Bills give Kyle Williams $17 million guaranteed

The Buffalo Bills have made defensive tackle Kyle Williams a very rich man.

Williams and the Bills have agreed to a six-year $39 million contract that includes $17 million in guaranteed money, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting.

A 2006 fifth-round pick out of LSU, Williams has played his entire five-year career in Buffalo. He has been a starter since his rookie year and has missed just two games. Last year he was chosen to his first Pro Bowl.

With Williams and this year’s third overall draft pick, Marcell Dareus, the Bills think they’re going to have one of the best defensive tackle tandems in football for years to come.

32 responses to “Bills give Kyle Williams $17 million guaranteed

  1. When Kyle was a fat faced little boy he never dreamed he would have his picture on Pro Football Talk front page some day. Or be paid $17 million for that matter. He would have been beaming if he knew.

  2. excellent to see them pay this guy and lock him up long term.
    kyle williams is an enormously under-appreciated player in terms of national attention, because hes played on a bad team up in buffalo for his career. make no mistake though, this guy is an animal

  3. This kid is the real deal. He can play lights out at DT, always has a lot of tackles for his position, is an effective run stopper, and has good sack totals as well. He deserves it, and you know you have to be a good player when Buffalo actually rewards you with a lucrative contract

  4. Does anyone know what the % of the contracts that actualy gets played out on these big deals are? I would love to know that because it cant be good.

  5. The bestDT tandem is gonna be Suh and Fairley for years to come. So Bills once again you fail.

  6. honestly, that’s a good deal for the Bills. Guy is a top 5 DT. Those type of guys are gettin 10mil + contracts this year.I’d take Williams over Charles Johnson and he got 6 yr 72 mil.

  7. “The bestDT tandem is gonna be Suh and Fairley for years to come. So Bills once again you fail.”

    I’d say it’s close
    Suh>Williams. But not by and incredible amount.

    Dareus>Fairley…based on the fact Dareus was drafted alot higher, and Dareus has doninated in preseason thus far…where Fairly hasn’t played a snap.

    at this point, advantage buffalo….

    (if Buffalo were always 4-3 and both were always DTs, of course)

  8. The bestDT tandem is gonna be Suh and Fairley for years to come. So Bills once again you fail.

    Only because of suh..are u sure fairley will be great….or even good? Dareus is going to be a beast and hes played like one…suh is a beast…best in the league in my opinion but dareus has a chance to be in the next tier….

  9. The Meatball gets paid. This is a good day for him and the Bills.

    Great player and person, he was viewed as a guy with low ceiling in the NFL but with hard work and knowledge of the game he is one of the most dependant players you’ll ever see or get.

    I don’t care how he’s rated or ranked, I care that he is ours.

  10. Who cares????? but i’d rather read about Buffalo’s DT contract than about DeMaurice Smith…

  11. Nice,Kyle is just what buffalo is ,hard work no glory,glad to root for him on Sundays for the next 6 years

  12. People can trash this guy all they want. Saying he dosn’t want to win because he stayedd in Buffalo is ridiculous though. He is on a higher winning level than any idiot commenter on here working their 9-5. Congrats to him.

  13. kingmj4891 says:
    Aug 26, 2011 5:28 PM
    The bestDT tandem is gonna be Suh and Fairley for years to come. So Bills once again you fail.

    Uh, best interior tackles will be Wilfork and Haynesworth.

  14. The man has worked hard for this all his life and after a lot of doubters probably throughout his life, he finally gets the chance to put the icing on his cake with a well deserved contract. Who cares if he stayed in Buffalo? They were the people who gave him his shot and are willing to show him their trust and thanks. Can you seriously say you wouldn’t have loyalty for an organization who believed in a guy like you if in his shoes?

    It was good for the Bills and great for Kyle. You earned this big guy.

  15. The Bills have no intention of playing Dareus at DT right now. Williams plays DT with Terrell Troup as his backup. Dareus plays DE. The Bills have a scary defensive line. Just wait for Carrington to have his breakout season this year.
    p.s. This dude deserves every cent of that contract. An absolute monster, if he was 2 inches taller he would have been a 1st round pick and everyone in the NFL would know his name.

  16. let me tell you folks, kyle williams could have been a total a-hole with getting the biggest contract possible. he chose to stay in buffalo because a) he has found its a very nice place regardless of the bad pub. he loves to hunt and fish and ny state is a sportsman paradise. outside of the major met areas (syracuse, buffalo, nyc….) it is a vast forrest and lakes. b) he is a loyal guy, a nice family guy and he knows he is being paid an ungodly sum of coin. i hope him an jasper bond with the outdoor life stuff. we are all happy for meatball. congrats.

  17. Really not a house hold name but a true football player. All he does is work hard and and plays the game like it should be played and gives it all he can. Kyle is one of the few bright spots on a bad Bills in the past decade but he is the reason that I can be proud to be a 40 YEAR Bills fan. He deserves every penny of this new deal unlike some other players in this leaguu

  18. Just because the guy has played on a bad team his entire career doesn’t mean he isn’t worth the money they are going to pay him. He’s the best player on the team and he deserves to be paid. Sure people that don’t regularly watch the Bills may not have heard of him but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good!!!

  19. This guy does nothing but bring his lunch bucket everyday with him to work. He has worked hard at his craft and has quietly become one of the best DT in the game without the fanfare. I love watching this guy on Sundays!! Anyone remember the Pittsburgh game last year? I’ll bet Ben does, Kyle broke his toe.

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