League tables plan for mandatory knee, thigh pads

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As part of the NFL’s ongoing effort to protect players from themselves, the league has considered requiring all players to wear knee pads and thigh pads.  Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com reports that the measure has been tabled for 2011.

The rule could be implemented in 2012.

“We will continue to evaluate for upcoming years,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Marvez via e-mail on Tuesday.

Marvez points out that the league made knee, hip, and thigh pads voluntary in 1995.  Mouthguards likewise are not mandatory.

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  1. The should be work, I never saw them slowing me down when I played in highschool. there is no excuse to not wearing them.

  2. Mouthgards should be more of a priority than knee or thighs pads due to their absorbing some of the impact that causes concussions.

  3. This isn’t a fashion show. If the pads help reduce injury then make them wear it. This kinda goes against all the other rules based on “player safety”. Make them wear the best helmets and the best pads. That makes more sense than trying to legislate the game to death with fines via slow-motion replay for something that takes hundreths of a second to execute.

  4. Yes, good idea. Continue evaluating until 2018 when the “No Contact/Red Suit” rule is instituted.

  5. Mouth guards do more than protect teeth, they also help prevent concussions. If the league is serious about protecting these guys make them wear them. They don’t have to wear the cheap plastic ones the High School kids wear, go to a dentist and pay a couple hundred bucks for one. Also they should make them ALL wear the new concussion helmets, who cares if they look funny, they work. The league talks the talk, but walk the walk, make them wear “protective gear” even if they think it isn’t cool. The problem is they alkl want to look BAD ASS and not wear the gear they should. As an Umpire for HS Football I make sure the kids all wear the gear they should. I guarantee when they know I am working the games they come out after warm ups with it, or go back and get it. It is not only to protect them, but me also. If they get hurt and not have the correct gear, Mommy can sue me. It needs to be the same in the NFL, protect them from themselves.

  6. yeah but the real issue is head injuries. Instead of making players wear the safer helmets that fit properly, they take away kick offs, and hard hits(in a collision sport). And now they’re talking about knee and thigh pads. SMH

  7. Anyone want to explain why players don’t wear knee and thigh pads? They don’t seem to be all that inhibiting. Someone want to explain this?

  8. Would anyone be stupid enough to play pro football without a mouthguard ?…………….Wait….I forgot who we were talking about here . Never mind

  9. And with all the other rule changes we’ll soon see tutus and tiaras also joining the required equipment list.

    We’ll call it the Jay Cutler Rule.

  10. thigh pads do protect against deep contusions, but knee pads don’t do anything…they don’t even cover the knee when it’s bent and they don’t prevent torn ligaments…only a brace can help with that and you won’t see any skill players playing with knee braces you can barely move.

  11. not having knee pads, thigh pads and hip pads in make a HUGE difference in your speed and quickness when playing. Big plays are the difference of a few tenths of a second most of the time, and if a player is too slow, usually the coach will find someone who isn’t. That is why players take the chance on not using pads, looking cool is secondary, speed is first and foremost

  12. Ok wait…

    The League says they’re committed to player safety and yet knee/thigh pads and mouthpieces AREN’T mandatory? Are they kidding?

    God it’s times like these that I truly hope Roger or any of the other NFL corporate mouths read blog sites like this. Maybe if they read the words they’ve spoken they’ll realize how f’ing retarded they are.

    Let’s not mandate pads/mouthpieces/proper helmets, let’s take away kickoffs

    Let’s not figure out how to make the game experience for fans safer so people don’t get shot, let’s just decide not to schedule two teams against each other.

    Jeez, with that type of mentality the NFL will shortly decide that to make the game safer for all involved they just won’t schedule any teams to actually play any other teams…but you can be sure they’ll still push for an 18 game season and make season ticket holders pay up front cause “it’s what the fans want”

  13. Let me get this straight. The nfl is willing to ruin the kickoff play by moving the ball up for saftey. But they wont require players to wear extra pads for saftey. Amazing to me really, as rough as the game is it should have been required for years now

  14. WTF is going on in the NFL these rules at a flat out joke you can see more contact at a highschool

  15. The knee pads aren’t just for the guy wearing them. They’re for the guys hitting you as well. I can think of many examples where a defender takes a bare knee to the helmet and comes up on the short end of the deal. I think Kellen Davis hurt a seahawks player in the playoff game with a knee to the head.

  16. Okay so no knee and thigh pads or mouth guards mandatory? Seems silly to me, but then so does a bunch of limping toothless football players with concussions…lol

  17. Bigguy54
    Parents cant sue you, someone is blowing smoke up your penalty flag, or you are BS ing
    Make the players where all of the hip thigh & knee pads, then everyone is on the same page, no advantages for anyone

  18. I wonder why mouth guards aren’t madatory cause of concutions but the other pads don’t make a difference don’t seem like there’s a $h!t load of deep hip & thigh injuries keepin players out of games and knee pads don’t stop ligaments from tearing they don’t even cover the knees when running! The players wit problems wit those type of injuries wear them! there is no sure proof helmet so they were dif kinds that feel comfortable can’t jus make 1 they have to study multipul but mouth guards should be mandatory!

  19. There ya go – players are not too concerned for their own safety. If they chose not to use pads and mouthgards, then they should not be able to bitch when they get hurt.

  20. mouthguards are one safe guard against some concussions. Not to mention people can bite theri tongues off. Theres nothing wrong with thigh, hip or knee pads. You can sure tell by the above posts who has and hasnt played the game.

  21. Wait…mouthguards are optional, but the NFL is making such a deal out of concussions.

    Uhm, am I missing something here?

    Maybe we should start with making those mandatory before moving the kick off up to the 35…

  22. daburgher says:
    Aug 23, 2011 8:40 PM
    yeah but the real issue is head injuries. Instead of making players wear the safer helmets that fit properly


    It pains me to say this, but I agree with a Steeler fan. A properly fitted helmet will not fly off a player’s head after a hit. The problem is the players request the equipment manager give them the slimmest of padding for their helmets so they are easily put on and off. However, this majorly reduces the effectiveness (sp) of the helmet to reduce concussions.

    If the NFL is serious about protecting the players from concussions, then they need to require the equipment manager to properly fit a helmet to each player and that player cannot make any modifications to the helmet.

    And yes, mouthguards should be mandatory.

  23. nickynick04 Thanks for the comment, but do some research. If a player gets hurt and is found he is not properly equipped the Coach, School, and the Officials in the game will all be included in the suit. That is why we have extra insurance coverage for a suit like this.

    In Texas a few years ago an Assitant Coach was on the sideline during a play, the side official was running down the sideline and did not see him. The Assitant Coach is now partially paralyzed frm the contact. He had worked for 7 years I believe, and said he did not know he was not supposed to be on the sideline. After a few appeals he won a multi-million dollar settlement. I know it is not the same as a kid, but this is the newest one I can remember. If a kid gets hurt and a Lawyer talks the parents into it they can sue. If the player is not wearing the correct equipment the Official will lose.

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