Fred Jackson told he’ll start for Bills


One day after Bills running back Fred Jackson got upset about playing behind C.J. Spiller, Bills coach Chan Gailey has assured Jackson of his starting role with the team.

Jackson said he had a “productive talk” with Gailey. Jackson will remain the team’s starter.  It sounds like he is a little upset with his contract too, which has long been one of the more team-friendly deals in football.

“I didn’t know what was going on and I like to be told where I stand and not kind of have to guess about it,” Jackson said via the Associated Press. “We will see how things pan out.”

It’s telling and ultimately smart Gailey quickly moved to quiet the situation down.  At this stage, Jackson is the superior player to Spiller, who just hasn’t performed well in games yet. Even Spiller seems to realize it.

“Fred, he’s done proven himself,” Spiller said. “Fred has nothing else he needs to prove to anybody. I’m just a guy trying to learn of what he’s done.”

Buffalo is going to roll with a two-man backfield, like most teams this year.  It sounds like Jackson will be leading the way.

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  1. He came up the hard way! Pay the man his due!! Some, million dollar first round picks aren’t worthy to carry his cleats! I was thinking more Haynesworth and Russell, because Spiller knows he has to learn and he respects Fred…As a fan, I beg, do something right in Buffalo and pay the man!!

  2. As it should be. Jackson has done nothing but play well for Buffalo. Spiller has good potential, but hasn’t produced like Jackson has. Fred, great job of being a professional. You absolutely deserve to be the starter, and hopefully the team will pay you like one very soon.

  3. This was an unneeded controversy. Fred took it to the media before sitting down and talking to the coaches, which is unlike him and not the way to approach the situation.

    Fred is the better RB right now, no doubt. But giving Spiller some good experience in the second preseason game against the starters from Denver is good for his development. Don’t see why Fred got so disrespected by it.

  4. I completely understand Gailey playing Spiller in the pre…CJ needs the work for sure while Fred is ready to go.
    Fred Jackson embodies what Buffalo stands for as a city and a sports team…this is a lunch pail guy and he doesn’t need an abundance of carries to ‘get hot’ like some RB’s. His average is always good whether he gets 8 or 34 touches.
    The truth is, these players are human and hear/read the media speculation and turd tossing (at a wall, see what sticks…) and if their coaches aren’t communicating with them, the negativity/media can get in a guys head.
    As a Bills fan, i’m just glad it’s been sorted out…FJ #1. CJ#1a.
    Let’s go Buffalo!~

  5. If the Bills wants to make a GOOD example out of a player who has earned his money while keeping his mouth shut – they will pay Fred Jackson his due.

    Do the right thing Ralph – its not like you don’t have caproom for crying out loud!

  6. Fred is better and has been for a while.

    I understand the money side of it, but do certain teams want to win?

    (Raiders,Bills,Broncos-although they seem to get that Tebow is not the QB answer)

  7. And Fred will be a very nice fantasy pick well worth a 7th round selection. He’s definitely underrated. At least he showed up unlike CJ.

  8. Hey Todd Jones

    You ever work really hard at a job, then some young person who has not done any time yet takes money out of your mouth when you’ve been an outstanding team player?

    How do you know he hasn’t said anything to the coaching staff or tried to get an answer?

    You get one shot and fred has worked real hard to get to where he’s at, respect the man for respecting himself.

    Also fred just turned 30 dude hasn’t had NFL wear and tear I bet he’s like a 27 year old running back age wise. Pay the man.

  9. Spiller’s comments are very mature. To have a guy barely losing out on starting gig to a slightly more veteran player and then comment that he’s just trying to get as good as him is pretty cool.

    I just like CJ’s take on the deal.


    You’re 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    Gailey Sucks and Bills stink.

  11. I said it then and I’ll say it now. Taking Spiller was one of the dumbest moves EVER, not just in that draft, but ever. There was no need for him, he’s obviously a terrible NFL back, and Fred Jackson is by far the most underrated football player in the NFL. It’s just astonishing at how stupid people with power can be.

  12. SteelCity09:

    Are you drunk or are you really that stupid? You really make Steeler fans look stupid with those type of comments.

  13. “Fred he’s done proven himself.” Really CJ. That’s the best english you can come up with? I know you got a 10 on the Wonderlic but I thought you were smarter than that.

  14. reed83 says:
    Aug 24, 2011 12:17 AM

    Are you drunk or are you really that stupid? You really make Steeler fans look stupid with those type of comments.

    I think he’s drunk and drowning his sorrows!
    Go Bills!!!!

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