Chris Johnson: “We are not seeing eye-to-eye”


Chris Johnson met with the Titans on Wednesday, but all indications point to the two sides being far apart on contract talks.  Johnson has returned to Florida in the meantime.

“I feel like I came in and they gave me their points and we gave them our points and we are not seeing eye-to-eye right now,” Johnson said via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

The Titans echoed that sentiment in a statement.

“We were able to discuss several different elements of a potential contract, but there was no agreement on those topics,” Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt.

We said that we’d start to get skeptical about Johnson being ready for the season if there was no progress this week.  Meeting is a step in the right direction.   Wyatt believes Johnson wants considerably more than $10-million-per-season, and the Titans aren’t willing to go that far.

Tennessee does want Johnson available for the season opener, though.  Promising backup Javon Ringer has been out for the last week with an injury, so the team will likely use third-string rookie Jamie Harper as the starter this week.

UPDATE: Here’s Florio’s take from PFT Live on the latest with Johnson.

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83 responses to “Chris Johnson: “We are not seeing eye-to-eye”

  1. Whoelse other than Johnson are you saving money to pay? He is the most significant part of your football team and oh yeah he went out and proved it first!!!!

  2. Glad I’ve only drafted him in one league this year. When he misses a game or two, somebody will drop him for sure.

  3. “I feel like I came in and they gave me their points and we gave them our points and we are not seeing eye-to-eye right now.”

    Is that a complete sentence uttered by Chris Johnson? I’m stunned.

  4. Here’s my problem with this…he came to them before wanting more money, the Titans agreed, with the understanding of BOTH parties that it would extend his contract out.

    Now, he’s realizing that was a bad business decision and wants to be one of the highest paid players in the NFL.

    There is no doubt CJ is a great talent, but he also plays one of the most abusive positions in the NFL. I don’t blame the Titans for not wanting to give him $10M a year. At some point, teams have to take a stand against this kind of behavior.

  5. “I feel like I came in and they gave me their points and we gave them our points and we are not seeing eye-to-eye right now,” Johnson said via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean via Tyrone ‘Blunt’ Jackson of the street-bonics interpreter institute.

  6. So they draft their QB for the future, sign a veteran to help ease the transition, and then balk at paying one of the most explosive RB’s in the game????

    Makes a lot of sense…….

  7. screw him, let him sit home and make nothing for a year. Its one thing to want to get paid, its entirely different when being the highest paid guy at your position isnt enough to satisfy you.

  8. Oh K $10 mill for a running back is pretty darn high and he doesnt want it, i guess his over inflated ego of his worth is too much to bare.

  9. Ok let’s think big picture here… He is a running back who is explosive and all, and thats great… But the reality is the NFL is a passing league now and you do not win championships with the leading rusher anymore… I seriously believe in my opinion that the Titans best move would be to trade this guy for future 1st/2nd round picks…. He is not even close to being worth the same amount of money as a star QB like Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers etc.. The only thing his holdout really effects at this point is fantasy football players who are in position to draft or have already drafted him.

  10. Adrian Peterson the second leading rusher (4,441 yards) since 2008, contract 5 years $40.5 million $17 million guaranteed.

    Chris Johnson the Leading rusher (4,598 yards) since 2008. 5 years $12 million $7 million guaranteed.

    If Johnson comes back and gets hurt, his career and chance for a well deserved big payday as one of the best players in the NFL is over. He’s going into his 4th year and hasn’t even made12 mill. There are plenty of players and non QB’s making 12 million or more a year! Those who disagree and think he’s not worth it. Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t watch any of the games he plays in. 🙂

  11. He is not even the best RB in the league. Why should they pay him above what other top skill position players get? Out of his three seasons, he only had top-tier production in one, and it wasn’t even this past year. There is no way he would get the kind of money he apparently wants from the Titans if he were on the open market.

    Is it just me or have players been holding out more now that they finally got free agency?

  12. I’ll admit I’m a little slow because I am not seeing eye to eye………….now I have to go back to my $12.84 an hour job……………………

  13. He is hurting his own value. What team is going to pay him his “histry deal” and pay Tenn reasonable compensation? He has shown he is willing to complain at any moment. What is to keep him from having a good year and then demanding another restructure? His skill is speed and that usually is one of the first thing to go on a RB. When his speed is reduced to slightly above average, he will become very replaceable but that guaranteed $ will be gone. He is a dynamic player but that would be too much of a risk even for Snyder and Jones. He is acting like a disgruntled free agent but he does not have that luxury. The Titans hold the best cards and his agent should know that.

  14. after a couple years of getting Chris Johnson on the cheap the titans should be more than willingly to overpay him for a few years

  15. Chris Johnson: “We are not seeing eye-to-eye”
    CJ says ” they wanna make me supa rich…i told them i wanna be supa-dupa rich” ..anybody that feels sorry for CJ is an idi0t

  16. As a Vikings fan I know we are going to have to open up the bank if we wanna keep Adrian Peterson in Purple. I’m curious what Titans fans think of this. Do you guys think he is worth that much per season? Is any running back these days?

  17. Titans should offer him what they have been offering. Then throw in incentive if he hits 2,000 again. Easy. He thinks he can do it…titans don’t.

  18. I’m not a Redskins fan, but isn’t Tim Hightower their #1 RB right now?

    If it will take Snyder money to get Johnson to play then Danny boy should be on the phone if he’s not already.

    The Shanahan one move and then downhill blocking and running game-plan has this written all over it as well …

    I’m neither a Redskin fan or a Shanahan fan, but that’s what makes sense to me.

  19. Pay CHRIS JOHNSON. He’s young, explosive, durable, (missed one game in 3 years playing RB), never fumbles, and is threat to catch the ball out of the backfield. I think he even returned a few punts. This is a shame. It’s all ridiculous money, but RYAN GRANT makes more. Trade him to the Dolphins BUD. That will really show how tough you are.

  20. CJ has already made $7M in his short career. Here’s a thought…rather than blow it on “grillz,” Bentleys, and mansions, save it and invest.

    But what else would you expect from a glorified hood rat?

  21. I think a contract that is paying him in the $10 million-dollar-a-year range is the absolute best offer Tennessee is going to put on the table.

    $10 million annually. I hope he is really putting some thought into what his actual value to the team is.

    If I’m the Titans and the gap is that wide, I send him the ‘5 day’ letter. Then sit him down for the season, he’ll then be grateful to get $5 million annually next year.

  22. AP’s deserved a new contract for years and he’s never pulled a stunt like this. He’s in camp right now, he has more yards and TD’s than CJ, and he’s a far more complete back than CJ will ever be, albeit CJ is a great talent.

    Play out your contract – don’t be an a@*#$(*.

  23. I get that he’s outplayed his contract and deserves a better one, but if he’s saying no to 10 million? f’that!

  24. The problem w this clown is that he is the same as all these other ‘certain’ players that don’t appreciate what they have. I’m sure every American would be happy to make 7 million dollars a year. But NO, this arrogant POS is holding out for QB type money. Sorry dude you ‘ain’t” that good….shut up and go back to work!!!

  25. dreday72 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 1:20 PM
    Who else other than Johnson are you saving money to pay?

    Gee, I don’t know, maybe the 20+ players (I read somewhere) whose contracts are up after this coming season? Including their entire starting secondary, I think?

    No doubt Johnson is a high value player, but it’s not like they don’t have some critical decisions to make regarding how to distribute their money the next couple of years. $13M/yr (Johnson’s asking, according to some reports) for a RB is a lot of coin. So is $10M per, but it sounds like the Titans are open to that (~$28-30M guaranteed)

    Tough to call the Titans cheap of those reports of their willingness to spend that are true.

  26. transam7816 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 1:41 PM
    Titans should offer him what they have been offering. Then throw in incentive if he hits 2,000 again. Easy. He thinks he can do it…titans don’t.
    True. But when he does not doi it, he will complain and say that they did not give him the ball enough just so he doesn’t get the 2k. Forget about the fact that Fisher fed him the ball at the end of that year solely to get the 2k. CJ thinks it was all him.

  27. It’s a ridiculous idea that you would cut such a valuable asset as Chris Johnson. Trade him if you think his salary demands are excessive. You could even have his agent call the other 31 teams to see if any team is willing to pay what he is asking, if they find no takers then his asking price has to come down.

  28. doowix says: Aug 25, 2011 1:22 PM

    “I feel like I came in and they gave me their points and we gave them our points and we are not seeing eye-to-eye right now.”

    Is that a complete sentence uttered by Chris Johnson? I’m stunned.
    Too bad you don’t get paid by the sentence, you’d be worth as much as he is.

  29. His problem is that he’s waited so long, probably no one else but the Bengals would be able to sign him. Even if the Titans tried to trade him now, there is almost no market, as nearly all the cap money at the good teams is probably used up.

    He’s one guy whose stock probably wouldn’t go down if he sat out a year, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do that.

  30. Foster, Charles, Turner (x2), C. Johnson (x2), Jones-Drew (x2), Jackson (x2), Jones (x2), Peterson (x3), Williams, Portis, Tomlinson (x2), Westbrook, Parker, Lewis, L. Johnson, Gore, Barber – these are the names of running backs who finished top 5 in the league in rushing yards the past 5 years, some of them multiple times. Now, the combined number of Super Bowl rings in seasons in which these guys finished in the top 5 during that time period: ZERO.

    Great running backs are nice to have, but most teams are better off using an adequate running back and spending that money elsewhere. Since it’s going to be a few seasons before their QB is ready, and during that time, they’ll be adding mileage to Johnson, the Titans should find a team willing to overpay in draft picks (probably Dallas or Washington), and build for the future.

  31. There is no reason to pay a running back that much money. There is always a rb available to run through holes if the Oline can make them. If he played a more important position, then he would get a better deal. He can do what Desean did. Show up, go to work, and purchase an insurance policy. Otherwise, let him sit, he won’t actually be missed. He plays on a bad team that isn’t going to be the national game of the week anyway.

  32. I love how people call the Titans cheap..

    But when Washington over spends we all make fun of them.. These players have to understand.. This isnt basketball or baseball.. If you want that type of money go play those sports.. 10 million a year?
    Really? It is not the Titans fault Chris went low in the first round.. And he was stuck with a small contract the first few years.. Thats the nature of the draft.. Then last year the kid got greedy and wanted a bump in pay.. He got a nice little bonus..
    with the understanding he would have a chat this year about a long term deal. The RB has to be in the top 10 in the draft or he will NEVER get high dollars.. They have such a short life that they dont have time to wait out FA. but you can not go from 1 million a year to 10 million a year..
    in one year.. He maybe has 2 or 3 good years left.. Look at Eddie George.. He wanted that big deal after he peaked so what did the Titans do?
    Go get it.. Dallas came a knocking.. I sure dont remember him doing much there.. The Titans know when to get rid of players.. Did the Freak have ant good years after he left for the Eagles? I think maybe one.. their SB year..

    Looks Chris your not the best in the league your a top 5 player.. I hope the Titans hold their ground on this and let him set.. TRADE him.. I say.. Be a TEAM player… and not a ME player

  33. Last thing a RB wants is to miss a year CJ. And I don’t know how many teams are gonna pay you what you want when they can get good enough out of the 800,000 other tailbacks available. Better think about it, son.

  34. Maybe he’s just overpricing himself because he wants out of Tennessee. After what he’s produced for them, the way VY was let go, new coach, etc. seems like the Titans are in chaos right now. The possibility of going to a team that might win a championship and get paid slightly less might be what he’s really after. He’s going to get paid either way, and he deserves it.

  35. we are not seeing eye-to-eye right now

    Translation: I’m completely out of touch with reality and I think I’m worth more than EVERYONE else does.

  36. Don’t pay him. He’ll never be satisfied. He’s like a little spoiled kid. If you give him what he wants after his little tantrum, he’ll come back next season pulling the same old crap. Let his ass rot on the bench. I’m offended as a human being that he so flippantly walks away from 10 million.

    It’s not like he brought the Titans a championship.

  37. @jacunn2000 says:

    They do not have to see eye to eyewith YOU Chris. They are the employer, and you are the employee dumbass.

    Professional athletes are not employees. They are contracted partners.

  38. @imsuuuuure: Ummm, yes, the Titans could stop paying him at any time. It’s called being cut. These “honor your damned contract” yells only work for sports leagues where contracts are guaranteed; they are not in the NFL.

    I get Johnson’s points, I really do. You are looking at a position where it seems rare that a guy remains a force after 5 or 6 years, but then you have guys like him who got drafted late, and then have to play through 5 years of a (relatively) small rookie deal, while other players of less vlaue get paid lots more.

    However, if the Titans are offering $10M per with a decent term (3-4+ years) and some level of guarantees, I would agree he is being crazy by not taking it. But all we have heard from the negotiations are that the offer was in the $10M range per season. We do not know the other details, so I feel no need to “back” either side yet.

    And to anyone disgusted by the fact someone turns down $10M? Please stop watching pro sports, as there are many players who do the same. In fact, stop working for corporations, because there is plenty of that greed there are well. We just do not have a Executive Center daily show that reports on their salary negotiations.

  39. I cant stand when people come on here and talk about AP.. you guys need to understand that AP is already making 10 million a season compared to CJ’s current contract. Im a huge CJ fan but more importantly im a bigger titans fan. I have agreed with CJ during this whole hold out and I dont blame him for not reporting or not wanting to play for his current contract (i also love the comments where people say i would play for $100 000, or people telling him to honor your contract and get out and play, but if your in the nfl and are argueably the best running back in the NFL nobody, i dont care what anybody says would be playing for the money he is due to make this year so shut up) Now with all that said CJ is starting to get a bit greedy and its pissing me off.. pay this guy 13 million for the first 3 years than drop the price in the next 2 years and give him 25 million guaranteed, he is worth that. But if he wants some fitzgerald type money than as much as it pains me to say it, trade his ass

  40. Homeland defense, he’s not the highest paid player at his position! Not even close, he’s making 1/6 of what AP does

  41. I am not a Titans fan and therefore I really don’t have a stake in this issue. However, the thing that bug me about RB’s acting like this is that without the big guys in the trenches blocking for them they aren’t going anywhere. The only back I ever remember being able to run without blocking is Barry Sanders and that is because it seemed that he either didn’t have a hole to run through or even when he did, he chose not to use that hole. That being said, even Barry would take his linemen out to dinner or buy them gifts (Rolex watches). Again, not being a Titans fan I am not sure if CJ has done this for his linemen, but I haven’t heard about it if he has.

  42. CJ has the Titans by the balls and anybody who’s smart knows that. I don’t know why people keep suggesting he should just take the “highest paid running back” salary. Titans already lose leverage just by saying that. He can always come back and get the “highest paid RB” salary, but in the mean time drag this thing on out, and as the days get closer to the start of the season the front office will be even more desperate to have him on the field Week 1. They know they can’t start the season without CJ on the field. BELIEVE THAT.

  43. I love this “pay the man” crap. Titans have tried to make him the highest paid running back in the league. Not good enough for Captain Greedy. Let him sit, lose a year of eligibility toward FA status, and get NO money this year. D*Bag.

  44. This guy is asking for too much. The bad thing is one team will give him his money and as soon as he gets it he will become another average overpaid runningback. This guy is just a fast RB who will soon get hurt. He’s tiny. There’s no way he doesn’t get hurt within the next two years. He’s just a fast guy who will not have a long term impact with anyone.

  45. bossplayer213 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 4:05 PM
    CJ has the Titans by the balls and anybody who’s smart knows that. …as the days get closer to the start of the season the front office will be even more desperate to have him on the field Week 1. They know they can’t start the season without CJ on the field. BELIEVE THAT.
    No he doesn’t. If he did, they would have signed him already. They know they are not making the playoffs WITH or without CJ. Why overpay him to go from subpar to mediocre? His #s are trending down already (granted they were pretty high 2 yrs ago) and his speed will slip as he gets older–with or without wear and tear this year.

  46. At first I thought they should pay guy as he’s important to their team, but if you can’t accept 10mil a year than I just don’t know what to say about that. At his position he simply should not expect anything more than that. This guy is truly an idiot and if I were the Titans I wouldn’t consider paying him anymore. They know their team isn’t good and him being there isn’t changing it so why bother.

  47. If you are not seeing eye to eye, then perhaps it is the shine from your grill that is getting in the way.

  48. If CJ thinks he’s getting $15 mill a year maybe he should be checked for a concussion! This is a pass driven league. I can’t think of one team that’s won the SB recently with a home run hitter at the RB position, apart from the Steelers with Willie Parker. QB’s win games. RB’s don’t. If they did then Barry Sanders (THE best pure runner) would have multiple SB rings instead of zero. Titans should trade him of let him walk. To pay him what he wants would be a waste of cash.

  49. Chris Johnson is a damn clown. Being the highest paid RB in the league isnt enough? How greedy can you be? The guy epitomizes everything thats wrong with pro athletes today. Not to mention the guy can barely even speak.

  50. dspohn55 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 3:33 PM
    Homeland defense, he’s not the highest paid player at his position! Not even close, he’s making 1/6 of what AP does

    Whos fault is that his agents? Him being to stupid to read his first contract? Maybe his agent should have gotten him more.

    (1) AP holds the rushing record in a single game
    (2) He was ROY
    (3) He was mvp of the probowl as a rookie
    (4) 3 time probowl
    (5) 3 time all pro team
    (5) makes his own holes to run thru


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