Jarvis Jenkins tore his ACL Thursday night


The preseason has claimed another victim.

Redskins rookie defensive end Jarvis Jenkins will miss the season with a torn ACL, according to his Twitter account.

The team announced Jenkins had a “knee sprain” last night, but further tests revealed the complete damage.

It’s a bigger blow to the team’s defense than you’d imagine.

Jenkins, a second round pick, had been one of the big surprises of camp. He was starting last night and appeared likely to play ahead of veteran Adam Carriker in the regular season.

36 responses to “Jarvis Jenkins tore his ACL Thursday night

  1. Crap this is horrible. He was a bright spot in training camp and a much needed addition to the defensive line. This is a significant blow.

  2. Big loss, but we have players that can move around on that line. Bryant to nose tackle, and Coefield to end. We have a ton of flexibility with our D linemen.

  3. Ok people was he a bright spot on an improving defense yes…is it yhe end of the world no. Next man up, here is a chance for someone else to make a case at making the team.

  4. Doesn’t matter the team, I hate seeing injuries like these. Hope Jenkins has a fast rehab and is back to 100% for next season.

  5. @hendawg21: he’s been that good in camp and preseason. Would he have been the defensive ROY? Probably not. But it was nice to see a rookie that gets it and has the talent to back it up.

  6. And to think some stupid writer wrote yesterday that the Redskins had not suffered any season-long loss to injuries. Well thanks Mr no-name-writer. Hope you’re happy.

  7. That’s a tough loss, he was definitely lookin’ good I agree. Also tough that the next year or so will be spent more getting over this injury than anything else. ala Brandon Graham

  8. @tundey

    Hey I hated to see this happen myself however, unfortunetly these things happen…and its really a bummer when its a rookie that shows real promise…again this is an opportunity for someone else as the season doesn’t stop!

  9. Can’t catch a friggin break. This kid is a beast, cant wait to see him in real action… next frigiin year. Thanks Goodell.

  10. I am still hoping this an actual case of twitter
    hacking. I know I am grasping a straws but I just don’t want to believe it, I’m just gutted. Finally, we find a second round pick that can play and he his knee gets hyperextended.

    He looked so promising. I hope he can rehab fully and this doesn’t affect him next year.

    He needed to keep his pads a bit lower but his raw potential looks very good. He seems to have a great attitude though. May be he can find some positives. Use the year to work on upper body strength and film study, get in a good off-season and come back even better next year.

  11. No matter who the player is or what team they play for when I see a guy blow his knee out I always feel for the guy. This type of injury just sucks.

  12. RussianBreadMaker says: Aug 26, 2011 9:42 AM

    Pre-Season needs to be shortened.


    You might be right, and I know this year is an exception, but what about the incredibly sloppy play around the league?

    Preseason games can be essential for getting live reps against quality opponents. Less preseason games means more dumb mistakes in the regular season.

    Just playing Devil’s advocate. Sympathies to Redskins fans for the loss of a promising rook.

  13. I wonder why people keep talking about shortening the pre-season in cases like this? Does anyone honestly think that he wouldn’t have gotten hurt during the regular season? If it can happen in pre-season, it can happen in the regular season.

    Either way, bad luck for Jarvis and the ‘skins. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  14. Yep, I remember earlier this week ‘Skins fans laughing about Terrel Thomas and the Giants bad luck with ACL’s. I will not do the same.

    Hate to see a player go down, even when it’s “the enemy”. You would always rather play at full strength. Good luck and get better, JJ.

  15. @ bunjy: Kerrigan belongs right where he is: opposite Rak on the outside. Sure there’s a bit of a learning curve for him, but he’s getting better, and to move him back to having his hand in the dirt full time just because a DE got hurt? Not gonna happen.

  16. tundey says: Aug 26, 2011 10:05 AM

    And to think some stupid writer wrote yesterday that the Redskins had not suffered any season-long loss to injuries. Well thanks Mr no-name-writer. Hope you’re happy.
    How about getting Mr. No-Name-Writer to do a story about the Eagles?

  17. I knew it was his ACL immediately. The way the leg went numb is all too familiar. Seems like the Skins fans who were mocking the Giants and all their injuries are quiet now. SMH. This kid has a motor and I wanted to see what he had, even though we play them Week 1.

  18. This kind of thing has got to be especially tough on a rookie showing so much promise. Get well soon, dude.

  19. gcsuk says: Aug 26, 2011 12:14 PM

    How about getting Mr. No-Name-Writer to do a story about the Eagles?


    Ryan Harris, herniated disc. Thanks a lot for bringing it up! Haha. Mr. No Name needs to go back to writing about the Giants. He’s already written a novel on the subject, judging by the injury report.

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