NFL donates $1 million to MLK Memorial Foundation


The NFL and NFL Charities have donated $1 million toward the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington.  The Memorial will be dedicated later this year.  (The ceremony had been set for Sunday, but it has been postponed due to Hurricane Irene.)

“We are extremely humbled by the million dollar gift from the NFL owners and the NFL’s charitable foundation,” said Harry E. Johnson, Sr., president and CEO of the MLK Memorial Foundation in a news release.  “This NFL gift moves us one step closer to our $120 million fundraising goal.  The NFL has been a close ally of our Project in Washington, DC as well as a strong supporter for more than two decades of the national holiday in Dr. King’s honor on the third Monday each January.  We are proud the NFL has joined with us to create the first memorial on the National Mall celebrating a man of hope, a man of peace, and a man of color.”

“We are pleased to join our fellow Americans in saluting Dr. King, his legacy and his vision of America,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said.  “The Memorial is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary man who dedicated his life to ensure freedom, equality and opportunity for all.

“We in the NFL believe that professional football is the ultimate meritocracy.  NFL players are measured strictly by their performance on the field regardless of race, religion or economic background.  Our league offers more than 2,500 job opportunities on the field each season to young men as players, coaches and game officials.  We also employ thousands more men and women in our NFL offices and at the 32 clubs.  In the spirit of Dr. King, we work vigorously to maintain an inclusive environment where everyone can reach their fullest potential.  We are proud to have our name associated with Dr. King.”

Nearly 50 years after the historic “I Have a Dream” speech, our society is closer than ever to being truly colorblind.  But more progress must be made before people are judged based only on their skills, abilities, and character, and not on meaningless superficial characteristics like race, gender, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation.

Hopefully by the 100th anniversary of the speech we’ll be there.

20 responses to “NFL donates $1 million to MLK Memorial Foundation

  1. “We are proud the NFL has joined with us to create the first memorial on the National Mall celebrating a man of hope, a man of peace, and a man of color.”

    seems odd that this guy would comment on him being a “man of color”. Pretty sure MLK would have rather that not even be in the conversation at all. He wanted people to be judged on the content of their character. The fact that he was a man of color should be meaningless and not mentioned. That is the place where MLK would like our society to be at.

  2. Eh, honestly I don’t know if Dr. King would be down with freedom of sexual orientation…

    I’ve been watching season three of Mad Men lately and I’ve been pondering this very subject a lot.

  3. If Martin Luther King were white he’d be Marty King, a retired insurance adjustor from Atlanta.

  4. Article misses the point…

    We don’t want the world to be colorblind.

    We should want people to see differences between race, gender, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation.

    See the differences between us, but accept them. That’s the key.

    There’s nothing wrong with noticing that someone is Gay, Black, Jewish, Latino, Atheist, or Inuit.

    The key piece is that we understand our differences, we accept them, and we learn from them. Making us more tolerant, diverse, and empathetic.

    Every time someone says they don’t see color, it annoys me. Because you’re an idiot if you don’t. The only issue is that it doesn’t make you bigoted, or judgmental.

    It’s a round planet, last time I checked. And we’re all on it.

  5. Well that covers the $800,000 demanded by Dr. King’s children for the use of his likeness on the sculpture.

  6. That’s good.. That will cover the $800,000 that King’s family is making the foundation pay them for using his likeness and words. How scummy is that? Greedy bastards..

  7. I’m sure JFK and RFK’s children, who put him on the map of Americas subconscious, won’t ask for a dime…….As Kings heirs just wanna get paid……The man may have spoken the truth, but it’s hallow words now, his family are pimps…..

  8. People have short memories. This guy was a rabble rouser. Go back to the early to mid 60’s, and this guy would not even be considered for a statue!

  9. our countrys schools are falling apart and the nfl can change that with 120 million a year

    Instead of splitting the money to look good why dont the nfl spit it between each states school system and record the funds to make sure it cant be diverted to any pocket books or campaign.

    Talk about making a difference, that would change our country if every nfl team was required to donate such amount to schools.

    I dont beleive they are required at all to donate to schools, Not sure about that one

  10. Political Correctness on the leagues part to the nth degree. That’s a little bit irritating on the face of it, but it’s all fine if the money is used in productive ways. But it’s still highly transparent on the part of the league. Maybe Jessie Jackson dropped a hint that if the NFL didn’t donate he’d start publicly calling them a racist organization and demand they hire his firm for huge money to give them “racial sensitivity training”….but I digress.

    Now, with regards to the MLK Memorial: I think MLKs visions and goals were absolutely awesome. If you go back and listen to the speeches they were all about unification and being one with each other regardless of race. A beautiful vision and one that I share wholeheartedly. However, I think MLK would be spinning in his grave if he saw the present day state of race relations. I also think he’d be very disappointed with the promotion of “Black Culture” (evidenced by RAP/Hip-Hop/ dressing in monolithically black clothes/hateful, ghetto oriented song lyrics, etc…) This is all very much intended to be counter-culture….and as such it is very divisive. He had a vision of unified peoples. I think he’d believe that present day blacks were heading in the wrong direction and towards divisiveness.

    The USA is a great melting pot of all kinds of cultures, religions, ethnicities and races. The thing that has always made it work is that we were all Americans first and foremost. In other words, we MELTED in the great melting pot and blended in regardless of being different than the guy next to you. Everybody has to MELT in the melting pot. “Counter-Culture” causes divisiveness. Certainly, you can be different…of course…we’re ALL different. But that doesn’t mean thumbing your nose at the mainstream while live amongst it. MLK knew it and promoted it.

    He was a great man with a great vision.

  11. Affirmative Action is an openly racist and sexist policy. Until it is repealed, we will always have a racist society.

  12. Bill Clinton ordered all the FBI files on Martin Luther King Jr be classified for another 50 years.

    I wonder how people will think about such monuments when those files are made public,

    and why the government needed those files classified.

  13. Just so you guys know, MLK was a Republican. See, he realized that Planned Parenthood was founded on the basis of eugenics. That’s why founder Margaret Sanger opened the first abortion clinics in Harlem. Her vision was to remove what she saw as “undesireables” from society to make for a better society. He knew that it was Democrats that flilbustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He knew that Republicans freed the slaves. Unfortunately, he didn’t really live long enough to see Democrats engage in the ultimate misdirection play by claiming that it’s the Republicans that are the racists because they didn’t want to give blacks every incentive to NOT try to better themselves.

  14. You guys also should know that a Chinese sculptor was commissioned to make this statue. I guess there are no good sculptors in the US. Also, the “Magical Misery Tour” bus that Obama was touring in was made in Canada. Last but not least, Obama’s “chairman of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness”, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, has laid off a crapload of US workers since Obama was elected and will move GE’s X-ray HQ to China as part of a plan to invest about $2 billion across China.

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