Safety Roy Williams turns down contract offer, takes media job

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The other Roy Williams — a perennial Pro Bowl safety who spent seven seasons with the Cowboys and two with the Bengals — quietly has disappeared from the NFL’s radar screen.

According to, Williams will be a pregame host and sideline reporter for Oklahoma University, where he played college football.

Williams says that he received an offer from a West Coast team, but he decided not to take it.  That said, he’s not closing the door on playing again.

“My body is telling me that I am making the right moves, but if the right offer came along I guess I’d have to think about [playing again],” Williams said.

A first-team All Pro in 2003, Williams was named to five straight Pro Bowl teams.

51 responses to “Safety Roy Williams turns down contract offer, takes media job

  1. im an eagles fan but i swear he was a good player until that dirty player stuff started to hurt his career he back off from what he was doing which was striking fear in player heart which hurt his career but it was a good one

  2. He’s played NINE YEARS!?!

    Jeez, time flies nowadays. If you told me he’d played five I would have believed it.

  3. You see this every now and then, a veteran making a good move and retiring instead of staining a great career by having sub par years in the end.

  4. would not be surprised at all if it was the raiders. seeing how williams went too high school just south of oakland. Plus knowing Hiram Eugene is out because of the hip injury, and Mike Mitchell is in Napa on crutches, pretty much confirms it. I like his “horse collar” tackles!

    16 raiders sat out practice due to various “nicks, and bruises” Hue is running a tough camp.

  5. He needs to get back with Kelly Rowland for some of that “Motivation!”

    Seriously ever since they split he ain’t been worth a cuss.

  6. The guy was a total liability at safety. He hit like a medium sized linebacker and covered like a…slightly smaller than mediocre sized linebacker.

  7. He used to light fools up!!I think the hard hitting safeties are becoming obsolete. It doesn’t seem their is many hard hitters as 10 years ago. What do u think?

  8. Oklahoma University.


    Oklahoma University?

    He should have never left the Cowboys Dallas.

  9. Other than the pay cut, I’d probably rather be a sideline reporter at my alma mater; they’ll probably kiss his butt for the rest of his life at Oklahoma.

  10. He said on live radio that sometimes he would get scared if the quarterback would throw to a tight end he was covering. He was no longer a Dallas Cowboy a short time after that. His game was crushing people and for one reason or another, he stopped an tried to cover.. Not his game

  11. …if he only knew where the ball was. Looks Tarzan, plays like Jane. Should have been an OLB, but Jerry fell in love with his bod. Jerry even had Roy pose for pictures advertising his MRI center in Valley Ranch! Hilarious, especially as Jerry thought his silicon-tittied reps, bribing my office staff and the sports connection would make me send him business!

  12. I think the knocks on his coverage after his first few years in the league are valid to a point, but way overblown.

    I’ll remember Roy Williams most as a bone-crushing safety with great ball skills and tremendous instincts. He had that Polamalu-esque knack for making the big play throughout college and his Pro Bowl years in the NFL.

  13. …if he only knew where the ball was. Looks Tarzan, plays like Jane.


    Just admit that you never saw him play. As a strong safety the guy nabbed 20 INTs and returned 3 of them for TDs. Must have been doing something right.

  14. Remember when he broke TO’s leg in Philly, and when he picked off a McNabb wounded duck for a pick 6 and a late win in Philly? What about the time he busted Brandon Jacobs in the mouth, made him fumble at the goal line, recovered the fumble and kept the Giants from getting the winning score late? Good times.

  15. Roy used to lay the wood, then the whole horse-collar thing….

    My lasting memory will be him, supermaning over the line and killing Chris Simms in the Red River shoot out, right at the goal line.

  16. Hey melonnhead, I remember seeing him end several players’ careers with his cheap shot horse collar tackles, including fracturing Kris Wilson’s ankle and effectively ruining his career. I was in the stands for alot of his cheap shots. Where were you? Roy can’t cover his own check at the bar! That is why no other team has rushed in to sign him. Stop drinking the blue Kool-Aid.

  17. Im with the dude who couldnt believe its been 9 yrs he has been in the league…cant believe that at all!

  18. his first few years in the league, he was an absolute beast. WR’s coming across the middle had alligator arms. he made a hilite hit every game. and then one day, he just lost it. no idea why. he was by far my favorite cowboy, but his last few years in dallas, the big hits stopped. the only time you saw him on sportscenter was getting burned for a long untimely(santana moss) touchdown.

  19. Good for him. nice to live life on your terms, instead of having to play because he pissed all his money away.

  20. I remember ESPN did that thing on Mondays called “Jacked Up !!”5 big hits from Sundays games …one week all 5 were of Roy Williams busting up Patrick Ramsey of the Redskins ….A thing of beauty !!!

  21. Hello Giants???!!! Make this guy an offer to be your 3rd safety, move Antrel Rolle back to CB and start Grant in Rolle’s place at FS. It’s better than having Webster, the terrible Aaron Ross and some dude off the scap-heap playing nickel. The move doesn’t even have to be permanent. They can keep Rolle at FS in their base 4-3, then either slide him over to play nickel CB in nickel and dime packages.

  22. I’m still wondering how he made as many pro bowls as he did………not to mention the 2 or 3 he shouldn’t have made over sean taylor


    Well let’s see. In 2003, Taylor was still in college.

    In 2004, Taylor was a rookie and missed PT because he wasn’t deemed good enough to start the beginning of the season.

    In 2005, RW just straight-up outplayed him, registering 2.5 sacks (Taylor had 1), 3 INTs including 1 for a TD (Taylor had 2 INTs, no TDs), and 3 forced fumbles (Taylor had 2).

    I 2006, they both made the Pro Bowl.

    In 2007, they both made the Pro Bowl again.

    You can really argue that Taylor was better than Williams during the 4 years that they were both playing. Don’t let sentiment cloud your judgment.

    RW 12
    ST 12

    RW 1
    ST 0

    Fumble recoveries
    RW 4
    ST 1

    RW 2.5
    ST 2.0

    RW 272
    ST 244


    Sean Taylor = free safety.
    Roy Williams = strong safety.

  23. If anyone misses watching Roy and his horrible pass coverage, horse collars and bad angles, just tune into the next Patriots game and watch Brandon Meriweather. He is the same guy, and he will have the same fate.

  24. Hey melonnhead, I remember seeing him end several players’ careers with his cheap shot horse collar tackles, including fracturing Kris Wilson’s ankle and effectively ruining his career.


    Well did he end careers or did he “effectively” end careers? I’d like to see the list of the “several players’ careers” that were ended by Roy Williams.

    The only Kris Wilson that I know of had a job in the NFL until about three weeks ago. Are you saying that a 2004 horsecollar (which was a legal tackle in 2004) ended his career 7 years later? Is that the Kris Wilson you’re talking about?

  25. will always remeber his int. at the goal line for a TD against the redskins. Cant take away the 5 pro bowls, he earned them in my opinion. but, yes, he started stinkin it up towards the end with the cowboys. Wish Woodson stayed around longer, they would of been great together. Him and keith davis were horrid

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