It was a rough Monday at Bills camp

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This is the week teams want to get settled with their starting lineup and start to truly gear up for the regular season.  It will not be that kind of week for the Bills.  Three significant issues popped up Monday.

1. Running back Fred Jackson is unhappy.

We mentioned over the weekend that C.J. Spiller might be headed towards a starting role despite any proof that he’s as good a player as Jackson.

“I feel like a No. 1 back, and I should be treated like one,” Jackson said via the Buffalo News. “As far as what’s going on, you would have to ask them. I’m going to come out here and compete. I feel like I have been competing. I feel like I have done everything I can. It’s been like that for two or three years, and nothing has changed.”

Jackson mentioned possibly asking for a trade, and wanted to know where he stood.  Coach Chan Gailey has to know Jackson is the team’s best running back, and will probably move to calm Jackson down.

2. The Bills don’t have a left tackle.

Demetrius Bell has started there throughout camp, but has looked terrible in the preseason.  On Monday, the team started to rotate guard Andy Levitre at left tackle with the first unit.

“You would rather not look at those options at this time, but you have to,” Bills coach Chan Gailey said.

3. Donald Jones and Johnny White are out for the preseason.

The team’s starting receiver and third-string running back both took nasty hits to the head against Denver over the weekend.  They won’t play again until Week One, according to the AP. Receiver Naaman Roosevelt is out for two weeks with an ankle injury.

35 responses to “It was a rough Monday at Bills camp

  1. Bills don’t have a left tackle, a right tackle, a center, a quarterback, any good receivers, a good head coach, decent ownership, nice stadium but do have an upset running back.

  2. Does Fred Jackson not realize that EVERY other team splits carries between at least two RB’s? Also, the Bills havn’t had a LT since they named Bell the starter three years ago. He has been awful for a long time. Hopefully Nix and Gailey realize now that he needs to be replaced.

  3. “come out here and compete”…Do they just and that to football players when the enter the NFL…yeah we all know that everyone is going to COMPETE…tired of it…

  4. The Bills have not addressed LT since trading away Peters – out of stubbornness or stupidity I don’t know but it’s finally catching up with them. The last time i checked, the following players were still available –
    Leonard Davis, Nick Kaczur, Bryant McKinnie, Max Starks and Jon Stinchcomb. Those players may not be the cream of the crop free agents but they’re all better than any tackle the Bills currently have on the roster. How come everybody seems to know what the Bills need EXCEPT for their front office?

  5. As a non-Buffalo fan living in the area, I can tell you yes, lots of people know who Donald Jones is. He’s primed for big things this year, and the coaching staff feels strong enough about him to ship Lee Evans out of town. The casual football fan (which I’m assuming you are) doesn’t know him, but likely will by the end of the year, the way Steve Johnson became known last year.

  6. it’s funny how people continue to hate the Bills whether up or down..@brettfavre..maybe the line is shaky..but no good QB?? Fitz may not be the best in the league but he has shown he can get the job done with some time in the pocket…no good receivers? Stevie Johnson is top-notch and the rest of their YOUNG wr corp continues to prove themselves, D. Jones will be a stand-out with time..anyone with any football sense knows it and speaks on it positively..Freddie is a great back who has busted his ass to show the team/league he’s a legit starter while being overlooked ALOT throughout the process…so, ignoring the legitimacy and severity of these claims, it’s understandable that his process is frustrating. But looking at the tape from Sat’s game at Denver, I saw a back who loves his team and who willingly and without hesitation got in Rahim Moore’s face to let him know he was a punk and tryin to take off someone’s head in the PRESEASON is completely unecessary, he had he teammate’s back and you RARELY seen that in true form in this league any more..that’s what makes this team special regardless of the wins/losses…that’s why I love these guys…

  7. ticalcaldwell says:
    Aug 23, 2011 8:59 AM
    “come out here and compete”…Do they just and that to football players when the enter the NFL…yeah we all know that everyone is going to COMPETE…tired of it…
    What does that ^ even mean?

  8. In my opinion Buffalo needs to quit drafting skill players and beef up the trenches instead.

    I don’t think they’re going anywhere in the division until that happens over a 2 or 3 year period.

  9. Yo hunternuts, NO ONE knows who Jones is unless you are complete personnel junkie. Nice that you are so “brilliant” to have complete knowledge of his career – even recommending the Bills sign him after he went undrafted out of Youngstown State. What a Penguin he was.

  10. I think Jackson has every right to be upset. He’s not upset over sharing carries, he’s upset that the starting role is being handed to Spiller, based on what he might do – not on what he’s done. Jackson is by far the best back on the Bills based on what he’s done on the field and not draft status or hype.

    Jackson’s rep should get Martin Mayhew on the phone. We’re still looking for a Leshoure replacement. Lions would love to have him.

  11. @wutliss07

    Go back and watch the Moore hit again. Shoulder pad to chest. Perfectly legal hit. Don’t cry just because your boy got lit up.

  12. You know, Freddies comments really frustrate me. Excuse me, Mr. Jackson, but didn’t you break you hand last Pre-Season? That resulted in some pretty light work for you early last season. A little over-reaction by Jackson here. Yes we do have a LT, he just isn’t any good. I think Levitre could work out there, he’s lighter on his feet than Bell and I think could handle the speed rushers on the outside better. But that also opens up a hole at guard. I was hoping that with the competition, Levitre would stay at LG and move Rinehart to RG. Also, #3 is the reason why I had said when the Bills were talking Lee trade, that they should wait until after a few pre-season games. Now they are down 2 soild guys, with Roscoe still nursing his hammy. This has become very frustating as a long time Bills fan.

  13. It is a shame that a team that was once considered elite (4 superbowl trips straight) has fallen so far.

    I’m not even a Buffalo fan…but I hate seeing a disaster like this happen with a team. They just plain suck right now.

  14. To address the Jackson comments agian, I really don’t know where this whole “Spiller is being handed the starting role” is coming from. The guy started 1 pre-season game, showed some explosiveness, and so did Freddie. I would rather put the best player on the field, rather than the most proven, but no one has handed him the keys yet. Either way, Freddie will start the season as the starter, but I would expect Spiller to challenge him at some point, and the coaching staff will allow it. I mean he’s a 1st rounder, so why not give him a chance.

  15. @7Pints: i said nothing about the hit being illegal or that it should be penalized. HOWEVER, head-hunting in the preseason is for talent-less punks.

  16. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

    All this perfect storm of BAD luck will likely bring ( GOOD-or GREAT) Andrew Luck!

    Just hang in there Bills fans!

  17. “Starter” at RB is a useless tag. It serves nothing more than an ego boost for the guy that is named. Jackson should be concerned about how he can improve to help the team. If He is the best RB, he will get the most carries (at least while the game is close). What actually matters is the team, not individual labels or accolades.

    BTW, I like the new unis…and the Bills are not as bad as most fans think they are. Their issue is O-line and consistency. They have enough talent to beat even the elite teams

  18. @wutliss07

    “Talent-less punks”. Really? Remember the name Rahim Moore and we’ll see about that talentless comment. I know your boy Donald Jones will remember him. lol.

  19. The Bills annoy me as a Pats fan. They’re never good enough to honestly give the Pats a tough game to get better off of. For the last decade or more they have been a lost cause. I wish we had sent them to the AFC south, and kept Indianapolis. What a division that would be: Pats, Jets, Phins, and Colts.

    Maybe the Bills would have been more competitive playing the likes of Jax twice a year. But now they get beat on by the Pats and Jets…

  20. I watched the moore hit again and as far as I can tell that was a legal hit. He used his shoulder pad. If that’s not legal then NFL should just use flags instead of tackling

  21. Levitre just got demoted from left gaurd to share time there, now all the sudden he is Left Tackle material. The Bills made a huge mistake by not getting any offensive line help this season. Buddy Nix better keep his eye on the waiver wire or this team will be lucky to win three games,

  22. @tombradysbaby

    the pats have dominated the bills the past 9 years or so but the bills usually split with the jets and dolphins, even so usually the bills give the pats one good game and one blowout every year (see last years 38-30 shootout)

    i thought the same thing about the patriots though in the early 90’s when they were the laughing stock, bills are just in one hell of a valley right now

  23. I’m sure most days are rough days in Bills camp. I think Freddie’s a little premature with his Spiller being a starter stuff but ultimately he tries very hard every game to help the team, when other players give up so legitimate concern or not we don’t want freddie to be unhappy.

    That being said the Bills biggest problem continues to be that their o-line is just not good, they haven’t been good and they aren’t going to get better. I know Fitz isn’t the best quarterback but he is far from the teams biggest problem.

    I’m happy to see that the run defense was a bit better than they usually are, i just wanna make sure that we still have a good pass defense, it’s been one of the few good things about the team.

    That being said don’t overlook the young receivers here, they have potential and Steve Johnson looks to have a good year.

    I get tired of hearing people talk about how bad the bills are. They may not be ready to beat the patriots(cuz come on it’s been forever since that has happened), but they were just a handful of points away from winning many of the games they lost last season.

    The Bills just happen to find all sorts of creative ways to make sure they lose games they should have won, I expect that to continue.

  24. Does it really matter? After all, they are the Bills…

    They are crippled for the foreseeable future until Wilson dies much like the Raiders…

  25. The Bills are plenty under the cap, how do you not go out and sign a veteran LT, Bryant McKinnie, Nick Kaczur Jon Stinchcomb… 3 True solid options for the time being.

    The Bills are destined for a 2-14 season and its hilarious.

  26. Bills don’t have a left tackle, a right tackle, a center, a quarterback, any good receivers, a good head coach, decent ownership, nice stadium but do have an upset running back.
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  27. im really not sure what the obsession with troll fans from other teams determined to comment on every bills story.
    WE KNOW the bills record last year
    WE KNOW ralph wilson is old
    WE KNOW buffalo is close to canada

    add something or go find your next bandwagon to jump on. im sure now that the lions are getting a little better its time to reveal your unwavered committment to them after all these years.

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