Devaney says kickoff rule won’t change roster decisions

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It widely has been assumed that the movement of the kickoff point from the 30 up to the 35 will result in roster decisions that place decreased value on guys who can perform on kickoff coverage and kickoff return units.  Though that may be true in some cities, it won’t be the case everywhere.

Rams G.M. Billy Devaney, in a Wednesday visit to PFT Live, said that his team won’t approach the crafting of a roster any differently than in past years.

It’s a smart move.  The kickoff play will continue to be used, and there’s no guarantee that every kickoff will result in a touchback.  Thus, teams will need players who are adept at and comfortable with this specific phase of the game.

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7 responses to “Devaney says kickoff rule won’t change roster decisions

  1. hmmmmmmmnnnnnnn lets see

    the Rams says it wont and the Patriots say it will

    hmmmmmmnnnnn who should I go with on this one?

    Rams no Patriots?
    Patriots no Rams?
    Rams no Patriots?
    Patriots no Rams?
    Rams no Patriots?
    Patriots no Rams?
    Rams no Patriots?
    Patriots no Rams?

    jeez this is a tough one – NOT

    no wonder the Rams suck.

  2. no story about BonJovi being at pats practice today? Cant believe Belichick would allow such a distraction just three weeks before a game. Him and Haley just don’t get it..they need to work harder, less BS on the side

  3. Sounds like he gets it. The kick is only five yards different than before, so there is still an opportunity to run back the kickoff. The premiere kick returner can be even more electrifying when running back a 104 yard kickoff return instead of only a 99 yard return. The fact that they also slowed down the gunners should give the returner more lanes to break the big one. You’ll find that coaches will abandon the rule of letting kicks beyond the five yard line fly over their heads and will instead let his players do what they are paid to do, which is make plays. For every tackle short of the 20 yard line, there will be two returns beyond the 20.

  4. It will surely impact kickers though. There used to be a market for deep kickoff specialists who weren’t even asked to kick FG’s, you think they still get jobs? No. Even the average guy can no get it into the end zone.

  5. Ellis Hobbs had a 108 yard return, so it can be done. Obviously, some balls will go outside the end zone, but anything within the end zone should still be in play.

  6. There are too many touchbacks as it is because of the specialist long kickers. Move the kick off back if anything.

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