Crowder draws interest in retirement


Though he surprisingly retired earlier this month to launch a media career, former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder has received interest for his on-field services.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, at least two teams recently expressed a desire to lure Crowder out of retirement.

Whether Crowder decides to do it remains to be seen.  We’ve got a feeling that the final decision will be based on large part on the amount of money that a team is willing to offer.

Crowder, 27, spent all six of his NFL seasons with the Dolphins.

44 responses to “Crowder draws interest in retirement

  1. melonnhead

    if barry sanders were to say that he thought he could still, play howie roseman and that fat clown andy reid would be at his house within hours. i cannot EFFING wait for the eagles to crash and burn this year. im a giants fan….and if we are out of it i will literally ROOT FOR THE COWBOYS if it means the eagles season ends in disaster.

  2. He’s a really nice guy and good on the radio but he doesn’t produce on the field. I don’t think he’s touched the ball since he’s been in the league. He’s always just standing around the pile.

  3. Channing is one of the most consistent plays in football history. He literally almost never blows an assignment, and he literally almost never makes a game-changing play.

  4. When he joins the Patriots this weekend, will they officially be dubbed “The Clown Team”, as opposed to “The Dream Team”? Or, “The Dumb and Dumber Team”?

  5. @jdandcoke ..there is no “if” the giants are out of it ..look for the birds to make it 8 straight over your hapless bums

  6. If you guys met him your whole perception of him would change. I get it that he’s not that good but he’s one of the classiest players to fans. I spent 30 minutes talking to him one time and the next time I bumped into him he actually remembered my name. Hope him and family the best.

  7. I don’t think the eagles is one of the two like was said above, if they were he probably would of came out of retirement already. The bills were definitely one of the teams and id say probably the Panthers to replace Beason was the other. But once the eagles get Vick signed and than take care of Jackson, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did sign him outta retirement

  8. jack and coke:

    first of all, that combination tastes like cough syrup…. and

    secondly, talking all that hate makes it sound like the eagles scare you this year.

    (and another giant cornerback is lost….)
    perhaps we can work out a deal for joselio…
    or you could live with lito….

  9. dude…watching the eagles vs browns as we speak. your o-line is a serious disgrace. vick wont last a quarter of a season with that garbage protecting him. i thought the eagles were a 9-10 win team…and EVEN I overestimated them. seriously guy…..teams are built in the trenches, as im sure you know. your team aint ready to roll with any legit d-line.

  10. worthyman1 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 11:01 PM
    @jdandcoke ..there is no “if” the giants are out of it ..look for the birds to make it 8 straight over your hapless bums

    That would be 9 straight over the NJ Gi’aints. They beat their dumb arse’s in their last playoff appearance, remember?

  11. @jdandcoke …..I would hate the Eagles to if i was you , Philly OWNS the giants . But for a nyg fan to root for the cowboys is an insult to REAL fans . You should jump off melonheads jock , he probably already has a bf . Besides Philly loves the Giants , you guys gift wrap 2 wins for us every year !!

  12. im pretty sure the bengals are one of the teams, the other being the browns. This is what i’ve heard from my inside sources, but the browns was speculation. The bengals I know for sure have made the call, but apparently the money they offered didnt interest crowder enough to contemplate coming out of retirement.

  13. thefirstsmilergrogan

    jdandcoke sounds a lot cooler than vodka no ice, which is my primary drink of choice.

    IF we dont suffer another major loss at CB we’ll be fine with webster and ross….and prince at the halfway point. lito worked out for the giants…and the giants told him “no thanks”.

    you guys are 6-0 vs us recently…..we were 6-1 vs you guys before that. these two teams are a LOT closer than the idiots who write the stories would have you believe.

    all kidding aside…..that eagles o-line is going to get vick killed. thats no joke….they are NOT a viable unit in this league.

  14. gottapoop says: Aug 25, 2011 11:34 PM


    “raiders need depth at MLB”


    What position do they not need depth at?


    Ever hear of Darren McFadden, Micheal Bush, Marcel Reece and Taiwan Jones?

    ….You will.

  15. Crowder is OK against the run. He is terrible in coverage and cannot pass rush at all. He is all mouth and gives opposing teams more motivation because of his mouth. Which he rarely backs up with performance on the field. He is also injury prone. I think he only ever complete one NFL season in his time as a Dolphin. I feel sorry for the team that signs him.

  16. jdandcoke–it was a preseason game. I saw the game over here in the UK–Kelce proved he was not ready to start at center, and by Sept 11, they’ll have a competent RT–not to mention they’ll have Maclin and well as some guy that used to play for the Giants–oh, that’s right, Steve Smith–whom they say is ready to practice next week and play in Wk1–now, won’t Coughlin and Reese look foolish if he comes right out of the gates and produces–while the Giants are still waiting for Ramses Barden to come back from an ankle problem.

  17. flagstaffphotos says:
    Aug 25, 2011 10:45 PM
    He’ll join the other idiots in New England, I’m sure.

    flagstaffphotos says:
    Aug 25, 2011 10:58 PM
    When he joins the Patriots this weekend, will they officially be dubbed “The Clown Team”, as opposed to “The Dream Team”? Or, “The Dumb and Dumber Team”?

    WOW, let me the first of the day to commend you for coming out of the closet (in your parents basement) and making your sad way to the computer, they should lock it up better, and basically admitting your pen%^ envy of New England has reached desperate proportions. It is actually good for the soul to let out your obvious envious feelings for a team that probably pounds yours into the ground every year. Might I suggest a touch of group therapy though as wanting to ba Patriot fan is causing issues with your date Mary Palm and her sisters.

  18. I dont care wat happen my giants are ready for da seagles jus make sure da whole startin 11 on both sides of da ball is healthy no excuses

  19. Unbelievable…. Jdandcoke u must be on coke to keep criticizing the eagles offense of line with the trash the giants got protecting bumbLi or excuse me the pick master Mr ski

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