Browns’ Eric Steinbach, Brandon Jackson could miss season


Remember all those injuries on the Browns we mentioned yesterday? Two of them could be long-term problems.

Guard Eric Steinbach (back) and running back Brandon Jackson (toe) could both potentially miss the season, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Steinbach is a starting guard with a massive salary.  Doctors are trying to determine whether he needs surgery. Rookie Jason Pinkston will take over Steinbach’s role until he’s back, if he’s back.

Jackson was expected to be Peyton Hillis’ primary backup and third-down back.  Jackson will be out an “extended period” at the very least with apparent turf toe.  This injury puts a lot of pressure on second year back Montario Hardesty to stay healthy.

The Browns also lost linebacker Titus Brown to a high ankle sprain. He’ll be out a few weeks at least at a thin position for Cleveland. Nine other Browns missed practice on Friday.

Other than that, it was an awesome day at Browns camp.

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  1. Was hoping BJ would have himself a great year with the Browns… He’s a good guy and plays with heart.

  2. Glad to hear that the lack of training camps all over the league wouldn’t have an effect on the conditioning of the athletes. There will be plenty more injuries after the first two weeks of the season when these guys are going full tilt and the games really count. Lot’s of fans saw this coming during the picnics, I mean player only workouts when they couldn’t get proper instruction or training.

  3. damn, i really wanted the browns to be 8-3 heading in to the last 5 games off the season to get their fans all high and then watch them get killed by the steelers and ravens 4 times in a month

  4. I guess the H & H experiment of having draft picks and undrafted free agents to build a team is backfiring. The draft picks are falling and all that’s left are the undrafted; to reach the necessary number of players for the team, H & H will have to resort to signing more undrafted and now unwanted free agents turned away by other teams.

    Some now will call it the Madden curse; others may insist it’s the curse of Art Modell; but it is the continuation of the Rocky Colavito curse upon Cleveland: no championship will every come to this city.

    Let them bring in Tebow. others bring the rosaries. Cleveland needs an exorcism and a papal blessing.

  5. mayfieldroadboy says: “I guess the H & H experiment of having draft picks and undrafted free agents to build a team is backfiring.” That’s the only way to build a team that will stay viable in future years. It takes time.

  6. With the 1st selection of the 2012 draft… The Cleveland Browns select Andrew Luck, Standford QB…. lmao

    Building through the draft is a necessary pain for a long neglected team… but Heckert could’ve helped the progress by not dumpster diving for bargain basement free agents…. Brandon Jackson scratched… Usama Young hasn’t been on the field….. Heckert’s free agency plan this season —–F for failed.

    Wait til Next Year signs are being putting up in Cleveland rapidly as a team with an absent owner continues to show absolutely no sense of urgency for winning or retaining season ticket holders…..Homgren’s been there two year now and hasn’t anted up to play a hand yet…. but he got 14 million bucks for retirement.

  7. Lol….Hey Clowns fans….even with the Bengals being down….Cincinnati will always be AT WORST the 3rd best team in the North….bad breeds bad….Thanks again for reminding us Bengals fans its not all that bad!

    ” Ya don’t live in Cleveland, ya live in Cincinnati!”-Sam Wyche

  8. @scudbot
    Read the rest of the post. No one denies building through the draft; but outside the draft picks, there are only undrafted free agents. What is the difference between “drafted free agents” and “undrafted free agents”? Drafted free agents have experience as well as football value. Undrafted free agents have what?

    H&H will probably go dumpster-diving on cut-down day. They will wind up with players who have some NFL playing experience, but what value is this experience when these players can’t cut the mustard on any team?

    The wheel will always turn. But between the hub and the tire, you need some strong spokes.

  9. @bengalguy

    I hate both teams equally, well Cleveland a little more but the bengals were fourth in the division last year….

  10. @whoknowsnothing

    Do you really know nothing? Why would the Ravens drop Parmele, he’s there 3rd back….

  11. @bengalguy:

    You beat Carolina in a preseason game & now your the 3rd best in the AFCN? Games have to be played boss, you just cannot chalk them up.

    To the others above bitching that H/H built through the draft…. Get over it. He is doing the smart thing. They are saving the cap for when they have built a team that is deservant of well hosted FAs. Nobody was coming to Cleveland this offseason to play football out of that FA class. They weren’t looking at the long term of the Browns. FAs this year were looking for a big payday, thats it. H/H is finally doing it right, but unlike Phil Savage, they are drafting damn well to date!

  12. @bengalguy

    At least the Browns don’t have players that would rather retire than play for them. Prepare to always be in last.

  13. 4th in the north lol. Because the bengal’s o line and qb are anywhere close to what the browns have…well find out week one when colt shreds the bengals D

  14. The Browns didn’t spend on free agents because that might make the team better. Randy Lerner’s plan isn’t to build a championship caliber franchise. His plan is to build a profitable business. Just like his English football club. Just like his credit card company. It works like this:
    First find an overly enthusiastic client base. Give them hope or incentive to spend money. Keep expenses low. Frequently come up with incentives to keep those clients highly interested, Something to give them hope. They will become more intensely interested and spend more money. All the while you reaps profits year after year while providing a substandard product that is marginally interesting from time to time. Just interesting enough to keep the cash coming in and tickets getting sold.
    C’mon guys, most of us have spent an evening buying drinks for a hot lady who is only interested while we continue to buy her drinks. It’s the same thing, just with a football team. Am I not far of the mark?
    Look it up.

  15. If either of those players were hurt in that stupid rain game in philly on thursday, someone should be fired. pre season games played in the rain show you NOTHING ! It’s bad enough they played even one series in that mess. Just plain STUPID.

  16. God, for the sake of every Cleveland Clowns player….DON’T GET INJURED….a staph infection is just waiting to happen!!!.

    what a pathetic team!

    Hey Browns, do you know why Paul Brown made the Bengals?……because he didn’t get it right the 1st time!!!!….Organization should have stayed defuncnt!!!

    “Ya don’t live in Cleveland, ya live in Cincinnati!”- Sam Wyche

  17. @ernestbyner
    Randy did 0 to build any business as far as I know. He’s a silver spoon guy. His dad did all the work, he got the profit. All he cared about was the quick buck for something he didn’t and couldn’t run. That’s why he sold his FATHER’S business to BOfA and ruined it.

  18. 50/50 call on Parmele, but I agree he’s caught in a #’s game with the Ravens, and Allen probably takes his spot with Reed returning kicks.

    Browns could use the Ravens intel he’d provide.

  19. All the intel parmele has and a copy of the playbook won’t give the clowns a win over the ravens this year with your lack is WRs and steinbach out

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