Terrelle Pryor officially joins the Raiders

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More than three days after he was selected by the Raiders in round three of the supplemental draft, quarterback Terrelle Pryor has officially joined the team.

Per a league source, Pryor and the Raiders have agreed on a four-year deal.

Pryor is now with the team in California.

We’d heard some scuttlebutt this afternoon that the Raiders had been low-balling Pryor on guaranteed money.  Pryor made it clear during a Tuesday appearance on PFT Live that he’s not really concerned about the money, and so it’s possible that the Raiders tried to use this against him.  Usually, however, the Raiders don’t pinch pennies.

UPDATE:  Pryor receives a $586,000 signing bonus, and a base salary of $375,000 (pre-suspension).  In 2012, he’ll earn $485,000, and he’s eligible to earn a $20,300 incentive based on playing time.  In 2013, the salary is $595,000 with a $40,700 play-time incentive.  In 2014, the salary moves to $645,000, with a $61,100 play-time incentive.

71 responses to “Terrelle Pryor officially joins the Raiders

  1. “Pryor made it clear during a Tuesday appearance on PFT Live that he’s not really concerned about the money, and it’s possible that the Raiders tried to use this against him.” ==============================

  2. Normally I’d say Pryor will be out of the league in one season, but Al loves his little pet projects so he’ll probably stick around 2 years.

    Guy doesn’t have the mental part nor the skills to be a quarterback. There isn’t much reason to think his transition to WR/TE would work out any better than Isaiah Stanback, Reggie McNeal and Xavier Lee did.

  3. so you heard” the raiders made a low ball offer. I am just wondering if it was Evan or Gregg who said it?

  4. Gotta love how Pryor’s stock was rising after his workout which created a “buzz” about him having a 3rd round grade. Then the Raiders select him and its a “reach.” The media is biased, luckily some of us can form our own opinions. Low risk, High reward. I hope he pans out so Todd McGay and Mel Diaper can eat some crow.

  5. humbolt,
    Where are your “butthurt” comments. I miss when you talk about getting all “butthurt.”

  6. At least he didnt hold out, or so far act like the codeine addicted, lazy a$$ couch potato before, that was drafted.

  7. Wow. Just think what happens if this guy ends up being good (he wont) and shows that hes a stud? That contract is going away really, really fast cuz hes gonna hold out for sure

  8. Pryor made it clear during a Tuesday appearance on PFT Live that he’s not really concerned about the money,
    Cause he got plenty at OSU

  9. Get in that playbook young man. We have a lot of young talent on this team, and Jason Campbells contract is up at the end of the year.

  10. This guy will never be a QB but man you guys are don’t have a clue if you think he won’t be a player. Heinz ward, Brad Smith, Randle El just to mention a few. He is ten times the athlete they are or were. I hate this guy with a passion but he will be a playmaker once they give up on the QB experiment.

  11. ……Thereby becoming the first player to take a pay cut to play in the NFL.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  12. raiderfanforlife says:
    Aug 25, 2011 7:55 PM
    Low risk, High reward. I hope he pans out so Todd McGay and Mel Diaper can eat some crow.

    How is giving up a third round pick when you already don’t have a 2nd or 4th round pick “low risk”?

  13. I hope he takes #2 which is the number he wore in college. Then I can take may Russell jersey off the top shelf and have the name plate changed. Wow, I can be the first kid on my block with a Pryor jersey!!! Hope he doesn’t blow it.

  14. This was the QB Al was going to draft in the 2012 draft, but got him this year in the supplementary draft, and for a lot less.

    Al proving time and again he is ahead of the curve.

  15. Yesss! All the Haters are out. There’s still more out there so c’mon and post!

    3rd round picks are a gamble for anybody, period. You think EVERY 3rd rounder is a guarantee? Nope. But the reward far outweighs the risk here. Now if Al used a first rounder, that would be a very very VERY risky pick and I’d be pissed. But it wasn’t so no worries. As for having no picks in the 2nd, 3rd and so on and so forth, ever hear of compensatory picks? I think Aso will fetch a 3rd and Gallery and Miller maybe a couple of 4ths.

  16. Glad they got this deal done. This kid has had nothing but drama swirling around him for so long. Yes, he’s made mistakes, but good grief. I believe Santonio Holmes was able to stay connected to the Jets via video conference during his suspension. Hope they’ll work out something similar for Pryor, if that’s allowed. Would like to see him turn the corner and have a productive NFL career.

  17. @reality police, it is low risk when you consider they’ll receive at least 2 third rounders for losing Nnamdi and that te Miller.

  18. realitypolice says:
    Aug 25, 2011 8:33 PM
    How is giving up a third round pick when you already don’t have a 2nd or 4th round pick “low risk”?

    Raiders will no matter what get a 3rd rd compensatory pick for nanmdi, and also another 3rd rd for Miller, possibly a 4th…….They will also recieve what should be a 4th to 5th rd pick for Gallery…..i just can not find anywhere how much seattle paid him, and that is what really determines the pick you get more then other things.

    Besides, how many third round picks are still playing in the nfl. I say it’s less then 10%.

  19. Speed Kills ..Hard work pays off. Welcome to The Raider Nation.


    Every year Raider bong smokers beat their chest about their greatness.

    2003. 4-12
    2004. 5-11
    2005. 4-12
    2006. 2-14
    2007. 4-12
    2008. 5-11
    2009. 5-11
    2010. 8-8

    Raider Nation attendance:

    Arizona vs Oakland= 15, 321

  20. he ain’t getting paid millions, so no biggie.

    I agree with crise4og.. Raiders have been critizied for stealing the spotlight and landing pryor.. some have called it a reach, a bad move, a waste of draft pick, a classic Al move because of just the Speed itself..

    Well, like it was said before me, 3rd rd picks are gambles for anybody, because only a few 4-5 players from the 32 selections on the 3rd rd end up being decent starters.

    I don’t think Al Davis drafted Pryor because of the speed(eventhough it did help) if Speed QB’s was an Al Davis trait than why didn’t he go after Vick 2yrs ago? Why did he draft Slow Russell? I believe its due to the fact that Al Davis loves his QBs to throw it 50-60yds without a sweat.. just like his Kicker can kick FGs 60-70yds with just a 2-3 step back.

  21. @ p4hbiz

    You mean you back a team that only has 3 Super Bowls?

    As to Pryor, I don’t think he has the skills to be an NFL QB, but a third round pick is probably about right as an athlete. He is an elite athlete. I do find it interesting that some of the Raider faithful were dogging Gallery and Miller after they left and now the same folks are talking about getting good compensatory picks for the same guys. Oh well.

  22. isn’t it funny how every hater only think the raiders played footbal since 2003….nobody wants to say how the riaders were in the superbowl in 2002, and back to back to back afc west champs in 2000, 2001, 2002.

    If not for a cheap shot by Mr Smeels Stinky Tony Siragusa on seperating Rich Gannons shoulder after the play was over (and no penalty flag/ or no fine) and also the worse Tuckin call in the history of professional sports, Gruden could have had the raiders in all 3 of those super bowls.

    Go ahead “Big TexLittle _ _ _ _, show you iggnorance along with dumbolt, sourdough aka sweetcheeks, and every other hater.

  23. Doesn’t have the skills, the mental ability, etc????

    To those with all the barbs, did any of you watch any of his games? Look at the stats he put up? Were you high, maybe? Or do you just gather press clippings and side with whatever opinions appear to be in the majority?

    Is he a bit raw? Yeah, he is. What rookie QB isn’t, at least somewhat.

    If this kid really, really wants it (unlike JaBustus), I would not bet against him.

  24. How are the Raiders bad when they finished 8-8 ?

    – They Smoked the Chargers in SD 6days after the Chargers had destroyed the Colts. SD 3pts by 3QT

    – They scored 59pts in 3QTs vs. the Broncos. Besides the Eagles no other team reached that many pts. Could’ve been 78pts at the rate they were going(3Tds a QT). Yeah it was the Broncos, but did your team score 59pts vs a weak team last season? NO

    – They finished 10th in total offense and 2nd in Rush Offense. 6th in scoring pts. The Raiders Defense was 2nd in Sacks.

    How are they bad?

    They didn’t make the playoffs.. but they fought all the way to December.

    The Fact that people love to hate this team because of Al Davis, is just ignorance at its best. Al has made some headscratcher moves, but so has just about any other owners.

    The Fact that the Raiders weren’t even in the top 15 in last yrs draft selection(16-17th to NE) but yet people love to talk about how they are the worst franchise, the worst team, a joke, the laughing stock.. in other words, they just mad Cause Al Davis is running this team. Less than a decade ago they were in the SuperBowl, that alone shows the old man still has it.

  25. Yeah, you are so right 1bigtex…the Raider faithful are the only fans in NFL history to dog a player after he has left the team.

    Yep…no one ever bashes players after they are gone. You have never been more correct…especially for dogging a sure-fire blue-chip all-American left tackle prospect that turned into an average left guard.

    Yessir 1bigtex, sure it has never happened before…and being from Texas I am really confident you have never trashed an ex-player of your favorite team…no way, not a Texan.

  26. Good move for the Raiders. If it were me, I would use TP as a sub-package QB this year while he works on his pocket-passing skills. By the end of the year, you’ll know if he’s on the right path of it’s time to try him at H-Back.

    Either way, he has seriously dangerous potential.

    Yes, “reaching” with a 3rd was high, but Oakland didn’t have a 4th, he would NOT be there at pick 18 in the 5th, AND…Oakland will receive compensatory picks for Nnamdi, Miller and Gallery (and others), which should equal a 3rd and another pick from 3-5 (at least).

    I’m not a Raider fan (Dolphins), but this team is clearly on the right track finally.

  27. @ radrntn

    “show you iggnorance”

    Interesting way in which you chose to “show your own ignorance” there, radrntn. You might want to be careful about using the term “ignorant” until your education level reaches at least the range of the average middle schooler.

    @ mmmpieyummy

    The issue for me was all the talk of “family” and how loyal to Al all the Raiders are and how Al gets whatever he wants with the potential FAs. Then, as soon as Miller was gone, he became some “spare” who was lucky to have a job in the league. Positively bi-polar.

  28. In fairness, and this wasn’t in the contract, the Raiders agreed to pay for one hell of a tattoo for Pryor.

  29. seneca1ss says:
    Aug 25, 2011 7:46 PM
    That’s the worst punishment of all


    calm down..we’ll be coming by to drop 59 points on you again…dont be so impatient.

  30. its ok little feet, i heard you about as a big as middle schooler. Plus i heard you hang around the school yard with some candy to see if you can give the boys a ride home.

  31. aintsfan says:I love how Raider fan talks about “Three Rings” when the last ring was 29 years ago!

    rings are better than paper bags, which i am sure you have quite the collection of and are plenty familiar with..

  32. They basically got him for next to nothing. There is no risk involved taking him, if he turns out to be a play maker everyone wins.

  33. Good thing the shooting victims didn’t die last week because Brokeland needs all the fan support it can get to not be blacked-out all season long. Maybe Pryor will attract the 10,000 fans needed to actually have a home game on tv.

  34. aintsfan says:
    Aug 25, 2011 11:38 PM
    I love how Raider fan talks about “Three Rings” when the last ring was 29 years ago!


    + 1 million

  35. rundmc81 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 7:54 PM
    Welcome to The Nation Terrell!!


    And you are now required to continue the Commitment to Excrement!

  36. Only 52 responses?! C’mon haters, let’s get it going! Your posts make me smile and get all excited about Raider football after coming home from a long day of having fun in the sun here in the middle of the Pacific.

    Can’t wait for the Silver and Black to sweep the division again. Next step is to make it above .500. Baby steps, baby steps. I know they ain’t making it to the SB this season but you never know.

    Win, lose, or tie…Raiders ’til I die!

  37. @ radrntn

    6’4″ (before the boots and hat) and just under 240 since you seem to be interested. The shoe size is only 12 1/2, but my son has a 14 EEE. Of course, he’s also three bills. I do occasionally see a middle schooler my size, but not with much regularity. Good luck getting your GED.

  38. cheezysmegma says:
    Aug 25, 2011 11:56 PM
    The Raydas always find a way to lay down to my Chiefs! HAR DEE HAR HAR HAR! There mo’ than just a liddle insayne in the membrane wit ol’ Al!


    Yeah.. they layed down that 31-10 ass whuppin in January to send you guys into yet another first round playoff loss… when was the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game? 1993 or something like that… keep braggin HAR DEE HAR HAR HAR.

  39. @ big tex….12 and a half…shows right there you are full of crap….nobody makes a 12 and a half moron. Go back to your texans page, so you can be by yourself.

  40. aintsfan says:
    Aug 25, 2011 11:38 PM
    I love how Raider fan talks about “Three Rings” when the last ring was 29 years ago!

    how many rings does your team have?

  41. @ radrntn

    “nobody makes a 12 and a half”
    There is this thing in the world called “custom-made”. It’s really nice to get someone to measure your feet and make something specifically designed for you as opposed to having to buy from the sale rack at Walmart. I highly recommend it. I can send you the contact info for several good boot makers if you’re interested. Some of the major manufacturers will make special sizes and widths if you pay the custom order up charge as well.

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