Kevin Williams is dealing with a foot injury


As Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams waits to hear whether he’ll be available for the regular-season opener due the remnants of the StarCaps case, there’s a chance it may not matter.

Williams has a foot injury.  It hasn’t kept him from playing in the preseason yet, but it could.

“Yeah, he has a foot injury and we’re going to see what the doctors have to say about that,” coach Leslie Frazier said, via comments distributed by the team.  “He’s actually going to visit a foot specialist and just see where things are with him but really need him to come along.  He really struggled in the snaps that he had on Saturday with that foot.”

Frazier added that Williams has been dealing with the injury since the start of training camp.

The first-full-year coach also confirmed that the team still hasn’t heard from the league regarding the question of whether Williams will sit out the first four games, now that all legal hurdles have been removed to the imposition of a suspension on Kevin Williams, free-agent defensive tackle Pat Williams, and Saints defensive end Will Smith.

“That’s alright with me.  I don’t want to hear anything,” Frazier said, laughing.  “If I hear something in 2020, that’ll be fine with me.”

Given that the positive samples were, um, harvested in 2008, it could be that this thing won’t be resolved until then.

7 responses to “Kevin Williams is dealing with a foot injury

  1. Well, if the injury recovery & possible suspension coincide that could b the best we could hope for. Anything more could b rather troublesome, Vikes cant afford to lose him. Hope it all turns out for the best.

    GOD Bless

  2. thephantomstranger says:
    Aug 22, 2011 7:43 PM
    He’ll probably miss four games with the foot injury, then get suspended when he comes back.
    Yea, the league would ‘postpone’ their ruling while they ‘read all the facts’. They will magically hand over the suspension once he is ready to play. F Goodell.

  3. first i have heard bout this, better sit out next 2 games & get ready for opener. moronic to play injured during pre season if u cannot make it for opener. question is, if he has been dealing with this during training camp, why did he play sat nite, rest & heal, rest & heal, rest & heal (no pun intended).

  4. Woodson played on a messed up foot last year, Kevin is another tough dude, so I wouldn’t doubt if he’ll probably play on it if it doesn’t heal up quick.

  5. Big mistake to announce the foot injury. Now the league likely will wait until he’s fully recovered.

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