Jared Gaither and Jonathan Baldwin are biking together


Chiefs rookie wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin lost a locker room fight with Thomas Jones last week.

Baldwin’s reward: A cast going from his hand up to his elbow, with a lot of protection around his thumb.  He also gets to spend his practice time in the “conditioning area” according to Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star, riding a stationary bike and pulling a sled.

Recent pickup Jared Gaither has been spending more time there with Baldwin lately. Gaither, who reportedly failed a physical with the Raiders, missed a week’s worth of practices after saying he was “100%” when he signed.

Gaither has been limited in practice the last three days, splitting time between individual work on the field and riding a bike.  Babb wonders if Gaither will even make the team, much less start at tackle.  He’s barely practiced since signing.

Coach Todd Haley says Gaither is following a plan to slowly get ready to play. But he has to prove he can stay healthy.

“We’ve got about 19 days left, so time is of the essence,” Haley said.

15 responses to “Jared Gaither and Jonathan Baldwin are biking together

  1. I’m still wondering why they signed Gaither. There was a reason Ozzie chose not to resign a guy with the POTENTIAL to be one of the elite tackles in the league. He has chronic back problems; Not to mention the fact that he just doesn’t wanna work. We got about a season and a half of quality play from him before things just went south. lol Not EVERY Raven they plucked from us is gonna end up playing well. They should be ecstatic if he evens suits up this year.

  2. You mention his “100%” comment like he was lying…what you are seeing is 100% for Gaither. Won’t anyone ever learn???

  3. Stop kidding yourself about Gaither. He just looks like a football player. He just wants to be a chef! Oh yeah, and smoke weed, not that there is anything wrong with that!

  4. This bum does not deserve to be in the NFL. At least the Ravens, and of all teams, the Raiders were smart enough to relize this. He was kicked out of the University of Maryland because he was lazy. Then, kicked off the Maryland terps team for the same reason. He was not re signed by the Ravens because he never attended OTA’s or training camps. K.C. will relize that Gaither is a lazy bum later rather than sooner. Once this happens, he should be done. He is not worth the time or investment. They will relize he just wants to be paid and play on Sunday.
    Also, how can he fail a physical from the raiders and the chefs sign him two weeks later ???
    Ding ding ding, the light should have come on.

  5. This site is all about kicking the chiefs in the nutz. I have read about 7 post on here in the last week about the chiefs and the baldwin/jones fight was the only real story. THe rest of these are just writers wanting to get their early smack talking in before the chiefs smoke their team

  6. Gaither is only costing chiefs $700K, put him on IR and let him work out with chiefs trainers and get his core strength back , learn chiefs system let him come to meetings for a year. Then put him at left tackle next year and move albert to rt during ota’s

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