Ryan Grant’s reduced contract is guaranteed


Ryan Grant’s spot on the Packers this year looks far more secure following new details about the pay cut he took which we mentioned earlier this afternoon.

PFT has confirmed a report by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Grant’s $2.5 million salary this year is guaranteed.

There is likely offset language in the contract so that whatever Grant made elsewhere would be a credit to the Packers, but it’s hard to imagine they would release Grant now.  He was also paid a $1 million roster bonus earlier this month.

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  1. I am happy to hear that its more likely he stays, it also goes to show that the TT is like a ninja, when it comes to things like contracts, FA, and drafting.

    The potential issue was all ready difused a month ago.

  2. Good. It makes it easier to cut him by preseason end – guaranteeing $2.5 mil in this day and age is a drop in the bucket compared to the $5 mil they may have ended up being tagged with if choosing to part ways. It may also alleviate any entanglements when dealing him for a fifth or sixth to a desperate team (Titans – as CJ holds out?) Green’s been the only flashy looking back that appears ready to go. Nance has a healthy yardage total among our backs, but I do not believe he is the answer. Get Green in with the first team and let’s have a look.

    It isn’t out of the realm of possibility, this guy held Green Bay hostage in the 2008 preseason before cashing in on a giant payday as a glorified goal line back in a pass-happy offense. It’s not all about yardage (or the laughable comparison to Adrian Peterson – do you think Peterson’s numbers playing on this team with our passing game even would be in this stratosphere?). He’s cashed in already in the previous three seasons of less-than-contract-worthy play. END THE EXPERIMENT.

  3. melonnhead says:
    Aug 24, 2011 10:19 PM

    Desperation signing.


    Dr. Freud here — the name says it all.

  4. any knowledgeable cheese heads care to elaborate on the packers running situation ???? how much of an impact do you expect from starks and who is this green guy ?

  5. Love Ryan Grant’s burst, glad we’re keeping him.
    Having him/starks/green/and kuhn should be a great Smash Mouth group this year. Plus TJ Lang at guard.

    I mean, I Loved Brandon Jackson’s great work ethic, his pass blocking/blitz pickup, but man was it frustrating knowing the opposing defense had no fear of our run game last year.

  6. Actually this makes perfect sense — Grant is coming off a major season ending injury.

    As a veteran, his contract would become fully guaranteed after the first week — but he is a classic candidate for the cut and re-sign strategy.

    If he were not on the roster the first week, his contract would not be guaranteed, and Ryan would be paid on a week-by-week basis.

    So he takes a $1 million haircut and the rest is guaranteed.

    Seems like win-win to me.

  7. Melonhead lol that guy is always posting some dumbness. Get some facts and come back and see me! Fool

  8. They’re going to run Grant as much as possible this year. This will keep the other backs salaries low for next year, and improve Grant’s trade value should they decide to make a deal.

    We will be seeing a lot of Grant this year.

  9. “any knowledgeable cheese heads care to elaborate on the packers running situation ???? how much of an impact do you expect from starks and who is this green guy ?”

    We might be a bit loose with the word “knowledgeable” here, but I would guess based on what I’ve seen and read that Starks will be the main guy with Grant getting solid work as the number 2. Starks’ ability to stay healthy is a question, so having Grant around is a decent insurance policy. Their 3rd rounder Green is a possibility as a 3rd down back and a likely choice to return some kicks. Kuhn will be moving back to FB, so if they keep four halfbacks, then Nance will stick around. He’s looked solid so far, so it’s a possibility.

  10. As far as a 4th RB if they keep that many, I think the undrafted rookie Saine is at least as good as Nance, and of course less expensive as well. All the competition means that guys are really going to be trying to make the most of every touch they get, which is a good thing. Running game should be improved.

  11. Have to wonder now whether Silverstein’s article was a case of a writer who’s cozy with management helping them to scare a player into renegotiating. Or if Silverstein didn’t know what he was being used for, I think he still got used.

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