Bills: Dareus will be fine, Torbor to I.R.


Let’s start with the good news.

Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus’ injury from Wednesday’s practice isn’t serious.  Bills coach Chan Gailey told the media Thursday that the No. 3 overall pick could play in Saturday’s game.  Linebacker Shawne Merriman also has a shot to play after returning to practice.

Linebacker Reggie Torbor, on the other hand, will not play for the rest of the season.

He was placed on injured reserve, which is why the team signed Kirk Morrison on Wednesday.

12 responses to “Bills: Dareus will be fine, Torbor to I.R.

  1. Well it seems that in recent seasons several Bills end up on I.R., never too early to start i guess lol.

  2. this is perfect proof of the bills f.o being cheap. torbor is a really nice dude ( i met him and did talk for about 15 minutes) but morrison is a much much better player. it took an injury to get morrison signed although he would have been a considerable upgrade regardless.

  3. What about the little cry baby wide out that Rahim Moore smoked on a completely legal hit, in which he did not lead with his helmet, or launch himself at the receiver, but was somehow still fined $20,000 dollars. Hows that sissy doing or did he just lay around on the ground long enough to draw a flag from Roger Good.. I mean the guys reffing the game.

  4. pftbillsfan:

    The Bills going 0-16 is like you posting something intelligent. Not gonna happen. They might go 4-12, maybe even 5-11, but not 0-16. If your going to be that negative about your team, then you should find yourself another team. It beats having to post stupid comments about your so called team!

  5. That hit was unnecessary. I just watched it multiple times and Moore clearly spears him under his chin with his helmet. If he leads with his shoulder, Jones’ chin strap doesn’t end up over his nose. On top of the fact that even if it was a “clean” hit, jones is still a defenseless receiver going after a ball he clearly wasn’t going to catch. Unnecessary. As for Jones being a “little cry baby” at no point has he whined about the hit. If you got hit like that, would you bounce right back up and get back in the huddle? I highly doubt it.

  6. The hit was necessary. He didnt know “Hands of Stone” Jones was going to drop the ball until a split second before impact. He did not “spear” him under the chin he put his shoulder into Jones’ chest, and since the shoulder bone is connected to the neck bone and the neck bone is connected to the head bone and the head bone protected by the helmet there was helmet to helmet contact, but he did not lead with the helmet or “spear” him. A good example of that would be Brandon Merriweathers hit last year that make headlines.

    As to his chin strap maybe it went over his nose when his head bounced off the ground like he was sky diving without a parachute. Maybe he isnt a little cry baby i must have been thinking of his little buddy that ran after Moore like an angry mother chasing a bully. Moore was classy and walked away without celebrating as opposed to the cry baby Johnson who chased him around like a punk. Johnson should have received a taunting penalty.

  7.’re name completely speaks for you..i’ve grown tired of commenting on you and everyone else who feels its necessary to speak on this “highlight reel” hit because you were never able to accomplish it in your own life…

    I agree completely with maddenp6. It’s clearly NOT about the hit being illegal or legal. I actually believe the hit was clean. HOWEVER, a PROFESSIONAL doesn’t make it his mission in life to take out players in the PRESEASON. It was completely unecessary. He didn’t care whether or not Jones was going to catch or drop the ball. He said himself “i couldnt get the pick, so I decided to take him out”.

    Do you personally know that “little cry baby/sissy” to be speaking of him that way? Have you taken a shot like that your entire life to know what its like to recover from it? .

    “Hands of Stone”?? Mark this down, I bet your ass takes D-Jones early in next years fantasy draft. (

    As for Stevie Johnson, again, who you have no credible reputation to speak on him personally or professionally, who i might add is a top receiver in the league **AND HE PLAYS FOR THE BILLS** who you dub crybaby/punk, i guess you are simply too shallow, or hollow, or maybe you just don’t have any friends to understand what its like to have somebody’s back, or be part of something bigger than yourself, like a team.

  8. hahaha take a bills receiver early in a fantasy draft.. Your a silly sad little man. No I have never played in the NFL, but Chad Ochocinco has, and after recently receiving a similar hit IN THE PRESEASON!!, he was not only ok with it but offered to pay the fine for the man that hit him.

    Are you Canadian or just a Bills fan? You seem lame but i guess both of those would explain your lameness. The Bills suck but dont blame yourself get on twitter and blame god just like Bills wide receivers do when they drop passes. FYI good luck with your fantasy team try to avoid drafting bills players, i know its hard but they all suck…

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