Adrian Wilson returns to practice

Getty Images

Florio wrote earlier this morning about Stephen Cooper, the Chargers linebacker who will try to play through a torn biceps muscle.

Cooper won’t be the only one.

Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson has been rehabbing his torn biceps for a few weeks and still hope to play in the season opener. He returned to a limited practice on Tuesday in an effort to start getting ready.  He won’t be involved in all drills at this point, but he’s pushing as hard as he can to get prepared for Week One, even if that seems like a longshot.

“Hopefully, that’s the day,” Wilson told the team’s website. “We’ll see. It’s all up to the Coach, all up to the medical staff.”

It was believed originally that Wilson could miss the season, and nothing is guaranteed about when he might return. The Cardinals will surely get a big boost if one of their emotional leaders is able to play through the pain.

(On a side note: Did anyone noticing Florio has been posting regularly since 3:50 a.m. today? Makes me feel like a slacker.)