by Jed York. At a time like this, you show some empathy toward the victims and their family, and pledge to do whatever is in your power to prevent such things in the future. That doesn’t mean that such things can always be prevented, but you at least let people see you try.

  15. I just HAD to register to say how what a ridiculous, assine statement by Jed York!

    No wonder they’ve kept Alex Smith for 423 years!

  16. We don’t need an 18 game season, but he is correct about the crowd at preseason games being different than the norm.

    I just heard on KNBR that tickets in the upper deck were going for $2.

  17. Hell..By this 2nd grade logic…….lets have a 52 game schedule and solve all the crime and poverty in this country…

  18. The only way an 18 game season might, MIGHT, decrease fan violence is if the price per game went down (which it wont).

  19. So fans would be less violent if there were more meaningful games and less games in which the 4th string center is taking snaps at running back? Makes perfect sense.

  20. Not too look to deeply into this (b/c this comment was so stupid my brain might start to hemorrhage if I do) but the only thing he can be insinuating is that those with the income to afford regular season tickets are less prone to violence than those that can only afford to attend a preseason game. Whether we like it or not, some columnist just got served a quote that’s going to enable them to write an article about how this was racist and a entirely other can of worms is going to be opened.

  21. So to curb injury on kickoffs we have less returns, but to curb fan violence, we have more games.

  22. Makes no sense. My experience is that people drink less and behave better at preseason games
    because there are usually a lot more kids around.

  23. Way to use a tragedy in an attempt to make a few more dollars.

    But it shouldn’t surprise me since the NFL is trying to cash in on 9/11, and in fact Jeffery Lurie did exactly that in the weeks that followed to pump up concession sales.

  24. How about taking a bunch of that you just saved from the new CBA and putting it towards more security around the stadium. Kill two birds with one stone keep the fans safe and create more jobs.

  25. I’m sure that your opinion on an 18 game season is all about fan safety, and has NOTHING to do with your own financial gain, right Mr York?

  26. I’ll forward the York’s message to baseball commissioner Bud Selig…

    Apparently baseball’s 162 game season is also too short as evidenced by the Brian Stow beating from the San Francisco Giants vs LA Dodgers

    Or another option is to remove 2 preseason games and not add any to the regular season schedule.


  27. He sounds like MCcourt after the Giants-Dodgers beating – “we shouldn’t let a little thing like that get in the way of a perfect opening day” Come on, Jed. Wise up.

  28. He probably thought the Rookie Salary Cap was going to stop the violence, now this.
    Are they retarded in the Bay area?
    Owners, not the fans or population.

  29. The San Fran Giants fan that’s still in the hospital wasn’t beaten during summer training, and I’m pretty sure the guy that got stabbed at a Raiders game a while back was stabbed during the regular season. If anything, I’d expect a regular season game to me dangerous than a preseason game. More people go to regular season games, and the season is actually on the line. The fact that regular season games are meaningful, and that you have a greater number of people in a more crowded condition, would seem to make regular season games more prone to generate violence.

  30. You have to be a regular Fox News viewer to understand that “logic.” He should have added that the violence was a direct result of people being upset over the concussion lawsuit being filed against the NFL and more people will be shot until that suit is dismissed.

  31. Wow, what a total scumbag. He managed to take stories about his team’s fans getting shot and beaten, and segue that into a way to make more money for himself.

    Absolute, total piece of garbage.

  32. Extending the NFL by two games will prevent it’s 49er gangbanger Norteno fans from shooting and jumping opposing fans in the bathrooms? Wow…that took some real balls.

  33. Sorry about your troubles, Jed. Why don’t you cure them by raising ticket prices so only the non-violent wealthy class can afford them. Increased revenue, decreased violence, problem solved!


  34. I have been blaming all sorts of things on preseaon football for years. I am glad to see that someone finally “gets it”. Too bad it is not in time to save Falconcrest.

  35. What a heartless, brainless low-life.

    First of all, to make a serious issue like this into a business opportunity is low.

    Second, he’s wrong! Pre-season games cost the same amount as regular season games! Him and his greedy owner brethren have seen to that. So who is coming now that couldn’t be coming in 3 weeks?

    Arrogant, ignorant pompous buffoon.

  36. My first thought after reading that comment:

    Not sure how Jed got to own the team, but I’m going to guess he inherited it somehow.

  37. Where there are Raider fans, there WILL be violence. I know this from many years of personal experience at LA Rams, San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinal games.

    I do not know if they were season ticket holders of the Raiders, but in all those cases, security has to be tripled, arrests increase immensely and you never feel safe. I’ve seen people thrown out of their seats, stabbed, bullied etc.

    It is not a good game to take women and children.

  38. First, Im not agreeing with the 18 game schedule or this owner…..
    But, I think he is simply implying that the fans that come to the preseason games arent season ticket holders. Apparently the season ticket holders are a calmer bunch with less guns. By eliminating 2 preseason games if reduces the amount of opportunities that the bad fans(who apparently have guns) will get to see games because they dont have season tickets.

    As a skins fan(there I said it), season ticket holders (a whole dirrent article) have tickets to all 10 games including preseason.

  39. This York fellow is another example of a rich out of touch D-bag. The only thing he is worried about is making more money. He obiously has no love for the sport. Just look at the joke of a team he has on the field. He is a younger Mike Brown. I am not a 49ers fan, but all I can say is give fast Eddie D the team back. He did love the game and his teams fans, which is more than anyone can say for this current owner.

  40. Well I do agree with him about the regular season ticket holders not going to these games. I haven’t bothered to go to one since the first year I had season tickets then I realized what a waste of time it was. I quit trying to sell them as I couldn’t even get $5 for them. So yes, broke-ass riff-raff can go to these games for essentially nothing because the rest of us don’t bother.

  41. It would seem that those who post here are capable of no more than the most rudimentary analysis of Mr. York’s comments. Thinking through his comments might make one come to the conclusion that the regular season games draw all of the fans, not just the rabblerousers. He may also have been alluding to the fact that the season ticket holders and ticket brokers do not sell the regular season tickets at giveaway prices, raising the financial bar for who might attend the contests. That has nothing to do with the “poor” people beaing at home “clutching their guns” during the regular season as one inflammatory poster suggested. Plenty of “rich” people have guns too. It is a simple fact that ignorant violent persons are less likely to have amassed wealth and are probably more likely use their firearms in rash ways. Sheesh!

    I do think that it is time to curtail the farce that is the NFL preseason. The owners should evaluate talent on their dime, not mine.

  42. What a jack ass. People get hurt and he attempts to make a play at expanding the schedule.

    These owners enforce ridiculous new rules (i.e. kickoff spot) and pressure refs to throw yellow flags any time someone breathes on a qb. All in the name of safety. And then they want to expand the season?!?!?!

  43. as iffy as i am on him as an owner, his opinion makes sense. sure we dont have statistics to compare here, but his idea is good in theory. as a football fan and frequent visitor of the Stick, i see more violence and BS at preseason games. and it is true, many season ticket holders seem to be more even keeled, many of whom have their families and/or children present. the most violence i ever saw at a 9ers game was a 49ers vs chiefs preseason game maybe 6 years ago or so.

    maybe the people who completely wrote off his opinion should think about the point he is making first. its mind boggling to not agree with him on some level. now, will adding more regular season games matter? probably not. but the reduction of preseason games probably will.

    hes an owner trying to parlay a negative situation into a positive one at least for him and his family. its basic Public Relations.

  44. “I think when you have a preseason game, when you don’t have your regular-season ticket holders coming to a game, I think that plays a big factor into it,” York said. “I think that’s another reason why the NFL is looking at, you know, trying to revamp the preseason schedule.”

    = Dumbest. Comment. EVER!!!

  45. I feel a “My statement was taken out of context.” from Jed real soon. It’s been going around with idiotic players, why not by an idiotic owner.

  46. Boy, I’ve heard many dumb and thoughtless things said before, but this one is up there with the best (or worst) of them. To me, at least, it’s a rich boy who just doesn’t get it. I bet that he also says that finding good help is so hard these days. Those people just don’t know their place! It’s very sad that he, like many “wealthy” folk, have such a hard time understanding which way the wind is blowing (thanks Bob Dylan).

  47. I think this is the beginning of an all out blitz of the owners trying to drum up support for the unpopular idea of lengthening the season to 18 games. I predict the following, an owner, after his star halfback tears an ACL and is out for the season: “Well, this likely wouldn’t have happened with an 18 game season because he would have known that he had 2 extra games to break the single-season rushing record, so he wouldn’t have given it that extra effort. Yes, extra effort is bad for football. We need 18 games.”

    Fail, owners.

  48. No, a better economy, and not having to put another mortgage on your house to buy fottball tickets would lead to less violence.

  49. No, a better economy, and not having to put another mortgage on your house to buy football tickets would lead to less violence.

  50. Oh, and for those of you who may have never been to an NFL game, the clubs charge the season ticket holders exactly the same amount for tickets and parking during the preseaon as during the regular season. Making 18 of the games coujnt would add only a possible increase in concessions revenue to the owners’ wallets.

  51. Had this been a regular season game, the fan violence would have increased because it would have been meaningful and therefore the fans would have felt more invested especially against the cross-bay team. The real solution is to have only 2 preseason games, one home and one away, with starters playing 2 or 3 quarters so that fans will not sell their season tickets. If I shelled out $150 for a Pats game only to see Tom Brady standing around in a t-shirt, I’d want to punch somebody too. But I’d at least find a Viking fan first.

  52. Owners, like politicians, do not care how they ‘sound’. They care that their agenda becomes reality. They care that their money rivers are not slowed in any way.

    If you are serious about showing the 49ers’ ownership that you are upset,

    DON’T GO! DON’T BUY! STOP YOUR FAMILY from paying.

  53. there is more violence at preseason games, at least in SF. also, there are a higher number of DUI arrests after preseason games at the Stick than after regular season games according to KNBR radio.

    surely there is a reason…Jed York has his theory why, and its a logical opinion.

    how can most of you not grasp that? oh yeah, i forgot its PFT, the website with the dumbest posters that ive ever seen.

  54. This happened during the second pre-season game. Even with an 18-game season, there’d still be 2 pre-season games… this still would’ve happened.

    Way to twist someone else’s misfortune to push your own agenda, idiot.

  55. Jed can’t come right out and say what he means, so I will spell it out for you guys:

    Stockbrokers, doctors, lawyers and other rich people who buy season tickets don’t get into arguments that end in gunfire at stadiums. These people, who make up the 49ers season ticket base, sell their preseason tickets on the secondary market to fans who are not season ticket holders, often for as little as $5-25.

    These low dollar secondary market ticket buyers are just the type of underpaid, overworked guys who bleed for their team and would allow an arugment among fans to escalate to a gun fight in the parking lot.

    Jed thinks that if we can keep out the riff raff all together, we can reduce the violence in stadiums. Jed is betting on the fact that these guys bought their tickets for next to nothing on Stub Hub or Craigslist.

    Of course, Jed can’t state it so bluntly.

  56. while this was a self-serving comment made by an owner trying to deflect attention from an ugly incident, i can say from my own personal experiences attending games that there was actually the slightest bit of validity to his statement. i’ve been an eagles season ticket holder for over 10 years and am on a first name basis with approx. 35-40 people in my section. it is NEVER the season ticket holder who starts or takes part in stadium violence (verbal or physical), if for no other reason than fear of losing their tickets. it’s always the fan (casual or otherwise) who gets down to the stadium before the parking lots open, drinks entirely too much & tries to fit eight home games worth of fun & passion into 4 quarters of football. please understand i’m aware that’s a stereotype, but it’s one that most of these so-called trouble makers fall into. 99% of fans who only make it to a game or two a year (if lucky) are an incredible part of the stadium experience – but it’s always the bad apple that seems to rotten the whole bunch.

  57. Everytime this little IDIOT opens his mouth something stupid comes out. Not hard to see why the Niners are so screwed up. When Little Punk Jed isn’t make bad personnel decisions he’s embarrassing the team with his stupid comments. Using a tragedy to gain a bargaining chip is about as disgustingly low and slimy as you could get but nothing surprises me from this dirty little pile of excrement.

  58. Jed York also thinks Alex Smith is the QB of the future for the 9ers. He and his Daddy also thought Alex Smith waa a better pick at #1 overall than Aaron Rodgers! This must be killing Eddie D! Go play with some legos Jed and keep your mouth shut!

  59. There’s absolutely no logic to what Jeb stated. 18 games will curb violence? Yes, that’s like saying we’ll have less deaths if we stay in Afghanistan longer.

  60. While I don’t agree with him. His point is that the second hand market is flooded with cheap seats and anyone who wants to make a point like these guys tried to can get in without buying season packages.

    He should not be using these shootings to push his agenda, but I understand what he is saying.

  61. Jed York is 100% correct ! The regular season ticket holders rearely put up with this kind of violence. And during exibition games the “new” “fans” who come out don’t care about watching the game and seeing who is going to be cut and who is going to make the squad,they just come out for the spectacle and the experience and to drink and run rampant. What Jed York is saying is that if they eliminate 2 of the preseason games,the regular season ticket holders will be in those seats for 2 more games and that will cut the violence in half during the preseason.
    The writer of this article seems to be the one who has the bizarre point of view on this issue.

  62. Ok… What? Whether I agree with the arguments for or against the idea of an 18 game season or not, I do usually understand the points both sides are trying to make… but this… what?!? I can’t even read the whole article. Jed York is an effing imbecile and a disgrace to the 49ers. I wish this idiot would stop opening his silver spoon filled mouth and stay out of the public eye. We’ve embarrassed ourselves enough on the field in recent years, we don’t need Jed adding to that. Did anybody here him making a fool out of himself on air during the Niners/Saints preseason game? Holy sh*t.

  63. How dare he take this tragedy and use it to further his political agenda.

    dude, that is just evil.

  64. …and Jed York already had intituted extra security fot the preseason game with the Raiders,so he had already done the proper thing in advance. But when Gang members come over from Oakland and then drink all pregame,what do you expect? The guy that was shot after the game was wearing a F the Niners shirt,but he was shot by a guy wearing a Raiders jersey,so it was Raider on Raider violence,or more correctly it was East Bay Gang on East Bay Gang violence.
    The League has now cancelled the yearly preseason games between the two teams,so now the Oakland gangs can stay in Oakland and kill themselves off !
    Jed York is a highly intelligent Owner and has been doing a great job for the team and for the City.
    The writer of this article on the other hand has not got a clue,along with several other ignorant posters.

  65. I remember reading that Jed had a choice between going to graduate school or running the family football team, and chose the latter.

    I think it’s obvious now, though, that no graduate school in their right mind would let this idiot anywhere near it, so he had to take the “day job” by default.

    It all makes so much sense now.

  66. While York’s comment is rather insensitive at this time, it does make sense. As a few have mentioned above, preseason tickets are basically given away to those who normally cannot afford to attend regular season games. These fans are often not acclimated to a shared environment between themselves and opposing fans. Thus they become enraged when they see people cheering at their teams misfortune. Alcohol consumption further fuels the aggressive behavior….it’s absolutely true in my experience attending NFL games…..

  67. I know people won’t like this but I actually agree (sort of) with what he’s saying. Preseason games are full of people who don’t have season tickets, and therefore have nothing to lose if they get into trouble.

    Whereas meaningful games have a dramatically higher percentage of season ticket holders present, all of which are far less likely to do something that would risk them losing their season tickets.

    Still, it’s a poorly timed and ultimately self-serving comment which really makes it in poor taste given the circumstances. It’s that kind of insensitivity that makes us all realize how disconnected from the reality that the rest of us face, that the elite of society really are.

  68. hey TIM the writer of this article correctly points out that there is zero evidence to support Jed’s claim that there is more violence at pre-season games and apparently it has never occurred to you that hiring more security just might work. Little Punk Jed is DEAD WRONG and so are you. In case you hadn’t noticed attendance at NFL games is down and they need all the fans they can get.
    You seem to have the same stupid point of view as Jed who is shamelessly exploiting this issue. Fortunately idiots like you are in the minority.

  69. @ TIM: The York family turned one of the most storied franchises NFL history into a joke. You are either a York friend/family member or an idiot. I am leaning towards the latter.

  70. TIM you sound stupid as a rock. Jed is a highly intelligent owner??? LMFAO. yea, I can tell by that 10 year playoff drought the Niners have been in since that little dirtbag took over how “highly intelligent” Little Punk Jed is. He’s highly stupid in both his words and actions.

  71. We’ve been season ticket holders since 1964. A lot of what Jed says in correct in that most of the preseason games are donated or given away.

    The 49er vs. Raider games are particularly troublesome. We’ve sold our regular season games because of the type of crowd that goes to that game.

    Season ticket holders have a sense of community within the stands and to their neighbors. Unfortunately, it’s gotten a lot worse over the last 10 years. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, we knew pretty much everyone in the section. There was a lot of courtesy (i.e. waiting for the play to finish before taking your seats, less problems cause by opposing fans becuase less seats are available and that your neighbors would come to your aid, etc). Now, not so much.

    The entire 2 rows in front of us use to be freinds. Now, those seats are sold to the opposing team. We’ve had Mercedes Lewis’ whole family (including Mom) in front of us (20+ people) during a Jacksonville game. They were actually very nice. However, we’ve also had some pretty aggressive fans get those tickets which makes it tough.

    When you throw in the fact that pretty much 75% of season ticket holders donate or give away their tickets to this game, you have a crowd that is there one game and don’t really care what happens the next game or day.


    Jed is still in the wrong for what he said because the reason for all of this is that since his family took over, the 49ers have been horrible which led to the STH exodus/ticket donations/etc.

  72. How you keep fans safe is you don’t let violent a-holes in games. If you want to be that serious then treat a ticket to an NFL game like a ticket for air travel.
    Non-transferrable, single name tickets. Background checks, full body scans with retina imagery recognition.
    Anal cavity search as well as scope.
    Make sure they can pass a physical test that requires them to keep a running pace for at least 7 minutes.
    No drinks served before kickoff or after the two minute warning of the first half.
    Every fan must wear a shock collar that also acts as a behavior regulator. The collar is sensitive to the fans adrenaline levels and can administer shock accordingly.

    Each fan must wear the shock collar for at least 12 hours after the end of regulation (it won’t release itself until then) then they must mail the shock collar in the self addressed envelope back to the stadium.

    For those fans who have a higher likelihood of becoming problem cases we can use headband mounted gopro hd video cameras to use any offending actions as evidence against them in court.

    Seems like a no brainer to me.

  73. Half the teams around the league can’t give away their tickets right now and Knucklehead Jed thinks the league needs to keep out non-season ticket holders. How about that little piece of hire proper security instead of lashing out at those who can’t afford their sky high season ticket prices yet still have to pay taxes on Jed’s stadium swindle in Santa Clara. I wish somebody would kick that little turd in the teeth.

  74. test2402 says:Aug 22, 2011 2:43 PM

    How do people like this guy end up with so much money?

    They inherit it.

  75. I guess the dollar signs in York’s eyes have made him a little dizzy, or is he just stupid to make such an arguement. No one but the greedy corporate owners want an 18 game season. His arguement lacks reason, something you wouldn’t expect from someone you assume is somewhat intelligent, at least intelligent enough to run a billion dollar business. I guess the prospect of more billions clouds one’s judgment. Just sayin.

  76. Well I can guess at his thinking here and it’s very politically charged to say what he’s thinking. So he probably started down the path of explaining this and couldn’t go all the way through with it without getting himself in trouble. Most likely his thinking was the regular season ticket holders give these tickets away or sell them to someone who can’t normally afford them. And these people are more likely to get into a fight during a meaningless game.

    As an EX season ticket holder (I used to hold Cincy tix so you know why I no longer do) I can understand the reasoning for ditching these preseason games. They’re really a penalty for the season ticket holder. Two games that you have to pay for, for the same price of the other eight. And the games are meaningless.

    There are a lot of viable solutions that will never make light of day mainly because it would cost the owners money. They could reduce the price of the preseason games or do away with two of them completely (8 regular season + 1 preseason games). None of these will ever happen.

    So the only solution (for the greedy bastards) is to make it a 18 game season with 2 preseason games.

  77. Can the commissioner fine Jed York for making idiotic statements like this?

    Many U.S. Americans think Jed sounds like a male version of Miss Teen South Carolina whose daddy made him boss of an NFL team.

  78. York’s kind of flown under the radar compared to some of the more flamboyant new-age owners. Guess he decided it was time to let everyone know he can sound like a selfish, greedy, lunatic, too. Eddie Debartolo had his issues. But he loved the game, the 49ers, and his players. He built championship teams; he didn’t make stupid, self-serving, mealy-mouthed comments during a crisis.

  79. Jed is dumber than a bag o’ hammers, just like his poppa John. Lack of any common sense seems to run in the family.

  80. That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a NFL owner say.He said that? The only people who care enough to go to pre-season games are serious fans, THE TICKETS AND PARKING COST THE SAME AS REGULAR SEASON, JED.To segue this with some sort of pretzel logic to support an 18 game season is flat out ludicrous.HAHAHA.My god, I have to hate the Niners until that clown is gone gone gone.

  81. So I thought that Jed York was the biggest moron, but then we had “TIM” chime in with his 2 cents worth. Congrats TIM, you’re even dumber than York. Didn’t think anyone could get there, but you just kept working and wouldn’t stop until you achieved an unprecedented level of stupidity. Well done sir, well done indeed.

  82. Allowing crazy ideas such as “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Thou shalt not kill,” among others, to be taught in schools might help a little bit too.

  83. i dont think anyone got his point. His point was that the more preseason games there the more raider garbage ppl goes to the game on discounted tix instead of the regular 49ers season tix holders. or better yet, 2 preseason games would mean that the niners would not have to play the raiders at all in preseason.

  84. Let me say this: I’m probably the biggest “18er;” that is, supporter of the 18-game schedule, who posts more-or-less regularly on this entire forum – but to paraphrase Ed Schultz, York is spouting nothing but pure “psycho talk” with this.

    And getting rid of the annual 49ers-Raiders preseason game sends the WRONG message. It’s a scaredy-cat solution – a total overreaction.

    So what do you do? When the suspects in the two most serious incidents – one involving the victim that was found unconscious in the bathroom, the other who was shot four times – are apprehended, they need to be prosecuted under Section 217 of the California Penal Code. That’s attempted murder – and it carries up to life in prison.

    But let’s face it: You know and I know that when they are caught, they’re not going to be 50-year-old white men who are pulling down $250,000 a year – so the chances of their getting so prosecuted in far-left Frisco are essentially zilch.

  85. Even though these comments made by him are crazy….he is completely right about a small percentage of fans that attend preseason games that normally won’t be at regular season games. Thousands of tickets are sold very cheap, given away for free and even donated because no one cares for preseason games.

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