Pete Carroll pranks Raheem Brock over unpaid bill

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During the lockout, Seahawks defensive end Raheem Brock was arrested after failing to pay a tab at a Philly restaurant.  Coach Pete Carroll decided to have a little fun with that fact.

Carroll, whose past pranks include classics like “Throw Lendale From A Building,” arranged for phony cops to show up at a meeting and arrest Brock for failing to pay a $3,000 hotel bill.

Look for future “PeteCarrollTV” videos posted on to include the team bringing in the Brett Favre impostor and giving him the starting quarterback job over Tarvaris Jackson, a woman who’ll claim that running back Marshawn Lynch ran over her dog with a golf cart, and/or a coaching intern who’ll allege that he had his jaw broken during a meeting with offensive line coach Tom Cable.

34 responses to “Pete Carroll pranks Raheem Brock over unpaid bill

  1. Non-story. Bill Belichick, Chuck Knoll, Don Shula, Bill Walsh, etc. are all well-known for being pranksters.

    Or not. Pete Carroll is a ham n egger.

  2. One might wonder if Carroll puts as much thought and effort into the Seahawks, you know, on-the-field performance.

  3. This guy’s ADHD is gonna get tired.

    All the winning coaches pull these pranks right? That’s the way to get the players to respect you.

  4. Oh Petey is so clever and fun. He is up to those same old quirky things ….. as he did in college.

    Cant wait for Harbaugh to continue to dominate him in week 1 ….. as he did in college. What’s your deal?

  5. Pete Carroll pranked U.S.C.The program is on a lengthy probation.Loss of scholarships ,bowl games etc.Pete just runs away and takes his “comedy act”to a new venue.Way to go Pete !Your a funny guy.

  6. mavajo says: Aug 23, 2011 10:18 PM

    “Non-story. Bill Belichick, … well-known for being pranksters.”

    Belichick? A prankster?
    Oh, OK, that explains the cameras.

  7. Ahahaha this is funny love the sense of humor…classic Pete this is why the players love playing for him

  8. citynative says: Aug 23, 2011 10:48 PM

    Oh Petey is so clever and fun. He is up to those same old quirky things ….. as he did in college.

    Cant wait for Harbaugh to continue to dominate him in week 1 ….. as he did in college. What’s your deal?


    Oh really?

    Dominate in week 1?

    The 49ers and Hawks?

    Your #1 BUST QB will be running for his life….Bank on it!

    Remember the name “Raheem Brock!!”

  9. The NFL should pull a fast one on PC and suspend him the same way Terrelle Pryor is getting yanked around. He was a coach who fled NCAA sanctions and should be held to a higher standard than some college kid tryin to make a couple bucks.

  10. @fillyfan9988

    Looks like you were pranked by the public school system. Your grammar was absolutely pathetic, then against you are a “fillyfan” and over the years I’ve learned they are pretty ignorant (especially the ones FROM “filly”).

    This is a funny prank, it’s good to keep things light and not always be too serious. Many great coaches like to pull pranks, Carroll isn’t a great coach but at least he has something in common with them.

  11. Soulman45 says:
    Aug 23, 2011 10:18 PM
    Frist to say
    He should try to win ONE game.

    Do you watch pro football? Or even sports center. He won 7 last year and knocked the SB CHAMPS out of contention. Give respect when respect is deserved. You are an inept human being and should relinquish your rights to comment on a subject to which you offer no valuable input.
    A Miami Dolphins fan who couldn’t care less about Pete slim from socal……
    Fellow PROFOOTBALLTALK members. Don’t stand for this nonsense.

  12. Wow give the guy a break. I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a training camp, but it’s a long stint and you need some fun to break up the tension.

  13. Picking up on the previous Lendale White prank, it likely was pretty easy to figure out it wasn’t him who hit the ground when there was no 6.3 magnitude earthquake immediately after.

    Given his twittering, youtubing and overall highly active, tireless personality, one wonders what it would be like to see PC after a couple vodka/red bulls.

  14. All you haters crack me up. “Oh, he should win something!!!”

    Puh-leeeeze. You conveniently forgot that he stomped the living hell out of the very team that beat your team’s arse on the way to a SuperBowl. You remember, that game you laughed and laughed and laughed along with Mike Ditka about how Seattle didn’t even belong in the playoffs.

    And then there was Brees, standing on the sideline with a little pouty sad look on his face, realizing his team had just been debacled by the worst team in playoff history. A team that had made over 280 transactions in a single year, that had cut over half its starters from the previous year, and was comprised mostly of other team’s practice squad castoffs and a bunch of has-beens and wash-ups. And we beat your World Champ.

    Y’all seem to have forgotten the earthquake. The images of Sean Payton crying after being eliminated by some upstart in a wild card game.

    We haven’t forgotten. Pete can do whatever the hell he wants. Dude is a winner. And we love him here in the Pac NW. Keep on hatin, ya jealous losers. Hate on Microsoft, hate on Starbucks, hate on Nirvana, hate on whatever you want… we just keep winning in the Emerald City, baby!!

  15. “and/or a coaching intern who’ll allege that he had his jaw broken during a meeting with offensive line coach Tom Cable.”

    Thats no prank though, that really happened.

  16. @ sieg1234

    Give Filly a little brake (break). It seams (seems) everyones gramer (grammar) and punkuashun (punctuation) on this sight (site) could use a little help.

    As a country, we all need help when educated adults can not remember the different between they’re (they are), their (a possession) and there (place).

    Next lesson: Your vs. You’re

  17. Hey joeinoh, thanks for the English lesson. I think you meant difference, not different.

  18. What would be great is to have a Roger Goodell imposter show up in front of the team to talk potential suspension for allegations regarding his time at USC.

  19. @ Reidtardinthepound

    Good for you – found one of the two errors I made in that post. As soon as I posted it I saw it. I guess that’s what I get for being a smart a$$.

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