Saints’ preseason performance against Texans results in “up-downs”


At a time when football in many ways no longer seems to be football, it’s nice to see that some coaches are still treating football like, you know, football.

The Saints, after a strong preseason opener against the 49ers, played not nearly as well against the Texans.  The New Orleans defense was shredded for 208 rushing yards and more than 430 total yards in a 27-14 loss.

So when the Saints go to Oxnard this week, it was time for some good, old-fashioned “up-downs.”

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma wasn’t complaining about it on Tuesday.

“That was expected,” Vilma said, via comments distributed by the team.  “We knew that was coming.  It wasn’t a big surprise to us, especially when you play the way that we played [against Houston].  It’s not really about [defensive coordinator] Gregg [Williams] and the coaches yelling, it’s really about us wanting to perform well.  We are more disappointed in ourselves and not really worrying about what the coaches were thinking or saying.  It’s about us wanting to get better.”

That attitude has to make Saints fans feel a lot better about the team’s chances of getting back to the Super Bowl, for the second time in three years.

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  1. uggghh, up downs. I just threw up in my mouth thinking about doing those things. No matter what level you played at, you did those damn things. Good to see the Saints stay to the fundamentals though.

  2. So much for the idea that the Saints have “gone soft” espoused by some here.

    Although I don’t know exactly what the coaches expected would happen against the Texans. When you don’t bother to install any kind of game plan, you’re basically telling your guys it’s OK to go out there and loaf around.

  3. still can’t tell which saints are gonna show up in week 1.

    Is it gonna be the saints that hold the steelers to 10 points or the saints that give up a ton of points to friggin’ Max Hall.

    Dudes are like a twilight zone episode some times.

  4. still can’t tell which saints are gonna show up in week 1.

    Is it gonna be the saints that hold the steelers to 10 points or the saints that give up a ton of points to friggin’ Max Hall.

    Dudes are like a twilight zone episode some times.
    The Saints gave up one touchdown to the Max Hall led Cardinals offense, and that came on a freak fumble recovery for a TD by an O-Lineman.

    I get your point, but poor example.

  5. @ goawayeverybody:

    unless the seahawks get in your way again…ha


    Even if the Seahawks can somehow make the playoffs (which is highly doubtful considering they’re about to go something like 4-12), the Saints would go into that game seeing blood. Seahawks wouldn’t stand a chance.

    And yes, I know, 12th man, blah blah.

  6. GOOD! After that game even the coaches should be doing Up-Downs. It was like watching the Seattle game all over again. Now, it is only preseason so im trying not to read that much into it but id be stupid to say i dont notice that Brees is forcing it and hes not on the same page with sproles. Sproles is a complete upgrade from Reggie but you have to get him the ball. Im not panicing yet but they need to clean it up. Also, Kruetz played extremely well.

  7. I hated up downs during practices. Maybe this will motivate the players to maintain a high level of play. No wonder the fans are mad about playing full prices for preseason games where starters barely play, and the teams are loafing it.

    Lower the prices, and they will come.

  8. The Saints had a magical run two years ago but they were never a powerhouse, they had a horseshoe up their a$$ that year, from escaping Washington after Washington misses a 7yrd field goal, to being absolutely out played in every statistical category by the Vikings in the NFC Championship barring a inevitable Favre pic, and all the way up to the onside kick in the Super Bowl. Last year they got embarrassed by the Seahawks. ..The 7-9 Seahawks. I’m not a Saints hater nor does my favorite team even play in the division, but in all honesty the Falcons are the team to beat of that division, especially with the addition of Julio Jones. Atlanta is going to be head and shoulders above the Saints and Tampa Bay maybe the NFC once it plays out. Not to knock the Saints they will be a decent team this year but don’t deceive yourselves based on the magic run in 2009 in believing this team is going to make any noise if they’re maybe number 2 or 3 in their own division. Not to mention they traded for Mark Engram like he was Barry Sanders no way saints fans can be happy with that pick, he wasn’t even the best back on Alabama Trent Richardson was, you guys definitely have the next Ron Dayne on your hands… But hey you guys won the Super Bowl and that’s all that matters and your city definitely deserved it but I wouldn’t expect greatness again

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