Todd Haley takes night off to attend Lil Wayne concert

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So how does an NFL head coach who’s trying to cram five months of work into five weeks spend one of the precious remaining evenings before the first game of the regular season?

Apparently, by going to a Lil Wayne concert.

That’s precisely what Chiefs coach Todd Haley did last night, presumably while the rest of his staff was grinding away in order to get ready for a visit from the Bills and former Chiefs offensive coordinator Chan Gailey on September 11.

It was good, very good,” Haley told reporters on Tuesday regarding the show, via the Chiefs’ official website.  “I see that’s getting a little. . . .  Our players all knew I was out there.  Lil’ Wayne — our song last year — we made a video at the start of the season and it was one of his songs.  The players took to it.  We played it every home game.  It was kind of our. . . .  When you saw us gather up in the end zone, it was always a song of his.  So, I said if he comes into town and I get an opportunity to give him a copy of it and thank him, I was able to do it.  It was a great, great show, terrific.”

And so Haley has found a way to try to justify his detour away from his work duties.  He owed it to Lil Wayne to be there, because the Chiefs used one of his songs to get excited last year.

It’s unclear whether Haley’s players actually knew about this in advance, even though Haley said they did.  Asked later whether the move enhances his credibility in the locker room, Haley said, “I don’t know.  They didn’t know it a whole bunch until. . . .  I guess now they know.”

So the player knew he was out there — but yet they didn’t know until it became an issue in the media.

Apart from that awkward inconsistency, it’s hard to imagine any other NFL head coach going to a concert less than three weeks before the start of the season, especially after a lockout in which there were multiple weeks featuring a lot less work than usual, and thus more time than usual to do non-work things.  This doesn’t mean NFL head coaches shouldn’t have lives away from the sport, but the Chiefs have two preseason games left and a regular-season game in less than a week, to cap an offseason in which the lockout has made it even harder than usual to get ready to compete.

Haley is one of those guys who loves to mention his ties to Bill Parcells.  And maybe that’s the best barometer for this one:  Would Parcells have left camp to attend a Lil Wayne concert?

Do I even need to answer that?

91 responses to “Todd Haley takes night off to attend Lil Wayne concert

  1. Say, this truly is really big news. In other major news, several Packers were seen leaving a Subway restaurant in Green Bay recently.

  2. Hard to take a head coach seriously (Wayne is talented but his lyrics make Eminem sound like the Pope)

  3. who cares? we all take days off. lets stop pretending these guys arent human beings.

  4. Parcells probably wouldn’t skip out of camp to see Lil Wayne, but Chubby Checker might be a different story.

  5. Why so critical? He can’t work 24/7…. and does it matter if he goes to a Lil Wayne Concert or goes home and reads a book in bed? I’m sure Bill Parcells went home once or twice a week and got away from football.

    Also he went with Brandon Flowers…. on of his players.

  6. Late august,2 preseason games left,3 weeks till regular season starts, lil wayne,4-12 record…priceless.

  7. Well if Tebow can watch “the carpenters” concert when he is the 4th string QB, why can’t Hailey see Weezy F baby?

  8. Nice to see “Chan Gailey” commenting on the Chiefs website about a concert Todd Haley went to…

  9. I bet he was crying and whining something about the playlist being too long…

    Or the tickets being too high priced…

    Or the parking lot being too filled…

    Or Lil’ Wayne being too lil’…


  10. Lil Wayne is the worst “rapper” on the planet. If I ever heard one of his songs at my teams games, I would take a concession break. Radio pop-rap is awful. I bet Haley likes Bieber too. Not to mention Wayne says he is a Packers fan AND a Saints fan. Get out of here with that.

  11. Todd Haley is a pretty good coach but kind of a moron at the same time. Maybe he was trying to connect with his players outside of the game. He has a no-nonsense kind of image but then he pulls this. Weird

  12. i like to go on WinMX with one of the NFL players and go to the chat room in phoenix trivia lounge chat room it has real trivia and i get all the answers right, so do you guys get all the answers right even todd haley of the chiefs would get all the answers right, nod head yes right say yes

  13. Relax 1 coach taking a 3-4 hour break isnt going to effect the team at all. It could actually help Haley. It is known when doing things like studying you retain more material by taking breaks then you would if you worked non stop . Taking a break for a few hours to have fun and recharge your batteries can only help. Anyway this is only news bc what he was doing while taking a break. Which makes it not news at all. Im sure more then half of the head coaches in this league have taken a few hours off at least once since the lockout ended be that to just relax, take the wife out for dinner or to smell and caress her feet (I See You Rex).

    Taking 3 hours for yourself to go to a Lil Wayne concert wont hurt your team anymore or any less then taking a 3 hour break to take your wife out to dinner.

  14. Gotta love jock-sniffer nation.

    How dare a coach take a few hours off from the 18 hour days he working to actually have a little fun !?!?!?!?!

    Yes, the Chiefs have no chance now. How will they every recover from the EVENING that their coach spent with his nose off the grindstone!?!?!

    Shame! Shame, I tell you!

  15. In other news, Michael Vick left practice early with an odd smirk on his face to catch “The Baha Men”.

  16. Seriously, who gives a crap what a guy does on his few hours off? Coaches and players aren’t robots and work 24/7. I bet if he went to a Jimmy Buffett concert this wouldn’t even be a story. You can draw your own conclusions from that last statement.

  17. That’s what a good manager does, task everyone get them working together and then sit back and watch the results. Most of the time the top man is just in the way when it comes to real work.

  18. rando74 says:
    Aug 23, 2011 7:10 PM
    Thats ok. I once missed my daughters birth to catch a Ron Artest concert.
    HEY!!! its Metta World Peace now.

  19. firerogergoodell says: “Lil Wayne is the worst ‘rapper’ on the planet.” You will be hearing from Mr. Haley’s attorneys about this deeply cutting personal affront with malice. Besides, Drake is.

  20. After the concert, Haley was heard complaining that he didnt like how Lil Wayne played until the very end.

  21. A guy as highly strung as Haley needs to pace himself and chill from time to time. Chiefs ran out of puff late last year. Hope this is a sign he is learning to relax a bit and manage his intensity.

  22. “We’ve got about 19 days left, so time is of the essence,” Haley said.

    Double standard?

  23. More reason to hate the guy, I’m from New Orleans and i refuse to listen to Wayne.. No wonder why the Chiefs blow, they come out to lil wayne LOL

  24. Now we can scratch the Broncos AND the cheifs off the list. Only SD standing in our way, LOLLLL!

  25. radrntn says: “why is this linked to the raiders?” It was one of Robert Charles Comer’s last wishes.

  26. Really? You’re giving a guy a hard time for going to a concert?

    I doubt you’d be giving him the same hard time if he told everyone he went to the movies with his wife… or even if he said he went to a U2 concert… which means… ?

  27. Lil Wayne doesn’t have anything on The Carpenters. And I’m not joking, 808raiderinparadise.

  28. lil Wayne is mostly POP-Hip Hop now days anyway so it’s not a big shocker … I mean the guy was on espn 1st & 10 a few times for god sakes

  29. I wouldn’t condemn him for going to a concert.

    I *do* condemn him for the choice of “artist”. That guy is an awful rapper.

  30. 3menandablog says: Aug 23, 2011 7:13 PM

    Lil Wayne’s street cred just took a devastating blow.


  31. Who cares? That three hours is not going to make or break the season. All work and no play makes Jack take an axe to his family. Tone down the pontificating.

  32. 3menandablog says:
    Aug 23, 2011 7:13 PM
    Lil Wayne’s street cred just took a devastating blow.

    I think kissing the male owner of his label who goes by the name of baby on the mouth already did that for him.

  33. Kind of odd. Is he trying for street cred? Last place in the world I’d go. I’m surprised he didn’t get lumped for lookin’ funny…

  34. Lil Wayne has a house right outside Green Bay and attends most Packer games. I have a friend who manages a local pizza joint who met him when he came in for some grub. Said he was pretty nice guy. I don’t like his music very much, but it’s always a cool little trivia tidbit when there is a celebrity living in town.

  35. 3menandablog says: Aug 23, 2011 7:13 PM

    Lil Wayne’s street cred just took a devastating blow.

    I think Lil Wayne may have emptied his street cred account when he appeared on “Around the Horn”.

  36. @Oakland fan

    you know you’re an Oakland fan when you can’t spell Chiefs correctly. That and when you get you azzes kicked by 49er fans.

  37. The Chiefs will suck this year, they already have a built im excuse that the lockout threw of their “process”.

    Just like they werent worried about Baldwins character issues.

  38. Haley is one of those guys who loves to mention his ties to Bill Parcells. And maybe that’s the best barometer for this one: Would Parcells have left camp to attend a Lil Wayne concert?

    Do I even need to answer that?

    No! Parcells just leaves franchises altogether! After he quits on them and takes their money!

  39. Lil Wayne is the worst rapper to ever pick up a microphone, and is a huge reason for hip-hops demise. I want my 90s rap back!!!!!!

  40. Maybe he can borrow Chris Johnson’s grill so he looks fly when he wags that finger at the stage…..

  41. As a Charger fan, I’ve already sent Todd
    tix for Playaz Circle and a couple of other
    acts…enjoy the shows, Todd!!! 🙂

  42. I think we now know the real reason why Charlie Weis was let go, he was more of a Ludacris kind of guy.

  43. But nobody whines about Bill Belichick hanging out with Bon Jovi all the time and going to his concerts during his off time. One of a head coach’s chief (no pun intended) duties is to delegate responsibilities to the staff. The days of George Allen living at the stadium are over; many coaches need to find time away from the game in order to rest their minds and avoid burnout. BTW, do we know if many of the players were at the concert as well? If I were a coach, I’d attend events (that are in decent taste) the players attend as a sign of support and team building. If the coach knows about a Weezie concert, believe me, the players knew about it well in advance.

  44. I can actually picture this douche enjoying the show. I can’t stand how he cries during games and I bet his schtick will get old to the players, he’ll be ran out of town soon enough.

  45. to give a hoot about any of this it is first necessary to be of the opinion that rap, or hop-hop or however you put it, is actually music


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