Raiders lose Travis Goethel for the season

Last year, linebacker Travis Goethel was on track to win a starting job as a sixth-round rookie, until a back injury caused him to miss half of the regular season.  This year, Goethel again was working his way toward a spot on the first team.

And he’s now lost for the year.

Steve Corkran of reports that Goethel suffered a torn knee ligament in practice on Monday, and that he’s expected to miss the entire season.

The development means that Quentin Groves likely will start on the weak side.

Coach Hue Jackson said Tuesday that the injury could prompt the Raiders to bring back Kirk Morrison, and possibly to revisit the possibility of signing free-agent Lofa Tatupu.

26 responses to “Raiders lose Travis Goethel for the season

  1. If it eases the pain any for Raider fans……

    He never would have made a real football team in the first place.

  2. Dam this team is getting killed already with injuries and the season hasnt even started yet. Tough break.

  3. thats gotta be a crushing blow to a guy with the odds already stacked against him.

    sucks to hear, let it motivate you further and come back in 2012 a better player than ever. good luck Travis

  4. that hurts ….tight end and olb is where we are most thin at. At least we drafted 2 te”s and signed boss…kirk would love to come back home.

  5. Please,..dude sucked, wouldnt have made special teams…non story. (par for the course here)

  6. Man… him and Chaz Schilens have some of the worst luck. Both look promising only to be taken out by injuries.

  7. Where are all the loud mouth Raiduh fans when things go south??? Perhaps the local dept of corrections shuts off internet access at this hour.

  8. To the people laughing, that’s wonderful. Glad you feel the need to laugh at a guy’s misfortune over the computer. I’ve seen a lot of people on other posts agree that losing a player to injury is never they way you want to see a rival stumble.

    Bring back Kirk Morrison. He’s still got some gas in the tank, and experience to go with it. Snatch him up while he’s out there.

    Even if this guy never plays another snap, get well soon.

  9. you guys realize that if Oakland has a bad season their fans will point to injuries as the excuse… when everyone else in the world will know thats not the case. LOL

  10. Good to see so many comments from the Experts here lol. The Kings of the Video Game Player Personnel Department, with JOYSTICK in HAND. lol a bunch

  11. Honestly, Goethel didn’t really stand out on defense in the first 2 pre-season games. Some said he had the edge at the WLB, but it’s because Q. Groves hasn’t done much in the 2 years. Definitely a weak area that just got weaker. Absolutely no depth at LB. Raiders would be wise to sign both Tatupu and Morrison.
    The 49ers marched up and down the field vs. the 1st unit. This was already a huge problem from last year. What was being used at LB has not been working. We definitely over spent on Wimbley, he’s strictly a rush the passer type of LB, he’s too slow and stiff to be a drop back coverage LB.

  12. A fan did it to him in the parking lot sorry ass california fans dont know how to act at any sporting events.

  13. Goethel was the back up MIKE. Considering his draft status he was a nice find and a very good special teamer. Baring injury there was a chance this kid could have moved to the outside in Groves place. *Groves is going into his 2nd season w/the Raiders.

    There is a reason Lofa has not been signed by any teams. Too much money and too long in the tooth.

    Regardless the Raiders are empty in the LB position and need some body’s. Right now Kirk Morrison is intriguing due to the face I always thought he should have play the WIL instead the middle. Which is where he was replaced at by Rolando McClain. Oakland also traded Morrison last year to Jacksonville for a 4th round pick in 2010 which turned out to be Jacoby Ford! Would be nice to see the home town, home grown fan of the Raiders back in black!!

  14. brientomas says:
    Aug 24, 2011 4:45 AM
    Goethel was the back up MIKE

    not to contradict you but they had him playing and starting on the weak side this season. Although he is listed as the #2 MLB on the depth chart, Breshnahan had him on the weak side.

    Other option right now which I do not like is to have Trevor Scott rotate between DE/OLB. I prefer that bring back the hometown boy who I agree is built more for and better suited for OLB.

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