Ochocinco tells Goodell: I will reimburse Foster

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Chad Ochocinco says he’s still planning to pay the fine the NFL imposed on Mason Foster, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should call Ochocinco if he’s got a problem with that.

As we’ve previously noted, Foster is a Buccaneers linebacker who was penalized for a hit on Ochocinco last week, and Ochocinco offered to reimburse Foster if he was fined. The NFL, however, said Ochocinco can’t reimburse Foster, and the NFL did, in fact, fine Foster $20,000.

But Ochocinco is adamant, addressing a Twitter message to Goodell (whom he called “Dad”) and saying he would, in fact, pay Foster’s fine.

“Dad no disrespect but I don’t agree with @mason_foster fine n I’ll be reimbursing him personally.Please feel free to contact me.”

We’ll be interested to find out if Goodell does, in fact, contact Ochocinco. Ochocinco doesn’t sound like he’s going to back down.

96 responses to “Ochocinco tells Goodell: I will reimburse Foster

  1. It was a clean hit, and Chad knows it is BS for the kid to get fined for a clean hit…especially before he even receives his first paycheck. Goodell has gotten out of control with fines already this year. It makes sense to fine for head-shots, but not for simply hitting hard. You can’t simply legislate hard hits out of a game predicated on them. These men know what they are signing up for, and are handsomely rewarded for putting their bodies on the line.

  2. I can see how the league can stop Ocho from sending a check to their office in Foster’s name, but I don’t see where it’s any business of theirs of Ocho sends a check direct to Foster. His money isn
    t really their business.

    That said, Ocho should just do it and shut up about it.

  3. Mason Foster, can I have your autograph?

    Yea sure, Chad.

    Thanks, here’s $5,514.70.

  4. Not sure how the NFL can prevent Ocho from reimbursing Foster. The NFL can prevent Ocho from paying for Foster’s fine if Ocho’s writing a check to the NFL on behalf of Foster. However, if the two of them are away from the field, there’s nothing stopping Ocho from writing a check to Foster as a personal gift or even buying Foster something that is worth the amount of the fine.

  5. I’ve been okay w/ Goodell’s policies for the most part to this point.

    However, this latest move of telling a man what to do w/ the money he’s earned – after paying his taxes – does not appear to be in lockstep with that whole freedom movement from a couple hundred years back.

  6. People can talk him down, but Ocho puts his money where his mouth is…and that’s a LOT of mouth!

  7. Okay … NOW he’s becoming a distraction.

    His initial offer was one thing, but this is deliberately baiting Goodell. I can’t imagine Belichick is pleased with this.

  8. He shouldn’t have to. It was a legal hit.

    Holland’s earhole-ing of Woodhead is another story however.

    And how is Goodell gonna collect 10 grand from a camp fodder guy??

  9. Does anyone think that GOD Hell might get the picture here? The guy who took the hit says it shouldn’t be fined. This should tell him something. I’m REALLY surprised the league isn’t making this clown step down. At the VERY least there has to be a panel who decides these things, not one judge, jury and executioner like this moron is being.

  10. You may not be a fan of everything this guy does, but there is no denying this guy’s got balls.

  11. As much as I agree in the attempt to do SOMETHING to keep this game from turing into modern Gladiatorial games, or worse, pro hockey, the fines imposed for any questionable hit are rediculous. No one wants to see anyone seriously hurt, but this is a contact sport. It’s going to happen eventually.

    I agree with Ocho’s desire to stick up for the game, and it kills me to say that I agree with one of Ocho’s attempts to get attention.

  12. This is honorable. It wasn’t a vicious hit and Chad is doing the right thing…kinda. The right thing would be to merely give Foster the money under the table, letting Goodell think he did something when he really didn’t do what he thought he did.

    But this is Chad being Chad.

  13. Every NFL fan attending games this year should wear a white headband with “GOODELL” written on it, ala Jim McMahon.

    The man is treating the NFL like he’s running a fantasy football league. What’s next? No offensive and defensive line?

  14. If Chad Johnson (if his momma calls him Johnson, then I’ma call him Johnson) really wanted to get away with this, he would pay back Mason in private, and not broadcast it on Twitter. Now they will both get fined by Nana Goodell.


  15. I don’t wish bad things on Chad. He was good in Cincy for a while, but even with the state of the Bengals right now, I don’t miss this crap at all…. Don’t get me wrong, its nice that he’s willing to reimburse the kid for the hit, but why not just do it. I think it cheapens it that he has to announce it to the world. There’s no need to announce your plans on twitter and poke the Commish with a stick in a public forum. Same old Chad, all eyes have to be on him for him to be happy.

  16. #1 Hopefully this gets resolved through an all-out tweet war.

    #2 I think it’s funny that Ocho just calls Goodell “dad”.

  17. Pretty cool that Ocho is offering to do this, although I’d like to see it done a little more quietly.

    On a side note – am I the only who thinks that we’ll be reading an article in 10 years about Chad (Johnson) Ochocinco and his struggles with finances? This guy throws away money like I throw away tissues. I hope he’s smart enough to keep some back, although his charisma will have him on TV after he retires most likely.

  18. This is not the Patriot way. I wonder what action New England will take on this? Out as a starter for the opener??
    If Ocho wants to pay the fine, no problem just do it quietly instead of trying to make a point. Why make waves?

  19. Chad’s mouth is getting him in trouble – if he wanted to reimburse Foster all he had to do is write him a check for $5K as a gift and put it in the mail. Foster wouldn’t even have to report it on his taxes as income. I’m sure things like this happen all the time – maybe not with opposing players but certainly with teammates.

    I hope Chad does get finned just for his big mouth.

  20. Mr Belichick,

    Please get rid of this narcis’sistic, over-rated, past prime, egotistical jerk. It’s obvious he cannot shutup, and its only going to get worse. Here’s hoping Taylor Price continues to show enough promise that we can send Ocho and his Prius packing.

  21. I’m just glad the world knows the name of another Bucs player…this is our best chance at getting publicity.

  22. I disagree with others here. I like the way that Ocho is talking about the validity of the fine, and his insistence on reimbursing Foster publicly.

    If he simply pays Foster back quietly, then it does nothing to publicize the questionable nature of Goodell’s decisions. If he does it without the fanfare, then the story dies and people quit talking about it. By him keeping it alive, everyone’s still talking about it, and it draws more attention to a huge problem that the NFL is creating for itself. Goodell is no longer fining players for the most vicious hits – he’s arbitrarily fining players for hits that are too hard, or that look bad on TV. If more of the players start speaking out like Ocho is, then maybe Goodell will be forced to dial it back a little. Or better yet, maybe the owners will be forced to address the problem and make a move to control, or replace, a commissioner that’s negatively impacting the sport.

  23. “Can I tell you how glad I am that this idiot isn’t a Steeler…”

    James Harrison is a Steeler.

  24. So, I’m watching Hard Knocks, the Bengals version, and my wife, who is not a football fan, is sitting across the room reading a book. And after about 10 minutes or so of ‘Chad Being Chad’ looks up at the TV for a moment and asks me “Do his teammates know he’s gay?” [Not that there’s anything wrong with that]

    And my wife was a theatre major in college so her ‘gaydar’ is finely tuned machanism, she’s almost never wrong.
    Just sayin’…

  25. I understand what Chad is doing and why he is doing it but, being a New England Patriot you don’t disrespect the commish, if thats what he wants to do fine, “be about it don’t speak about it”. New England playes have been released for less, if he keeps this up his career as a Patriot will be short lived.

  26. Ocho is dropping in my board quick. Bill will not like this, Ocho needs to be quiet and stick with the program.

    That being said, awesome move. Goodell is just annoying at this point. Fidel Castro anyone?

  27. For all the bluster of James Harrison’s approach then chickening out with an apology, Ochocinco is doing it a lot smarter and directly forcing Goodell into a corner.

    This is like a wild west showdown now.

  28. Chad gets a bad wrap because people seem to be offended by his silliness, but that is all he has ever been guilty of. The guy obviously has a good heart, and this is just another example of him doing something most pro athletes would never consider. He has also volunteered to buy out unsold tickets so a Bengals game could be on TV, and took fans out to dinner and picked up a huge tab. Say what you want about his talkativeness, but Chad is a genuine dude.

  29. What is really happening here is that Ocho is publicly embarrassing GODell on the fine issue. Sure, he could have said nothing and sent Foster the money. Or, he could have publicly said he was giving Foster a “gift” of the same amount of money. But instead, he is publicly saying he is reimbursing him for a fine on a hit that was not illegal in his mind, while GODell has indicated it was, and in fact calls GODell “dad”!

    While I am a Steeler fan, I applaud Ocho for taking this stance in this issue. I think it is completely hilarious, and I am happy to see someone stand up to GODell on this issue.

  30. Think about this chad….
    These (bogus) fines are probably the only deterrent for dudes lookin’ to get in a good “pop” on WRs.

    Respect ya’ for steppin’ up to Goodell and all, but if you start reimbursing dudes, there’ll be others that wouldn’t mind taking advantage of it.

  31. I am proposing a $100,000 fine for Roger Goodell every time he hands out an improper fine or suspension.

    I understand Mr.Goodell’s intent to clean up the game. But, in too many cases he has gone way off the rails. His fines and suspensions show no balance.

    The most recent fine involving Mason Foster is completely unwarranted and shows that in Mr. Goodell’s judgement there is no difference between a clean, hard hit and an intentional blow to the head.

    In addition, his five game suspension of Terrelle Pryor for actions committed while still in college are also way out of line if not outright illegal.

    The precedent being set by Pryor’s suspension is a dangerous one for all NFL players and should be contested by the NFLPA.

    If the suspension is allowed to stand where will the “line in the sand” then be drawn? Will a college player entering the NFL with a few too many parking tickets be facing a two game suspension?

    As long as Roger Goodell is allowed complete autonomy regarding fines and suspensions the “line in the sand” will be constantly in motion.

    As of today, Roger would owe $200,000 in fines. Who wants to bet he will be around 2 million by years end?

  32. richm2256 says: Aug 25, 2011 8:13 AM

    His initial offer was one thing, but this is deliberately baiting Goodell. I can’t imagine Belichick is pleased with this.

    I don’t think you know Belichick that well. His disdain for a lot of nonsense that come down from above isn’t hard to miss at times – we learned this prior to 2007 when he blatantly ignored the NFL’s policy regarding game-recording camera positions. Recently when one of the NFL people told him directly (off the record of course) that they wanted to do away with the kickoff return completely, he relayed that when asked about the new rule and his thoughts on it.

    I personally think he’s still kind smarting regarding the “Colts Rule” being drawn up after we were mauling their receivers…but that’s just my thought.

  33. listen chad can do whatever he wants with his money. screw the commish. I applaud chad for doing what he’s doing.

  34. I’m just glad the Bucs have a linebacker that hits people rather than grabbing them from behind hoping to ride them to the ground. Thanks to Ocho for being a man about it!

  35. godofwine330 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 8:23 AM
    This is honorable. It wasn’t a vicious hit and Chad is doing the right thing…kinda. The right thing would be to merely give Foster the money under the table, letting Goodell think he did something when he really didn’t do what he thought he did.

    But this is Chad being Chad.

    At first glance I thought the same way but the Chad’s intentions are two-fold. 1) To get attention and 2) To make it publicly clear that he disagrees with the way the league is handing out fines for legal hits

  36. its high time that “Goodell” became a verb…

    “The IRS is Goodelling me!”
    “Oh Goodell! i think my wallet was stolen!”
    “My boss bent me over and really Goodelled me!”

  37. Maybe it was a clean hit and maybe Chad should be allowed to pay his fine, but this is just another act to draw attention to himself. This guy is a quart low. He can’t help himself no matter what team he plays for. He has to have his name in the spot light all the time.
    He doesn’t do these things because he is a genuine dude. Just like his tactics on the field he has to be in the lime light for something or he can’t stand it.

  38. lol at all the Chad haters. If this was really as big a distraction as you are all trying to make it seem, then BB would have already put a stop to it. If Belichick had a problem with this then he would have called Chad into his office after the first tweet a couple days ago and put an end to it. If anything, Chad’s new teammates probably respect him more for doing this. The only people this is an distraction to are the haters.

    As far as people saying Chad should just do it privately… When you don’t agree with something and want to stand up against it, doing so privately is not the way to go about it. Because no one will know that you are standing up against it (including whoever it is you are standing up against), which means nothing will change.

  39. Goodell is really a double agent for MLS. His mission, as he chose to accept it is to make football so boring, that people choose to watch soccer instead. He is close to completing his mission. Next up are little flags that hang on players waistes that are use to “Tackle” opponents.

  40. If the NFL is going to fine players for hit, I think the money should go to the player that got hit. If they want to give the money back that’s there call. That would put a stop to Goodell fining players for just playing good defense. Let the players sort it out! They know what is a dirty hit and whats not! America stop trying to Micromanage peoples lives! Freedom! This is all just ridiculous!

  41. I have only one comment, from personal experience. As someone who made my displeasure known at times, with various superiors, managers, etc….. at the end of the day, if you continue to poke the bear, eventually the bear will lift up and swipe you with its claws. In the end, the one with the power always wins and can make your life a living Hell. If I were Chad’s real “dad”, I would remind him to let his actions do ALL the talking. My advice would be to stop posturing. What business is it of his to intercede like this? I don’t even agree with his intentions. The player who got fined is not poor by any means, and perhaps he will learn a little something from an over-zealous hit that could have derailed another player’s season or career. It is a grandstand play to even comment on such a relatively mundane fine by the League office. Alternately, if Chad is so intent on being magnanimous, then he can (as others have rightfully suggested) QUIETLY send a contribution to the fined player. QUIETLY. He does his thing on Twitter to gain the spotlight for himself and his bloated ego, in my opinion. I can’t respect that because it shows immaturity and conceit, the way he goes about it.

    Referring to the Commissioner as “dad” is just an incendiary ploy to gain more attention and to give a muffled middle finger to the establishment which has helped make him a multimillionaire. Biting the hand that feeds you will be endured once in awhile. If one keeps doing it habitually, even the most tolerant owner will smack that dog on the nose with a wet newspaper.. Chad will never change. I hope his in-the-field actions are what he focuses on once the campaign begins in September.

    I paid a hefty price for being outspoken at work, so I know how things play out. Chad has to learn to shut his yap a bit more, and certainly ought to lay off the snide nicknames – or the smack on the snout will follow shortly. I admire him for taking a position on things, but all he needs to do is learn how to express himself more discreetly – or better yet, shut up and play.

  42. Now that PFT has milked this for another highly commented story, why don’t you ask the league how they can think they have the right to prevent Chad from reimbursing fine money? I’d love to hear the NFL’s reasoning and “logic”.

  43. It is an attention getting thing for Chad. He wants to be viewed as standing up against Goodell on this AND he wants to be seen as “a good dude”. He could have quietly reimbursed Foster while publicly making a statement against the validity of the fine. To do that would have made the issue paramount. The way he did it, Chad is paramount, just like he intended.

  44. Fines are not really a deterrent since players are getting $4-5B a year. Note that some players publicly ridicule the fines even after committing blatantly dirty shots. IMHO the only reason Goodell does it is to reduce the NFL’s risk exposure to future lawsuits over player safety.

  45. To all the people telling Chad to shut up about it…it’s not like he issued a press release. ther People have chosen to report on what he wrote on his personal communication tool of choice. The fact that so many people saw it is the result of that many people being so interested/nosy about someone else’s business. Hate on Twitter itself if you want (and I would be right there with you, don’t even have an account), but Chad is just one of many millions of people that use Twitter constantly for communicating. Hate the game, not the player.

  46. @Robert Chandler

    Quietly sending Foster a check would change nothing. By being vocal about it Chad is adding himself to what is becoming a pretty big list of players who don’t agree with these ridiculous fines.

    And the hit was not over-zealous. It was a good clean hit (and I think the guy that took the hit (Chad) would know that better than the guy sitting on his couch shoveling potato chips into his mouth (you)).

  47. So many of you post on here just to hate on Chad!! Hey I’m no chad / pats fan, but look, what he’s doing is raising awareness of how that idiot god-ell is going overboard with his fines. If he did it quietly, then it would not be brought to everyone attention that people are getting fined for clean hits. I applaud him. Good show! I may not agree with everything he does, but this is pretty classy in my opinion.

  48. essentialsausage says:
    Aug 25, 2011 8:50 AM
    “Can I tell you how glad I am that this idiot isn’t a Steeler…”

    James Harrison is a Steeler.

    Burn of the day.

  49. last year Ocho offered to buy every empty seat in Cincinnati in order to avoid a TV blackout in the area. The NFL told him that a week’s notice was not enough time to avoid the blackout. Ocho is standup guy who is never in criminal trouble but always in NFL trouble.

    they fined him like 50k for the Sharpie incident… Sharpie paid him waaay more than that. Ocho is pimping the NFL.

  50. Chad needs to STFU and learn his new playbook.

    If he insists on breaking the rules and paying the kid, that’s his decision but there is NO GOOD REASON for tweeting it publicly. NONE.

  51. blitzthepig says: Aug 25, 2011 9:51 AM

    Chad doing it “The Patriot Way”


    did Chad record Foster during practice?

  52. Gotta laugh at the Chad bashing. Were it not him, or another Pats player, PFT world would think this is the best thing EVER. Especially Steelers fans who always cry about the fines. You guys are too much!

  53. they fined him like 50k for the Sharpie incident… Sharpie paid him waaay more than that. Ocho is pimping the NFL.
    Wasn’t the sharpie incident T.O. in his 49er days?

  54. All you pats fans with your patriot way can kiss my ass. 15 years ago you so called fans could barely fill that dump on foxboro…. BUT NOW YOU ARE ALL FANS… GTFOH!!!!!

  55. expect to see plenty of similar hits on Chad all year. No one respects the circus side show..I personally hope someone cripples him..ideally causing his jaw to be permanently wired shut..

  56. The mathematics of it all gets a bit complex. The new collective bargaining agreement protects players from being fined more than 25 percent of their weekly base salary.

    Foster makes the rookie minimum of $375,000, which means his weekly pay is $22,058.82. Thus, 25 percent of that total comes to $5,514.71.

  57. How many people here are saying Jerry Richardson has every right to say whether Cam Newton can have a tatoo but now think Goddell shouldn’t be able to fine Chad if he breaks a rule that is clearly spelled out in the CBA?

  58. If that were the case, ckualii, why level the higher fine against him? I think they can take it out over a period of time.

    I’m in fovor of Ocho’s actions.

    And I really don’t understand why people come down so hard on him. So he likes attention. He IS in the entertainment industry.

    It’s not like he’s going out and shooting himself in the leg or killing dogs.

    And in Cinci he wanted out…it’s the teams fault he complained so much. They could have let him leave any time knowing that he wasn’t happy.

  59. @petedutcher,

    I’m guessing that Goodell over-stepped (shocker) and that the fine amount will be corrected. Keep in mind, everyone is adjusting to the new CBA rules.

  60. flakazoid says:
    Aug 25, 2011 9:17 AM
    essentialsausage says:
    James Harrison is a Steeler.

    And I thank the football Gods every day.
    So you thank the gods for a spineless, jellyfish of a man like that turd Harrison???
    At least OCHO had the STONES to say what he thought and believed and addressed it straight to the commissioner! He didn’t hide behind a reporter, pose like the ghetto hood that he is with his guns, then back down, tuck his tail straight up his arse, and claim his remarks a were taken out of context. Harrison is the biggest pu$$y on the Steelers squad. But you go ahead and keep thanking the football gods for him. What a freaking tool you are!

  61. TheDPR says:
    Aug 25, 2011 10:23 AM
    Chad needs to STFU and learn his new playbook.

    If he insists on breaking the rules and paying the kid, that’s his decision but there is NO GOOD REASON for tweeting it publicly. NONE.


    I guess you didn’t bother to read (or couldn’t comprehend) all of the comments patiently explaining why it is important for him to tweet publicly about his feelings on the draconian fines being handed down by ‘Dad’.

  62. I am a Pats fan and I am already sick of this guy and we’re only in week 3 of pre-season. Two catches for eight yards and he thinks he needs more publicity. He must be Brady’s fifth option now behind Welker, Branch, Hernandez, and Gronkowski. He may even be sixth behind Woodhead.

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