Report: 49ers, Raiders will no longer meet in preseason

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The fan-on-fan violence that marred Saturday’s game between the Raiders and 49ers will result in the NFL to stop scheduling the teams to play each other in the preseason.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury-News reports that the 49ers and Raiders will end their annual exhibition game. The local police strongly support ending the preseason rivalry, Kawakami reports.

It’s a shame that the actions of a handful of fans are going to end an annual preseason game that tens of thousands of fans have attended without causing any trouble, but if the local police think Raiders and 49ers fans can’t be controlled around each other, then canceling the annual tradition of having them play each other is probably the right move.

Of course, the Raiders and 49ers will still meet every four years in the regular season. We can only hope that in 2014, when the 49ers are slated to visit the Black Hole, Saturday night’s ugly scene won’t be repeated.

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  1. West Coast fans are trash, how this is constantly overlooked by ESPN and every other sports outlet is beyond me…

  2. Brilliant strategy! Now finally the NFL can move the Chargers to Compton, the Jackwires to Stockton and the Vikes to Tijuana.

  3. You know the irrational animosity Raider fans feel towards the 49ers when they wear shirts that say “F–k the 49ers”.

  4. Punish the majority for the actions of the few idiots that can’t control themselves. Yeah….that sends a good message.

  5. JAM says:
    Aug 22, 2011 1:57 PM
    Which Patriot fan do I have to beat up so we no longer see them in the regular season?


    hoping you are joking, but if not, come on up to Foxboro this year, and get you ass handed to you, Tool

  6. Why morons are getting overly passionate about a meaningless game is beyond me, particularly as both of these franchises have been going nowhere for the past few years.

  7. Don’t blame the Niners for this or their fans. This is on the Raiders and their fans. They have built up this reputation, this has happened within their fanbase for years and years. Its their image and a ton of their fans are proud of it. The Niners just happen to be stuck with that Raider trash in the Bay. You don’t hear of Niner fans shooting anyone or being a violent crowd when they play other teams. But the Raiders have a track record with this stuff.

  8. So… you want all the tension to build up to a good boil before they meet each other every 4 years? Yeah, that sounds smart.

  9. Another dumb move! All it takes is better planing to keep stuff like this from happening. If you can not control your fans for one game then you don’t deserve to have a freaking NFL team! Give me a break.

  10. @kmurph1226: yeah but the gang banger trash cant afford the regular season game tickets. these are the trash-holes that hang around the lots b4 a game drinking ole E looking for a free ride.

  11. bonkersbum: it wasn’t a rivalry. By all accounts so far, this was Raiders-on-Raiders violence.

    No excuse for the sometimes obnoxious groups that hang out at the Stick — I live in SF, and in my experience Candlestick is tamer than any other NFL stadium I’ve been to — but this time the violence was more likely the result of non-NFL factors: turf, prior beef, etc.

  12. Even the eagles and jets can play each other every preseason without the fans shooting each other. Those west coast people need to take a hint from the east coast. Just throw D size batteries at each other and you can keep your rivalry.

  13. Thank the bean-monkey gang bangers for this.
    Yeah. We can’t live without them here.

  14. Why punish the masses for the actions of a few degenerates? That’s just plain lazy rather than smart. Here’s an idea, hold the jackasses accountable for their stupidity. Place a significant security/police presence in the parking lots and show zero tolerance for any form of violence. There are plenty of cameras that recorded the fight(s) in the stands. Find those morons and put their butts in jail.

  15. They also need to avoid the Raiders from playing the Chargers too. There are always fights at Qualcomm Stadium when the Raiders come to town. Another solution would be to coordinate with California Parole Officers and make sure all of the parolees are busy doing community service during the games. Then there will be fewer Raiders fans at the games.

  16. Only fans as dumb as Raider/49er fans would create a violent rivalry over PRESEASON GAMES.

  17. nyctexan says: “Human garbage continues to ruin sports in California

    Fixed that for ya, Texan

  18. You can’t stop them from meeting in the regular season, where there’s twice as many fans than in preseason.


    One of the issues with preseason games is that people who normally couldn’t afford to go to an NFL game get tickets. End result is you have people who don’t know how to act at an NFL stadium and you’re mixing that with alcohol and thus you have a dangerous situation, especially for a rivalry game such as Oak/SF. I’m sure there are plenty of people who attend preseason games who don’t attend regular season games and act perfectly acceptable, but all it takes is a few bad apples to spoil the bunch which is exactly what happened here.

  19. nyctexan says: Aug 22, 2011 1:56 PM

    Human garbage continues to ruin sports in California

    It ruins the entire state of California.

  20. joetoronto says: Aug 22, 2011 1:56 PM

    Oh, I have an idea, why don’t they share a stadium together?


    Thanks, Joe. That positively made my day.

  21. mezter says: Aug 22, 2011 2:04 PM

    Your a friggin clown. How many Nortenos go to your 49ers game just for the mear fact that your teams color is RED? Did you see the fights at the game? Obviously not…..because the majority of them were your dumbass fans fighting eachother. Youtube 49ers vs. raiders fight….all the videos on there were 49er fans fighting eachother. Your a clown!!

  22. Don’t blame either organization. Blame the arsshole fans who think pre-season exhibition games are worth shooting eachother over.

    It could happen at any stadium. Maybe allowing fans to get trashed all day in the parking lot has some bearing on their decision making before/after the games.

    There are always exceptions. it’s unfortunate

  23. Funny for idiots to get worked up over two very bad teams that are not going to win anything and are going nowhere. ( except for maybe Oakland to LA HAHAHA)

  24. jetsetfred says: Aug 22, 2011 1:58 PM

    “Move the 49ers to L.A. and call them the California 49ers…”

    Uhm, you realize don’t you, that San Francisco is already in California…?

  25. This is a poorly-thought-out, knee-jerk reaction on the NFL’s part. The solution here is better crowd control, not to eliminate an event that tens of thousands of people enjoy peacefully, year after year.

    Security for this kind of event shouldn’t fall solely on the police. Each team involved benefits from this regional rivalry in the form of increased ticket sales (at full price) — some of that revenue should be set aside for additional private security. That stadium should have been swarming with yellowjackets, and there should have been much better screening for weapons of any kind.

  26. Give me a break, how many Decades have these two Teams been playing in the Pre-Season?, forever.

    Lets stop the Giants from playing the Dodgers with what happened in Southern Cal. And on and on I can go. It would help moving out of Candlestick Park that is located in the Ghetto of Hunters Point.

    Stop the games?, that is right we are talking about a City that wants to Ban the ownership of Gold Fish, run old Ronald McDonald out of Town with all Coke Machines and believes in a Corn Hole Free for All. I am surprised they even let the game of Football be played in the City.

  27. Jed doesn’t think more security is the answer but extending the regular season will fix everything. I really wish someone push that little turd down a steep flight of stairs.

  28. This isn’t the first time, too. I remember maybe 10, 12 years ago the 49ers didn’t want to play the Raiders in the preseason because they felt the games were too rowdy, especially for a preseason game. Unfortunately, because of a handful of idiots it looks like they were right.

  29. The guy goes to the 49ers stadium wearing a “F*** the Niners” t-shirt. Clearly he was just a normal dude, and was probably just minding his own business, right? It’s not like he was there looking to cause trouble. Oh wait….

  30. test2402,
    The reason is because the Eagles and Jets are “meaningless franchises” in the realm of NFL History. Both the 49ers and Raiders have won more Super Bowls than the Eagles and Jets have been too combined!

  31. mezter says: Aug 22, 2011 2:04 PM

    Don’t blame the Niners for this or their fans. This is on the Raiders and their fans. They have built up this reputation, this has happened within their fanbase for years and years. Its their image and a ton of their fans are proud of it. The Niners just happen to be stuck with that Raider trash in the Bay. You don’t hear of Niner fans shooting anyone or being a violent crowd when they play other teams. But the Raiders have a track record with this stuff.


    My friend, this is not a Raider problem, or an NFL problem. This is a sports fan problem, a big problem caused by a comparatively small number of people. I have been to dozens of NFL games. EVERY SINGLE GAME has had fans going at it verbally, using language that would make a sailor blush. What does anyone gain by acting like that? And 90% of those games have resulted in fights where ushers and police get involved to stop it. This has happened in the “cheap” seats and in the field level seats. And this isn’t in Oakland, this is in Jacksonville, FL, where the regular fans stop caring as soon as the team has a losing record. No matter what team you support, every team has a-hole fans that get blasted and start picking fights with the other teams fans. EVERY SINGLE ONE, even the Niners. Now we are talking about less than 1% of the fans in attendance at a game, but it is still the 1% that can ruin the game day experience for anyone in the other 99%. The major sports league’s games are not family friendly events, I don’t care what any owner sitting in their guarded suite says. The kid in a Jets jersey that got tackled by a grown man in Cleveland last year can tell you that.

  32. Raiders are class organization and don’t need the trouble that surrounds San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. And forget about sharing stadium with the Niners, that’s dead in the water. What the Raiders need is a city with class and civic pride. A City of Angels? That’s it!! Coming soon, our Los Angeles Raiders!!!!! Home of the Real Raiders Nation!

  33. yeah, great…instead of tackling the issue of unruly fans, let’s just not play the game any longer….that is getting at the root cuase of the problem.

  34. There are plenty of gangbanger scum walking around candlestick park. to everybody denouncing the raiders and their fans, have you been to a niner game at candlestick? just as many unruly fans there as there are at the oakland coliseum

  35. phelbin says:
    Aug 22, 2011 2:30 PM

    The guy goes to the 49ers stadium wearing a “F*** the Niners” t-shirt. Clearly he was just a normal dude, and was probably just minding his own business, right? It’s not like he was there looking to cause trouble. Oh wait….

    Just to be clear, you’re saying he was asking to get shot.

  36. acts of violence means stopping 2 teams from playing each other. some injuries on kickoffs might lead to eliminating kickoffs, any other over reactions you want to run by us nfl?

  37. Here’s an idea….why don’t they just eliminate the Raiders altogether? The are the joke of the NFL and have been for years. Al Davis is the worst owner in all of professional sports combined, not just in America, but in the world. That team makes the Bengals look functional.

    Then….after 86’ing the Gayders, they can just start up the team in LA that the NFL wants so badly and put them in the AFC West. Surely, the team in LA would be more competitive in their first year than the Raiders have been or could hope to be in the next decade. What a complete joke. At least when you see the Raiders on your team’s schedule, you know that even if your team is bad, they will at least win one game.

  38. Before the Rams and Raiders both left town, there were about 26 fights (according to TV report) in the stands during the game, which was a pre-season game. The players moaned that “every time we looked up, we saw a fight.”

    Gotta wonder who is a fan for the game and who goes just because they know it’s a good place to start a fight.

  39. That’s not a solution. Neither Oakland nor San Francisco has a monopoly on idiots. It’s dangerous enough to mix hotheads and alcohol, but now some communities insist patrons be allowed to carry firearms into stadiums. Considering the soccer hooliganism in Europe, we’ll be lucky if our sporting events don’t wind up looking like the opening of Saving Private Ryan.

  40. “Thank the bean-monkey gang bangers for this.
    Yeah. We can’t live without them here.”

    Son of a motherless goat. Must be safe in yoiur trailor park. Keep hammering those Pabst Blue Ribbons with mama and let us grown folks discuss grown folk business.

  41. Don’t have more security to the games. Just bring Immigration and that should clear out most of them

  42. The Raiturds are garbage and irrelevant. Wake me up when they finally post a winning record. Eight straight seasons and counting…

  43. thermalito says: Aug 22, 2011 2:26 PM

    Jed doesn’t think more security is the answer but extending the regular season will fix everything. I really wish someone push that little turd down a steep flight of stairs.
    Or make him use a stadium restroom. Problem solved.

  44. Thats a GREAT idea! Don’t address the criminal element, just ignore it, I am sure it will go away on it’s own.

  45. The problem is not this team or that team. It is not about anything other than criminal elements being allowed to do criminal things.

    I have been to hundreds of sporting events throughout the years and often in the home stadium or arena of a rival team – and have never had a single problem. Why? Because I don’t behave like an ice-hole, am respectful of local fans and their traditions, don’t openly taunt the locals and don’t try to be a tough guy to every other tough guy out there.

    It is one thing to goof around on a forum like this and do a little friendly trash talking, but it’s another to go to a level where you want to physically harm someone. Really? Over a football game? No rationale human being would do that to another rationale human being.

  46. @ flyboy123456:
    Why not just say no blacks or hispanics allowed at games?

    LOL, Its a bit fuzzy, but I think our government may have tried something like this already… it is sad that its so apparent that those who dont study history are going to repeat it…

  47. first to the idiots that say this is all on the raiders better get a grip. try youtube. maybe you have heard of it?
    i watched several videos on youtube and i would love to know where the security or the police were? in one video the fight lasted about 5 minutes and even the guy recording the fight (49er fans beating each other) asked where the police were. in another (appears the 49er fan threw the 1st punch) they fought in the stands for 2-3 minutes. where was security or the police?
    someone earlier commented that not scheduling the game was the lazy way out and i agree it is!

  48. fcs34 says:
    Aug 22, 2011 2:18 PM
    I would have thought being a fan of either of these teams would make you shoot yourself, not others.


    Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.

  49. When the 49ers play some other team you don’t hear about trouble when raiders come to your stadium all kinds of trouble comes!

    P.S cops are lazy

    Bring the swat team in 2014 go 9ers

  50. This has nothing to do with Raiders fans and 49ers fans. This has to do with gangs plain and simply. And for all of you who just want to dump on the Raiders fan’s… take a look at the video from saturday. They are niners and raiders fan fighting together against other niners and raiders fans. It is as simple has been from neighboring towns and gang hostilities.

    These are not Football fans.

  51. What does the Raiders recent team/organizational success have to do with the fans passion for their team? I keep seeing people saying that they’re idiots for fighting over a team that isn’t any good. Really? So I guess you should only support your team when they’re on top right?!? Yeah ok… Hell up until about mmm 10 years ago I had NEVER met a Patriots fan in my life!!!

  52. This is just another example of the ridiculous importance Americans place on pro sports. This could’ve happened in almost any city. Thankfully our society is going to come crashing down in the near future and Americans will be forced to realize how far out of whack their priorities were. But it will be a short-lived revelation since 99.9% of people in this country would be unable to feed themselves if there isn’t a drive-thru or grocery store to supply their food.

  53. You philly fans are despicable, using this story to try and clear your name. Just because these Bay Area fans suck, does not mean that you don’t CONTINUE to suck. You just suck by a different ocean!

  54. I found it very interesting that during Thursday’s Nationally televised Eagles/Steelers game, that Tony Siragusa and Michael Strahan were talking about their families fighting in the stands and laughing about it.

    I suspect both of the and FOX got a call from Park Ave.

  55. First of all…..why does either one of their fans care….Second, this just shows how clueless the NFL is…….gee, lets stop scheduling one interesting game between two lame teams…duh!

  56. A lot of people are quick to blame Raider fans…But the truth is one of the victims had a shirt on that said “Niner’s Blank”. I don’t want to be censored. The shooting outside the venue was attributed to gang-stuff, local idiots that could show up to a birthday party and shoot it up, wait, that’s happened a half-dozen times lately.And it was in SF.Remember the Police Horse that trampled the old guy and killed him last year?SF.So, all of you who live in the suburbs and don’t go to games or even go out, please get off your high-horse and be honest and objective.Remember, Clint Eastwood, and Tom Hanks are Raider Diehards forever.

  57. NFL: We are worried about fan safety so we will cancel these teams meeting in the pre-season.
    But we are more concerned about making money so we will set aside fan safety and let these teams play each other during regular season.

    Anyone else see the double standard here?
    They care and yet they don’t.

  58. Stupid knee jerk reaction. Instead of addressing the problem, just cancel the game. Let’s punish everyone for the actions of few.

    How about this solution. If you see a nimrod wearing an offensive T-shirt or anything else that’s likely to cause him (or her) to get his ass kicked, make him remove it. You mean to tell me not one stadium employee, NFL employee, cop, security guard noticed that shirt?

  59. Imagine if they had this bad af a rivalry with the NY Jets and NY Giants. I think it would be awefully funny!

    I lived in Northern California when the Bucs slaughtered the Raiders in the Superbowl. The smashed windows, and the egging of my vehicle was all worth it. They are not Fans of the sport. I wouldn’t go around smashing windows, and throwing eggs at someones vehicle, or whatever just because they are a fan of another team. Raiders fans are just a bunch of illiterate bully’s that have nothing better to do.

    See ya in L.A. !

  60. @Souldogdave

    Of course we blame the raiders fans. Anytime things like this happen, raiders are around. And who cares what actors like the raiders. You think it makes anyone change judgement. I hope only raiders fans were harmed during the taping of that movie……
    ====D—— Raiders fans

  61. Remember, Clint Eastwood, and Tom Hanks are Raider Diehards forever.


    So are the Crips and Surenos and the Hells Angels.

  62. @hue jackson

    its because evrytime we think the raiders/fans cant screw up anymore, you guys go and surprise us. Your team and fans are trainwrecks. We just love to come around and watch it crumble. So go ahead and feel special about that

  63. All these anti-Bay Area and anti-California posts…. your right its horrible please stay away. Our property costs are not as high as they are if you all from the east, midwest, and south weren’t moving out here so frequently.

  64. So a Raider nation shoots another Raider fan, gets the battle of the bay canceled.

    Well you got what you wanted in a round about way. No more watching the Niners beat you guys annually. No more circling the Niner/Raider game in 2014 as one you can watch at home live. (If Niner fans don’t fill your seats, your blacked out)

    I hope you feel satisfied living up to “Da Raida Way”

  65. “Raiders will going back to Los Angeles very soon.

    This non sense will be history.”

    And everyone knows that L.A. is not where all the idiotic gang crap started in the first place, right?


  66. For all you Raider Haters talking smack about the Nation.. you have noooo idea what your spewing.. anyone that lives in the Bay Area knows that Niner fans are just as bad… Those of you talking about L.a probably have never been there because the scraps are worse than anyone… try going to a Raider Chargers game and you see alot of the same behavior.. California is just too Gangsta for Football.. haha seriously though this was a reflection of the PISS POOR job Sf did in providing Police security ( it is Hunters Point) and the Niners for the in stadium security.. At the Mac there are alot of officers in the stadium,parking lot and outside the venue… I know its hard for those non minorities to understand the gang culture.. but honestly if you go to a RAIder game as an opposing fan Expect to be taunted and dont respond.. Nothing happens.. its those that get brave or upset that end up getting beat up.. that goes for any staudium in the country..

  67. Most of the fights where Raiders GangBangers vs Raiders Gangbangers…

    Also some North or South Mexicans claim 13 or 14 and wear red or blue or Raiders colors.

    So its not 49ers vs Raiders… Its Pieces of Sh*ts vs Pieces of Sh*ts!!! Kill them ALL!!!

    What needs to happen, is have our IDs scanned when you enter. All criminals will be arrested on site, and all ppl registered with gang ties or other major issues that shouldnt be around Mass amounts of ppl will not be allowed in.

    Take back the game for the Fans and hard working ppl and Families that are here for the sport.

  68. This is what happens when the local police force has a skirt as part of their dress uniform wardrobe.

  69. this is a sad day cant belive it came to this that people cant even go to a game an root for there team with out getin out of control sad day!

  70. rexryanstoecheese says: Aug 22, 2011 2:03 PM

    JAM says:
    Aug 22, 2011 1:57 PM
    Which Patriot fan do I have to beat up so we no longer see them in the regular season?


    hoping you are joking, but if not, come on up to Foxboro this year, and get you ass handed to you, Tool

    Ahhh, yeah, he was joking. I think he was complimenting the Pats by saying in a humorous way that he would rather his team did not have to play them.

  71. cured76 says:Aug 22, 2011 2:17 PM
    “….they say Eagles fans are bad.”

    Try driving hours/miles to see your team play another team (and win), then go out to the parking lot and when you see your vehicle trashed up, just slap your knee and say, “Those Little Rascal Eagle fans.”

  72. Die hard 49er fan living in northern virginia, where all day ii se F-K dallas F-K skins F-K eagles shirts all day long, and been to many redskins games. maybe some drunk dude gets punched in the face. but this is a disgrace to a great 5 time winning superbowl franchise. skins fans might be the most annoying drunk fans ive ever seen but they have respect for there surrounding cities and division. this is just crap. i doubt any of those turds can even name a oak/sf starting o-line or there head coach for the matter.

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