The Cowboys add their fourth kicker to the roster


Longtime Bengals kicker Shayne Graham finished last year in New England, then started training camp in Washington this year.  He was struggling badly before getting cut a few weeks back.

He will get at least one more chance to keep his career going.

Todd Archer of reports Graham signed with the Cowboys Tuesday. Dallas improbably now has four kickers: David Buehler, Danny Bailey, Kai Forbath, and Graham.  Forbath is hurt.  So is Buehler, the presumptive starter.

Then again, I think it was Paul Brown who once said, “When you have four kickers, you really don’t have any.”

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  1. With the kickoffs moving to the 35 there is no reason to keep Buehler. He’s too inconsistent from inside 40 yards and his value was in his kickoff ability. Wade Phillips could kick touchbacks now.

  2. Buehler has a powerful leg, but it’s those pesky field goals that he has to kick to make that get in the way. I’m tired of seeing a kicker trot out there for a 30 yarder and you have ZERO confidence in him to hit it.

  3. Dan Bailey would be best choice, mr consistent in college and was a cult hero there too. Always could kick the game winner or a touchback, you choose coach.

  4. hip,hip hooray just what we needed another kicker. way to go jerry. now how about signing another punter can’t have too many of them either.

  5. They just need to be patient as it looks like the Lions are going to keep Hanson, which means that unless they move Rayner to the Practice Squad he will be available.

  6. Another year, and another topic for haters to typically and predictably focus upon.

    Had ANY other team signed Graham, it wouldn’t have been a story, but since it is the Cowboys, the leech press and all the haters have more non-substance to engorge themselves beyond satiety yet again.

    Signing Graham was a good move. Now Bailey and Buehler feel the pressure and competition from the signing of a veteran Kicker and one will emerge. I think Bailey gets the nod, but Buehler will fight. Forbath will get cut, and so will Graham when all said and done. I doubt they keep 2 kickers, but if so, it with be Bailey and Buehler.

    Does anybody remember the “kicking of the big screen” in Dallas stadium? All the hype and hater venom that followed, but how quickly that went away after the first preseason game when nobody intentionally tried to hit it again last year.

    This will be the same. It is a non-story, unless you decide to make it one. The haters and the press do a good job of trying to make it real, but in the end, as usual, it won’t be of any substance.

  7. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since attending the 1st game in the Cotton Bowl back in 1960. It’s good to know certain players like Romo, Witten, Ware etc are all going to be there for consistency. But what’s with the kicker-go-round over the last decade? Every year you treat the position like a Fantasy draft, “save your last $1 to pick up a kicker”, and meanwhile games have been lost from inconsistency. Get a guy and lock him in, Bossman! Give us somebody whose name we can actually remember between seasons.

  8. Guess they didn’t have enough Kickers in camp who miss from 20-30.


    Graham is 94.5% from that distance for his career. He’s only missed 4 out of 73 tries.

  9. What does it matter…Skins are gonna be fourth in the division anyway……right?…..hmmmmm



  10. My Bengal friends here in Cincinnati once thought he was the greatest kicker in the world; and a number one draft choice of the Bengals, the only one they could afford to sign within a few weeks unlike everyone else over the last decades!

  11. Get a guy and lock him in, Bossman! Give us somebody whose name we can actually remember between seasons.


    Well you know you try, then the guy gets a torn labrum that doesn’t heal well after surgery and you have to look somewhere else and you just have to keep looking until you find a guy. Nick Folk would probably still be the guy if not for that bit of bad luck.

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