Mason Foster fined $20,000 for hit on Ochocinco

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Buccaneers rookie linebacker Mason Foster has been fined $20,000 for an illegal hit on Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco in last week’s preseason game.

The possibility of Foster getting fined drew a great deal of attention after Ochocinco offered to pay any fine himself. The NFL then said that Ochocinco would not be allowed to pay Foster’s fine, as every player has to pay his own fines.

However, it’s not quite as simple as Foster getting docked $20,000 from his Week 1 paycheck. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement protects players from excessive fines of more than 25 percent of their weekly base salary for a first offense of an on-field infraction. And since Foster’s 2011 base salary is the rookie minimum of $375,000, he won’t actually lose $20,000. Foster can appeal and get that fine reduced to 25 percent of his weekly pay of $22,058.82, which means his actual fine would be $5,514.71.

That provision of the CBA was pointed out to PFT by Cardinals kicker and players’ union representative Jay Feely last week after we pointed out the unfairness of Jaguars rookie Mike Lockley (who also makes the league minimum) getting fined the same amount as Ndamukong Suh (who makes much, much more than the league minimum). The provision makes a lot of sense, although it would make more sense to make fines a percentage of a player’s cap value, so that fines would have an equal impact on players regardless of how much money they make.

The next question is whether Ochocinco will follow through on his promise and write Foster a check fo $5,514.71. And if he does, the question after that is how much the NFL would fine a player for paying another player’s fine.

41 responses to “Mason Foster fined $20,000 for hit on Ochocinco

  1. His teammate, the one who nearly decapitated Danny Woodhead, deserves a fine more than Foster.

  2. What a joke. Just a matter of time before linemen get fined for just playing their position. 20K for a CLEAN hit. It’s a physical game.

    If Goodell want’s a flag football league, leave your position at the NFL and go start one. I can’t be the only one shaking their head at this.

  3. Heck I’ll pay that if I can hit Nachocinco…. (I actually like Chad)

    That was a clean football hit… the pussification of the NFL.

  4. And if he does, the question after that is how much the NFL would fine a player for paying another player’s fine.

    lol… interesting

  5. Can’t Mr. Cinco just buy a Mason Foster autographed jersey for $5,514.71? Granted, he’d be stuck with a pewter Bucs jersey, but it would get around the ridiculous fine for a clean, legal hit in the NFL (Now For Ladies).

  6. I bet he does pay it. Ocho’s a good guy and I’m a Phin fan. I mean he “sucks” for the foreseeable future, but you know what I mean.

  7. Lets see fine for hit, no problem with player pleating no contest for abusing a women. AH another year of God-del and his judgements.

  8. Of the three NFL commissioners during my lifetime (Rozelle, Tagliabue, and Goodell), Goodell is the worst. The players should have the opportunity to appeal that d*ckhead’s decisions to a neutral third party.

  9. And, just like that, Ocho checks in:

    @nflcommish Dad no disrespect but I don’t agree with @mason_foster fine n I’ll be reimbursing him personally.Please feel free to contact me

    LOL Get out ya popcorn….

  10. If Ocho pays Foster’s fine, I wonder if Ocho’s accountant writes it off as a gift expense. Or, Foster can set up a charity in his own name, and Ocho can contribute to it. There are many ways this can be arranged with minimal tax consequences.

  11. From a Patriots fan…clean hit. The object of the game, especially when a receiver is trolling around in the middle of the field is to keep him from catching the ball! What is the guy supposed to do, apply Deion Sanders technique and reach around him like a corner and knock the ball away? Oh, I know..this the new NFL..let him catch the ball and try to wrap up his legs AFTER he has gotten the first down. What the hell is that? In what ways does one prevent vicious hits? If the guy is in the open field and I have a clean shot, am I not supposed to try and separate him from the ball? Every player is defenseless on every play. Fine only for the launching hits with crown down…that protects both the offensive player and the defender.

  12. US Tax Code allows gifts of up to $10k per year. It would not be deductable to Ocho, and also not condsidered income to Mason.

    The NFL does not have to follow tax codes, so they can fine Ocho if they see fit and can get away with it.


  13. jshawaii22 says:

    Aug 24, 2011 5:09 PM
    US Tax Code allows gifts of up to $10k per year. It would not be deductable to Ocho, and also not condsidered income to Mason.

    Oh, contraire…There is a line on eeverybody’s tax return asking, “Kid, did you receive any other form of income during the past year while you were sitting on the Group W bench?”

    Enter that number here:__________

  14. Cap hit makes way more sense, otherwise even first round rookies like Nate Solder who are technically making the minimum salary would get fined the same. Most rookies have almost all of their cash for the first year as a signing bonus.

  15. Is it that hard for the league to do the math and actually fine him the $5K? Making him go through the process of appealing the rationale for the fine and then making another argument for the league to comply with their own policy concerning the fine amount is asinine.

  16. The MINIMUM pay is $22K a week? That’s absolutely ridiculous. These guys should form a union and get more money from the rest of us since the economy is so awesome.

  17. Ocho offered to pay it. The League said no. So now the thinking is he’s gonna get himself in hot water w/ Goodell for what…STILL trying to pay the fine?
    So at that point Ocho will have taken the hit on the field, paid the fine for the guy that hit him and will have pissed off the Commish.

    Mason Foster’s issue now.

  18. Man that hit was not dirty at all….What is wrong with the NFL man Goodell needs to go this is a contact sport not 2 hand touch

  19. Pats fan here…

    Neither this hit, nor the block against Woodhead were illegal.

    Good, solid hits like they should happen in football.

    QUIT destroying the game I love…

  20. I do not think Goodell even looked at the hit . If he did and still gave Foster the fine,then he is a bigger idiot than I thought. And I thought he was a pretty big one during the lockout! The Buc players should put a bucket in the locker room and everyone put in the pot. What is left over after the fine gose to charity. Just a thought.

  21. @broncobeta
    $22,058.82 weekly pay…

    Makes me puke when I think about all the player sob stories I read during the lock out.

    First, multiply that by 16 (number of games), not 52. Second, take out federal, state, & local taxes. Third, take out agent’s fees, as well as any returns of “advances” given by the agent.

    And then realize that what you’re talking about is a guy who may be out of the NFL, and trying to figure out what to do for a living, in less than a year, whether due to injury or lack of NFL talent.

    It ain’t all that, especially when you figure in the degree of injury that manifests itself after the player’s career, and health insurance coverage, is over.

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