Curtis Painter shows signs of life


Colts President Bill Polian has already said that Kerry Collins will start Indy’s season opener if Peyton Manning isn’t ready.

While it’s probably too late, Curtis Painter is doing his best on Friday night to change Polian’s mind.   Painter struggled as usual in his first couple drives, starting 1-of-5 for seven yards.  He has difficulty recognizing blitzes.

Painter turned it around after that, completing 9-of-15 for 159 yards and two touchdowns to give the Colts a 14-10 lead over the Packers at halftime.

A few caveats apply.  Some of Green Bay’s starters weren’t in for the second touchdown drive.  Painter’s 57-yard throw to Reggie Wayne came in what amounted to a blown coverage.

We doubt this will be enough for Painter to challenge Collins, but it may be enough to win a roster spot and kick Dan Orlovsky off the roster eventually.

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  1. Indy doesn’t have a QB on the roster who can take over when Peyton hangs it up. Definitely need to think about a QB they can develop or their gonna get stuck with a rookie who’s gonna be forced to play early.

  2. I really want to know Orlovsky’s secret. After running out of the end zone for a Safety in 2008 he signed an 8 million dollar contract with houston and another contract with Indy. For being no good, he is set for life financially.

  3. I still can’t understand why the Colts have never invested atleast a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a backup quarterback? As they are finding out now, Peyton Manning is not indestructible. Considering how the whole team is built around the QB, they should have had solid backup in place by now.

  4. Even though I still think Collins is a much better QB than Painter (take that with the grain of salt that it is) at least Painter is showing that there is a potential to be a semi-decent back-up.

  5. Don’t wet your pants just yet. Those successful drives came after Mathews and Woodson left the game.

  6. Colts have been lackluster with their QB depth over the years. Jared Lorenzen, Curtis Painter, Dan Orlovsky. For a talented scout like Polian is (drafting Jim Kelly and Peyton Manning), it’s weird how he can’t find a good back-up.

  7. I don’t know if Manning actually mentors the other QBs or is more of a Favre type, but if you can’t become a halfway competent quarterback learning from Peyton Manning, you’re hopeless.

  8. You’ve got to admire Curtis Painter and Reggie Wayne for going out there and getting it done against a formidable defense (even despite their lack of some key starters). Perhaps this is Wayne weighing in with his thoughts on who should step-in for Manning should he not be ready opening week. It could be that Wayne is showing confidence in Painter after his comments earlier about Kerry Collins and in return, Painter is taking advantage of this opportunity.

  9. Curtis is painting different picture in Polians mind while Orlovsky’s running out of the endzone

  10. So why is Bill Polian making these pronouncements? Isn’t that, like, the head coach’s job?

  11. Seems like now (next years draft ) might be a good time to start thinking about drafting and grooming Manning’s successor, as long as that guy doesn’t mind sitting and watching for three or four years ala Aaron Rodgers. Don’t be mad Indy fans, Manning is great but he can’t play forever. The Patriots are in the same situation with Brady…he could play for another 7-8 yrs if he stays healthy, but if injuries start to accumulate that time could be cut in half. I really hope they both play for 10 more years…I love it when we play the Colts, epic battles and best rivalry of the 2000s IMO.

  12. Remember Colts fans, a LOT of us Pats fans were wondering how Cassel even made the team in 08 after his rough preseason…and he did pretty decent.

  13. rpiotr01 says:
    Aug 26, 2011 10:13 PM
    Don’t wet your pants just yet. Those successful drives came after Mathews and Woodson left the game.

    Don’t go getting all funny in the pants just yet.
    That was Painter out there, not Manning.

    Uff, you Packer fans are so utterly pathetic.

  14. rpiotr01 says:Aug 26, 2011 10:13 PM
    “Don’t wet your pants just yet. Those successful drives came after Mathews and Woodson left the game.”

    yeah, but our young guys in the secondary can’t leave guys wide open like that, especially a pro bowler like Reggie Wayne.
    Morgan and Shields gotta work on that communication.

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