Kevin Kolb has been everything Cardinals hoped so far

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Kevin Kolb’s preseason stats don’t leap off the page, but he hasn’t looked totally out of place either.

What Kolb has done in practice every day in Arizona is probably more telling.

“Kolb has been everything coaches hoped. His physical skills are obvious, but he’s also picked up the offensive system quickly, and his teammates like him,” Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic writes.

Arizona wrapped up their training camp on Thursday. They open the regular season against the Panthers.

Perhaps Kolb will be the next quarterback that Carolina makes look like a Pro Bowler.

67 responses to “Kevin Kolb has been everything Cardinals hoped so far

  1. Everyone was talking about how the Eagles “fleeced” the Cardinals here after the trade for DRC.

    Honestly, they gave up a lot for Kolb, but the kid’s got a lot of potential. He’s not a surefire bet like Peyon Manning, but his upside is huge.

    He’s also a class act. Kind of guy you cheer for on Sundays and would also love to have a beer with. For all his skills, we definitely don’t have that kind of QB in Philly right now.

    I think this trade will be looked at in 2012 as a win-win, for both teams.

  2. What Kolb has done in practice every day in Arizona is probably more telling.
    Kyle Boller was the KING of practice and pre-season….just saying

  3. Kolb is really symbolic of the 2011 Cards. “A work in progress.” They have an interesting schedule this year. The 1st five games, should provide them any opportunity to work out the kinks. The next six, however, will be a big test. If they win 2 during that stretch, I will be impressed. 4 of the last 5 are at home and similar to the first 5. I really think 10-6 is attainable and they could be peaking and full of confidence when the playoffs begin. I’m just sayin…

  4. Teammates see a bit of Brett Favre in Kornpone.

    “Loves to get out on the grass with his tractor, every chance he gets. Not to put pressure on him, but I don’t know that Brett was using a four wheeler yet in his fifth season in the league……”.

  5. 1. A guy named Kevin.

    2. NOT Matt Leinart.

    3. Can use a Segway when rolling out of the pocket. Check!

  6. I would love for somebody to peg him right in the side of the head with a football while he’s riding that segway

  7. @johnabis I think he was talkin about the average fan would enjoy hanging with Kolb, whereas your point is valid that players want to be around Vick. I a saw Vick’s short lived reality show, having a beer with him, his dad and his brother would be comical, and a parole violation. Kolb is a Texas guy and he is going to fit very nicely into the AZ culture, if he plays well.

  8. Teammates bristled at the jokes being made about the mustache wearing, Segway riding guy they all call “Kevin”.

    “There is nothing wrong with that.!”.

  9. say what you will, but the man (kolb) is everything you’d want in a QB (off the field)…he sat on the bench for how many years behind mcnabb? without one complaint. then gets benched for vick after 2 starts and one minor injury…again, no complaints, no “media” frezy over him not playing.

    guy is a class act, if he can perform on the field ( as he has in past instances, ie, 2 offensive player of the week awards), he’ll be a solid player on/off the field.

  10. vaporiizz3r says: Aug 26, 2011 11:42 AM

    Wow I knew Kolb wasnt that mobile but I didnt think he needed a segway to get around :p
    Don’t sleep on Kolb’s mobility. He’s like Rodgers, although to a lesser degree, in that he’s quicker than he looks and can get you a 1st down with his legs if there’s no other choice. As for the segway, why not? You realize the team has been practicing in temperatures that exceed 100 degrees right? Given that, plus the money he made with his new contract, I have no problem with him splurging on a segway so he can kick back a little after practice.

  11. As a Cardinal: 10/18 pass completions, 188 yds, 0 TDs, PR= about 82. Kind of prelim to draw conclusions. However, I predict that by the time this season is over, the Eagles will be looking for a new, young QB. Maybe they could trade for Kolb.

  12. stanklepoot says:
    Aug 26, 2011 12:00 PM
    vaporiizz3r says: Aug 26, 2011 11:42 AM

    Wow I knew Kolb wasnt that mobile but I didnt think he needed a segway to get around :p
    Don’t sleep on Kolb’s mobility. He’s like Rodgers,
    I stop reading ur comment right there…..

  13. He could of been good in philly but obviously can’t bench Vick so i hope the best for Kolb. He’s a good guy but needs time as a starter to finally be someone.

  14. @rayvens…The Kolb/Rodgers comparison is valid. Maybe not the the 2011 Superbowl version of Rodgers but Cardinals fans expect the Kolb to develop along the same lines. I mean until their playoff run last year, people were still questioning if Rodgers could win a big game. Let’s not re-write history just because he won a Superbowl.

  15. Training camp for the Cards is in Flagstaff at NAU. There are large areas to cover from the dorm to the practice facilities.

    Fitz, Dockett, DRC (former), Boldin, Kolb and many more use them.

  16. Arizona fans are good fans.. if Kevin started to play poorly in NY it would go from Kevin Kolb to Kevin Knob. Stay classy Zona..

  17. I really hope Kolb does well in Arizona. Too bad he got hurt in the opening game last year and opened the door for Vick. I would have liked to have seen Kolb stay in Philly.

  18. @zeussuperman: Please return your fan card , Eagles dont want a fair weather fan like you . Vick was runner up for MVP .

    As for Kolb i said it then and i’ll say it now , Kolb is going to be a really good QB .

  19. jacksaysfu says:
    Aug 26, 2011 12:36 PM
    @zeussuperman: Please return your fan card , Eagles dont want a fair weather fan like you . Vick was runner up for MVP .


    I am obviously a Birds fan but I think Vick is a one trick pony and won’t be anywhere near the MVP talks this year. I hope he proves me wrong but he’s already been beaten, picked, and harassed in 3 preseason games, it doesn’t bode well for the regular season.

  20. The Eagles would never trade to get Kolb back. They’ll just go the A.J. Feeley route and wait until Kolb gets released, so they can get him back for cheap.
    I figure that should take about two years…enough time to give up on Vick and realize that Vince Young isn’t the answer either.

  21. the Cardinals have a number of players that ride segways during training camp due to the fact that it is a hike from their dorms at Northern Arizona University to the Skydome locker room and then to the outdoor practice fields. Fitz, Kolb, Dockett, Stew Bradley, Todd Heap, Kerry Rhoades and Adrian Wilson all ride segways to and from practice everyday….plus it is easier for them to dodge the sworms and hoards of fans seeking autographs daily

  22. Hey posers, most of the Cardinals’ vets and impact players have the segways, guess the organization thought that the players shouldnt be walking to and from practice at 7k feet above sea level.

  23. jacksaysfu says: Aug 26, 2011 12:36 PM

    @zeussuperman: Please return your fan card , Eagles dont want a fair weather fan like you . Vick was runner up for MVP .

    As for Kolb i said it then and i’ll say it now , Kolb is going to be a really good QB .

    Dude’s just expressing a preference. Not every fan has to buy in to every move the team makes. You’ll excuse us if we don’t appoint you arbiter of who is eligible to be an Eagles fan.

  24. Cardinal fans are funny. They speak as if Kolb going from Andy Reid, the QB maker, and the Eagle organization to Whisenhunt and their dreadful team is progress.

    Outside of those 2 years with Warner, barely over .500 during both with one of the best NFC QBs I might add, What exactly has Whisenhunt developed or done?

    His defense is still awful, his offensive line is still awful, his running game is still awful, what makes you so confident he’s going to take Kolb to this next step or even had a clue in evaluating him as worthy to be traded for to begin with?

    I mean Kolb does have a pretty shaky resume to this point and his surroundings in Arizona are worse from the front office down.

    Whisenhunt was supposed to bring a tough minded, strong defensive mind set from Pittsburgh to go with his innovative offensive background, yet the Cardinals resemble anything but. It’s been 4+ seasons and none of these changes have materialized. He got lucky with Warner essentially for 2 years, or he’d have been fired already.

    I don’t wish the guy ill, but I fail to see success for him in light of all of this. Seems more likely that 6-10 or 7-9 is more reasonable a prediction.

  25. Kevin Kolb just lost a few man card points for riding that Segway.

    People made a big deal that the Cards gave up too much for Kolb are missing the point. Yes, Cromartie may be a better player than Kolb, but they don’t realize that this a quarterback league. If you don’t have a good QB, your entire offense is kaput. If you don’t have a great cornerback, you can scheme to make up for that on defense. Finding a QB is much much harder han finding a cornerback.

  26. We will finally be able to rate how well Kolb is doing after week 8. The first three game of the season look easy, but it’s after that he will see the Giants, Vikings, Steelers, and Ravens defense’s.

    That’s when he will truly be tested as a QB and everybody will see how he can handle some pressure.

  27. The comments here always make me laught.

    Saying Whiz hasn’t done anything is a joke. He has helped turn a joke of an oginization into a place where players want to come.

    Five years ago Ftz would be a free agent at the end of the year, Wilson would already be gone and Dockett would be so pissed he would be sitting next to CJ and Gore holding out.

    He took a team with little talent outside of the WR spot and took them to the SB. Say it was Warner all you want be how many teams were knocking down Warners door to sign him? He was benches for Eli in NY. Whiz knows how to develop QBs, don’t forget who got Big Ben started.

    I get you don’t have to love the Cardinals but this is an up and coming team that locked up the QB and WR position for a long, long time. Now many teams can say that right now?

  28. If Kolb looks good this season, Kafka and V Young will gain value in the eyes of the hungry if the Eagles want to get another high pick in future drafts. Running a QB factory is good business.

  29. Hey..any of you guys been to an NFL training camp? Those Segways are pretty popular around the league. Have seen photos of several other team’s players riding driving them around camp when their Mercedes, BMWs and Jags are being washed.

  30. What you have to remember with Kolb is that this is his first year as a full time starter. He is going to make first time starter mistakes. You can’t panic when he tosses a pic or doesn’t light up the stat board or whatever. This move isn’t for this year, it’s more for next year and beyond.

  31. Much as I like the Iggles (my NFC team) I think they made a mistake. Mike Vick may be a phenomenal athlete, but I remain unconvinced that he is a great QB.

    I think that Kolb, given a year or two to develop has the potential to be a very very good QB in this league.

    I’m afraid Philly traded away the wrong guy.

  32. Arizona Republic sports page headline:
    “Expectations have never been LOWER in Arizona.”

    The Rodgers comparison did make me laugh. Some people understand football, but the majority still express that they are graduates of Madden Tecmo Fantasy Camp. The sad thing is, these make up the majority of NFL players and most front offices in this league, not just hair-brained fans.

  33. @realfootballfan

    Where to begin. For 2 mins and 12 secs in 2009 the Cardinals fans were unbelievably euphoric. And not just because that were about to win a championship, but because we were gonna get to flip off every hater and talking head in the world of sports.

    We are tried of the following:

    Cards suck – Cards are stupid for not resigning Rolle and Dansby and trading away Boldin.

    Matt Leinart sucks.- Cards are stupid for letting Leinart go.

    Cards must get a franchise QB.- Cards gave up too much for Kolb.

    Cards are gonna lose Fitz.- Cards paid too much to keep Fitz.

    Cards are cheap.- Cards are spending like Al Davis.

    You get where I’m going with this? The Cards are my team but I follow the news on every and I never see reporting like this about any other franchise. No matter what they do, its wrong in some peoples’ eyes. Last year was a debacle, yes. The defense blew those final 2 mins and 12 secs, yes. The franchise history is bad, yes. But things are different and I’m sure if they win this year, credit for winning will be given to someone else.

  34. stevedco,

    Your comments should make yourself laugh because none of your statements are based in reality. You’re crowing about Whisenhunt having a 9-7 and 10-6 team in by far the worst division in football while having one of the 2 or 3 best QBs in the NFC, lol?

    If WArner wasn’t the main reason they made it to the Super Bowl and were even over .500 to begin with, I must be crazy because I don’t even think the biggest homer would say Leinart was taking you there, Whisenhunt made that pretty clear when he cut him before last season to go with his last proclaimed “he’s got it” guy, Max Hall, lol.

    Furthermore, who signed Warner. Oh, that’s right it was Dennis Green, not Whisenhunt which even more damages your argument that he’s done anything to build that team since he’s been there.

    Larry Fitzgerald, Dockett, actually all of their key players were Dennis Green draft picks or free agents, lol. Name the guy that Whisenhunt picked and has developed..oh, that’s right Levi Brown over Adrian Peterson, hangnail Beanie Wells, or maybe Rogers-Cromarti, but that’s right he just traded him along with a 2nd round pick and his future in Arizona to Philly for a very erratic QB who struggles with pressure, something that Arizona doesn’t particularly have the strength to stop with that open dam they put in front of their offensive backfield every week.

    So go ahead and crow about Whisenhunt beating a 9-6-1 Eagle team, which was in transition as evidence that he’s reformed this organization. It’s quite laughable.

    The 1979 Rams and other such insignificant Super Bowl losers who made one good run upon a shaky foundation say hi. You have to love “fanatics” though because teams can sell their garbage for years without fail on this premise alone.

  35. johnabis says: Aug 26, 2011 11:42 AM

    @ zeussuperman, I agreed with you until the part about we don’t have that kind of QB in philly right now.


    Sorry dude. I love Michael Vick the football player. He’s one of the most dynamic players to ever set foot on a football field.

    But even disregarding the heinous dog thing, Vick never struck me as a guy I could grab a beer with and have a few laughs.

    Love Vick on my team, but if you give me the choice between going on a fishing trip with Kolb or Vick, I’m going with Kolb.

  36. jacksaysfu says: Aug 26, 2011 12:36 PM

    @zeussuperman: Please return your fan card , Eagles dont want a fair weather fan like you . Vick was runner up for MVP .


    When did I say Vick was a bad player or the Eagles were a bad team?

    I said I don’t want to have a beer with Vick.

    Reading is fundamental, dirtbag. Unknot your panties and check something out at your local library, chump.

  37. rabidmike,

    That’s why you’re a fan. However, I’m not downing your organization, I’m just finding the rah rah nonsense to pump up your team’s moves funny. The Eagles are one of the 5 best franchises in football over the last 10 years, but Cardinal fans are talking like Kolb is going to a better situation. The only thing he has better in aZ is Fitzgerald and his receivers in Philly weren’t too shabby.

    All I said was what exactly has Whisenhunt done in terms of reshaping this franchise? He’s a competent NFL coach, most guys who get one of those 32 jobs are.

    However, none of your key players have been his discovery, which calls into question his talent evaluation skills. Therefore, Rod Graves and his scouting staff are who you’re primarily relying on to get you good players.

    Like Seinfeld would say, good luck with all that.

    When the Patriots turned the corner, it was very evident, I’m just saying haven’t seen any kind of change for the Cardinals despite making the Super Bowl, which random teams make all the time (just ask the 80’s Patriots who continued to be one of the league’s worst franchises for 10+ more years).

  38. Just got some reliable info on “segway gate”. Darnell Dockett bought Kolb the segway. Let’s move on.

  39. @realfootballfan and others
    I get what you are saying, I had the Cards penciled in for 12-4 last year with Leinart at the helm. I don’t claim that Kolb is in a better situation, it’s a good place for him to get his shot but if Vick went down he could be really special in Philly. Or he could be a flop. I just think the decision making is improving and 10 years of excellence has to start somewhere. I believe this team is better with Kolb than they would be with Orton and DRC. I believe Beanie will be a better back without Hightower. Is he leading the league in rushing, no, Kolb making the pro bowl, no. Will our defense be better, yes. Is are o line bad yes, but so is Philly’s. The Cards are on a better path, 2008-2009 was a fluke provided by a future HOF QB. But that doesn’t mean the Cards are incapable of becoming better and it just seems like they aren’t getting the credit they deserve for making better decisions. I suppose winning would solve that.

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