Bucs’ Devin Holland has two fines in two preseason games

We noted in this morning’s one-liners that Buccaneers rookie Devin Holland has been fined $10,000 for his hit on New England’s Danny Woodhead in last week’s preseason game. It turns out that’s actually the second fine for Holland in as many weeks of the preseason.

Holland’s agent, Ben Gibson, told the St. Petersburg Times that Holland also was fined $5,000 for a hit in the Bucs’ preseason opener against the Chiefs.

Both of the hits that drew fines came on punt coverage, and Holland is an undrafted rookie out of McNeese State just trying to make a roster as a special-teams player. So maybe there’s a silver lining in this: Gibson joked that Holland might be getting a reputation as a hard-hitting special teams player, which is just what coaches are looking for out of undrafted rookies.

I guess he’s made quite the name for himself down there in Tampa,” Gibson said.

If Holland makes the Bucs’ roster, he’ll be playing for the league-minimum of $375,000. Minus $5,000 on his first paycheck, and $10,000 on his second paycheck. But if showing off his physical play on special teams helps Holland make the 53-man roster, it will be worth it.

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  1. “But if showing off his physical play on special teams helps Holland make the 53-man roster, it will be worth it.”

    Or the Bucs could see him as a liability who will get them 15 yard penalties for taking cheap shots at players that aren’t even near the play.

  2. If he’s making the league minimum, wouldn’t that second fine be knocked down to the same $5k and change that Mason Foster (of Ochocinco payback fame) is expected to pay (and then possibly be reimbursed) due to the 25% fine limit in the new CBA?

  3. Wouldn’t he be fined $5,514.71 on his second paycheck? I thought that was the maximum fine for rookies making the league minimum.

  4. So, let me see if I have this straight.

    If Mason Foster hits somebody and gets fined, people say he’s just a rookie and playing hard. I tend to agree and thought the hit was fine by the way.

    If Devin Holland almost kills somebody in back to back weeks with fines for both hits he is showing off his physical play and makes the team.

    But when Ndamukong Suh finishes a tackle with no knowledge the ball has been thrown he’s the new dirty player of the NFL?

    That glass house must be pretty thick to keep from breaking with all these stones.

  5. @damnsureis: he didnt get a penalty for the hit on woodhead, and woodhead was near the play

  6. He is not making cheap shots, he set a block. Good for him, and dont shy away from contact. He cannot control the guy he hit is that small, on anyone else that would have been a chest blow. Woodhead is a great player and all but seriously he is an outlier to the normal standard.

  7. Obviously MDS doesn’t actually read this site or he’d have been aware of the 25% fine limit that has been mentioned in previous comments.

    Way to be on the same page as your boss, Mike.

  8. Since he’s undrafted…he obviously has an uphill battle to make the team or any team.

    What happens to the fine if he gets cut?

    Does Walmart dock him a max of 25% of his first two paychecks to abide by the new CBA to repay them?

    Or they just disappear?

  9. Two fines in two pre-season games, at the minimum contract?

    If Holland keeps this up, he’s going to need a second job just to pay for his first.

  10. If Woodhead wasn’t a Patriot (aka welcome under mama league’s skirt at all times)… and if the Bucs hadn’t been playing the Chiefs (aka Patriots west)…

    Nothing would have been said or done about two obviously legal hits – that Devin should be congratulated for.

  11. I suppose a boxer could make “quite the name for himself” by continuing to punch opponents in the junk….that doesn’t mean he is a good boxer.

  12. Anyone who thinks that hit on Woodhead is “legal” either didn’t actually SEE the play, or is a complete moron.

    Woodhead got clocked in the helmet…. CLEARLY illegal.


    If you “thumbs down” on this, you’re an idiot.

  13. the 25% of weekly paycheck limit is for the first infraction only. after that it’s 100%.

    and to the idiots who continue to make the idiot flag football/ it was just a good hard hit comments, watch the play. it was helmet to helmet. it was only $10,000 fine because it wasn’t deemed malicious, but it was helmet-to-helmet and that doesn’t fly any more. case closed.

  14. It was illegal because he is midget. Shifty yes but still not the norm. No one in the league can shrik themselves to his standard so they dont hit him in the helmet. Its a bang bang play, hardly enough time to analyze the hit. Falacy of being small I say.

  15. @richm2256:

    Buc off, you Dirty Fastard! 3 thumbs down!

    New stategery:
    Create a team where I can field 11 guys between the height of 4’10” and 5’7″ (Woodhead’s “official” height), then take my 15 yard penalty if (when) any of the 11 take a hit to the head. Once my new team “penalties” its way to the goal line, I field my 11 300+ pounders to drive the ball in. Done! The Super Bowl is MINE!

    Am I a Bucs fan? Yes. Does this cloud my comments? YES. Does, however, breaking down to make a form tackle (Foster v. Ocho) and hitting him in the head anyway because he’s falling backwards (watch the tape, douche) OR hitting where a regular (ie, 6′ + ) player’s chest would be constitute “dirty play”? NO.

    Is grabbing the entire head of a QB, picking him up, shaking him and hurling him to the ground (ball in hand or not) dirty play? YES.

    Don’t know the difference? You’re clearly an idiot.

  16. $5,000 and then $10,000. I’m guessing that his third offense should be somewhere around $75,000?

    And shouldn’t the Bucs be getting a nice fine since he’s a repeat offender?

    Or are these pre-season rules?

  17. @richm2256 …

    You’re an extremely partisan Pats fan. I’m not going to take your word about the legality of a hit on Woodhead.

    I saw parts of both games but didn’t catch the hits. Anyone who isn’t a Bucs, Chiefs, or Pats fan (or hater) have an opinion on their legality?

    It’s a pity we can’t rely on the league to be objective in these matters, but we can’t. Penalties should be flagged on the field where they’ll have an impact on the game–which is the whole point of a penalty. The only hits that should fined after the fact are over-the-top cheap shots like the one Steeler Ramon Foster put on Jamar Chaney. And that’s coming from a Steelers fan.

  18. I’m an extremely biased, partisan, Kool-Aid chugging Pats fan, but I think both the Ochocinco and Woodhead hits were legal.

    Chad was going to catch the ball if Foster hadn’t made the great hit that he did and broken up the play. Danny got blindsided by Holland, but there wasn’t anything dirty about it, it was just a solid hit by someone trying to make a roster. The magnitude of the hit was undoubtedly amplified by Woodhead’s small stature.

    I’m not going to say that I was happy about seeing two critical players for the Pats taking such huge hits, but that’s how the game has always, and should always, be played.

    I do feel that Suh’s hit on Dalton was excessive, though; regardless of whether he still had the ball or not, you can’t just pick up a QB and body slam them.

  19. Thanks elyasm and stiffarm37.

    I’m with you on the Suh hit. Don’t know how the Lions can argue that one. Sounds like the Woodhead hit was similar to the perfectly clean shoulder hit Rahim Moore put on Donald Jones. So no wonder Holland was fined. Goodell loves to fine textbook hits.

  20. Why are people commenting on the hit that didn’t see it?

    It was a dirty, illegal, helmet to helmet hit. & I’m not a fan of any of these teams.

    & for those of you arguing that it’s due to Woodhead being short…he didn’t suddenly get shorter during the play…the guy knew where he was hitting him. Also, that’s like a short boxer arguing that he has to keep punching his opponent in the junk because his opponent is tall.

  21. Deb,

    I am a Bucs fan (even though you asked for somebody that is not) and both of his hits should have been flagged and fined under the current rules. Whether there was intent or not is not the question in today’s NFL, it is the result. And the first result from the Chiefs game was him walloping a guy that didn’t catch a punt and the second result was him putting a crackback block on Woodhead to the face. Both clearly illegal but at the same time, makes me like this guy for his aggressive play and hard hitting style.

  22. @brasho …

    Well … we’ve got Pats saying it was a good hit and Bucs saying it was a bad hit. Guess I’ll just have to hope to get a look at these hits for myself. 🙂 I know the Rahim Moore hit on Donald Jones was legal and the commish fined him. Pity we can’t trust Rog to get it right 😉

  23. bucks12965 says:
    Why are people commenting on the hit that didn’t see it?

    Finally, a voice of sanity.

    I don’t know how ANYONE can voice an opinion on something they haven’t actually seen. If you’re going to say any hit was clean (or illegal), at least WATCH the damn video first.

  24. other than helmet to helmet the block was perfectly executed. he came around the front of Woodhead, and hit him straight on. It wasn’t an ear hole, he hit his facemask.

    He does deserve the fine for Helmet to helmet but if he aimed another 6 inches lower it woudl have been a perfect block… although it would probably still fall under the devastating hit rule. Where any tackle that results with a player on the ground is a fine.

  25. I sorry but now its illegal to Block a guy with you helmet in front of him? When did that happen? I’ve always prided myself of knowing all the rules about football but I cant even keep up anymore. Its to much, every year there’s a dozen more things that illegal that you never thought would be.

    I know it was helmet to helmet but it wasnt a defenseless receiver or qb or kicker or punter. It was a gunner on a punt return who would have made the tackle if he wasnt blocked. And he did exactly what the NFL has always told their players that they had to do when laying a block, and thats to make sure their heads are on the front side of the receiver or else its a penalty. He did all that. If plays like that are gonna now be illegal they might as well get rid of all the pads and just play flag football.

    Its ridiculous the way Goodell has changed this game. Chuck Bednarik would be rolling over in his grave if he was in one.

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