Kerry Collins tries to get ready “if I’m needed to play”

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The surprise of the day came from the Colts, who added veteran quarterback Kerry Collins less than three weeks before Week One.  The development makes clear the team’s concern regarding the status of starter Peyton Manning, who is recovering from neck surgery.

Despite the obvious link between Collins’ arrival and Manning’s possible unavailability, Collins and the Colts are holding all cards close to their vest, to little surprise.

“I’m excited to be here,” Collins said in quotes distributed by the team.  “I have a tremendous amount of respect for this organization and the teams they’ve put on the field over the years.  Obviously, I’ve got some pretty significant history with people in this organization, starting with Coach [Jim] Caldwell.  He was my quarterbacks coach at Penn State for three years.  The Polians, of course, drafted me when I was in Carolina.  [Receivers coach] Frank Reich, I played with in Carolina.  There’s a lot of significant ties here that made it real attractive to come here.”

Though it’s unknown whether those ties would be enough to persuade Collins to merely hold a clipboard (something he didn’t want to do in Tennessee), Collins is claiming for now that the relationships drove the decision.  “I knew it was going to have to be a special circumstance for me to come out of retirement, and this is it,” Collins said.  “I just have a lot of respect for them and this organization as a whole.  To come here and be able to help out is a great honor.”

Still, he thinks he’ll be ready to do more than simply watch Manning play.

“Ideally, you’d like to have a whole off-season, but everybody kind of faced it with the lockout,” Collins said.  “There’s a solid two weeks before the first game.  I’m confident I can get where I need to be to play, if I’m needed to play.”

The circumstances suggest something much stronger than “if”.  In the end, there’s no way Collins would have given up his equivalent of Brett Favre’s tractor absent an indication that Collins will be on the field.  For more, here’s the official PFT Live take on the situation.

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32 responses to “Kerry Collins tries to get ready “if I’m needed to play”

  1. Things have unfolded so quickly Kerry hasn’t had time to wash, shave, sleep, brush his teeth, or take anything for his hangover yet.

  2. I agree with Kerry….those unbelievably obscure ties are definitely “obvious.”

    Also, I am surprised to find out that Frank Reich is a Receivers coach. I thought he was the QB coach….

    But it does raise an interesting question…..would Peyton Manning make a good Receivers coach? I think he would. I think Receivers would like to know what they did wrong on every play and why each incompletion was their fault.

  3. Chronic playoff failure and injury have left Peyton wondering whether he might be better with the “lucky” horseshoe logo sewn on the inside back of his undershorts.

  4. As much as I hate to see it, Manning missing some games this season will only add to his legacy.

    Everyone tries knocking Manning for his playoff record, but if he doesnt play, I think everyone will get a chance to see how bad the Colts really are and how impressive it has been for him to carry them to the playoffs each and every year.

  5. Who’s zoomin who? Collins was signed for one reason and one reason only – Peyton Manning won’t be anytime soon.

  6. Always been a Peyton Manning fan and I really want to see him start in week one…if for no other reason than to continue his consecutive start streak.

    Because I’m positive that’s why Favre kept coming back…knowing Peyton was likely (if healthy) to break most of his records…

  7. So Manning has to wait for his nerves to regenerate. Call me crazy, but if you have to wait for your nerves to freaking regenerate is may be time to hang up the cleats.

  8. So I guess Painter is just on the roster in case the locker room walls need a little primer applied or the doors need a little touching up?

  9. Dear PFT,

    Can you please write about the real reason that the Colts never have an adequate backup QB for Manning on their roster.

    It is widely known that no decent QB wants to back him up because he treats them like interns. That is why when he is now injured, they have to get an ‘actual QB’ to come in.

    He may be one of the greats, but I have never heard one player describe him as a great team mate.

  10. Favre will always be brought up. He could be the first player to be in the hall and still be thinking about a comeback.

  11. Kerry Collins is a solid QB. He’s won some big games in the past, and I believe the Colts will be fine if Peyton is unable to play the first week or two. He has a pretty amazing O-Line that will give him time to throw the football, and he has some great WR’s and one of the best TE’s in the league. Before the Collins signing, I thought the Colts might be in trouble. But, with this signing, they should be sustainable should Peyton not be ready.

  12. Uncle Leo says: Aug 24, 2011 9:46 PM
    He may be one of the greats, but I have never heard one player describe him as a great team mate.


    I’m sure lots of players would describe him as a great teammate….

    They just have to wait until he is done yelling at them on the sideline to get a word in.

  13. Not sure I see this as a good thing, especially at this stage of the pre-season. Nor am I sure that I see Collins as any type of upgrade over Painter/Orlovsky.

    The last time that Collins was a regular starter in the league he was winless in half a season.

    Now he’s going to come in and learn a completely new system in two weeks and develop timing with his new receivers?

    The Colts have damned themselves by not having a back-up to Manning that was actually capable of playing.

  14. Luckily French Louie the desk clerk at the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Hotel realized the importance of the call from the Colts, and was able to get into Kerry’s retirement room with a master key, pour cold water on him, and bundle him onto a bus to Indianapolis.

  15. Looks like Curtis will be ‘painting’ his way out of Indy in the very near future. It’s a shame this team spent so much time to at least get the guy Sorgi-like competent, but alas, is not a good caddy at all. As for ‘endline scramble’ Dan, I say this…if you could not make a serious claim for the starting job in Detroit at anytime pre-Stafford, I am not sure there is a place in the NFL for you. On a side note, I am surprised the Colts have never spent as high draft pick on a QB over the past 12 years. At least try to make a Peyton clone…it may not work, but hey, he will at least be competent enough to warrant trade value because of his pedigree; heck, it worked for Eli.

  16. Uncle Leo says: Aug 24, 2011 9:46 PM

    Dear PFT,

    Can you please write about the real reason that the Colts never have an adequate backup QB for Manning on their roster.

    It is widely known that no decent QB wants to back him up because he treats them like interns. That is why when he is now injured, they have to get an ‘actual QB’ to come in.

    He may be one of the greats, but I have never heard one player describe him as a great team mate.
    I agree with you. I’ve always felt that his teammates respect his skill but don’t really like the guy. I read someone from the Colts org admitting that PM basically decides how many reps the B/Us get and it’s none.

    Anyone remember how Collins outed the Colts for throwing that game against his then team TN in 07? AWKWARD!

  17. Manning is recovering from neck surgery and the colts bring in a retired guy because the present back-ups are both so bad.

    The argument is that this proves that Manning is more valuable to his team than Brady to his. That’s probably true – but is that a good thing? Brady goes down in the 1st game in 2008, Cassell steps in and the Patriots go 11-5. Is there ANYONE out there who would argue that if Manning goes down the colts would win as many as half of their games with Collins this season?

    Right now the Patriots have Hoyer – an undrafted free agent that Belichik went after a few years ago – and Ryan Mallett, a 3rd round rookie. In other words they are ready if Brady goes down.

    Manning is more valuable because he has to be – the colts have no one else. In terms of pure talent I would say that he is better than Brady and he will probably wind up as at least an O.C. somewhere after his retirement, if not a head coach. Brady will play out his string and then he’ll be gone – on to something else.

  18. Collins getting $4 Million. That’s better than Testaverde money for coming off your couch.

    Meanwhile back at the Miami Dude Ranch, Chad Henne is set to make a cool $550K.


    How bad is it to be a Miami fan right now? Buffalo is about to leapfrog them back into a 1 – 15 season.

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