Report: “Good chance” Joselio Hanson gets dealt


We entered August thinking cornerback Asante Samuel might get traded from the Eagles to ease the team’s logjam at the position.

With no appropriate offers for Samuel arriving, it appears the Eagles will make a smaller deal.  Reuben Frank of reports the team has received “multiple” offers for Joselio Hanson and there is a “good chance” he will get dealt.

Former Eagles coordinator Sean McDermott is in Carolina and makes sense as a possible suitor. Hanson is due $1.88 million and can handle a nickel back role.

We  can’t imagine he’ll go for anything higher than a late-round pick.  Expect a lot of small trades after every team plays their third preseason game.

38 responses to “Report: “Good chance” Joselio Hanson gets dealt

  1. It would be a smart move for them to trade em with that type of depth they have at CB. Get a pick or two for him, free up the cap space and spend it on a O-linemen or a LB thats in free agency.

  2. Having been so pleased with the deal Philly gave them on McNabb, Washington has offered a 3rd and Kyle Shanahan’s 1st born.

  3. Most teams could probably pick up someone comparable as a free agent after rosters come down to 53. He’s a serviceable nickleback but nothing special, and I’m sure the Birds would like to get younger at CB behind their top 3. Good for them if they can get anything for him.

  4. Jerry reese make it happen den he can chek steve smith to see who got a betta bargain 2x a year

  5. As a skins fan, I can only admire how the eagles run their front office. We can only hope that we will get there with Bruce Allen. As much as I can’t stand their fans, I have to give their front office props.

  6. Hanson to Carolina makes perfect sense. Carolina is in dire need of DB help and he’s already played under McDermott. Furthermore, the Panthers are extremely deep at the LB position and that’s one of the places the Eagles could use some serious help. I’d rather see this trade get a little more interesting than just a late pick from the Panthers. Toss in a LB and maybe some picks one way or the other depending on who it is and make something out of this. It would be a win-win situation for both teams.

  7. Draft picks are currency in the NFL.
    There is value even in 7th rounders because you can’t spend what you don’t have.
    Stockpiling, then trading a few away for higher picks in the next years draft is how teams get powerful.

  8. cowboyhater: don’t hate all of us igglesfans. we got at least 3 things in common: (1) we’re not fond of dallas, (2) we’re gonna get hit by the hurricane, and (3) we hoped McNabb would have been a little bit better.

    as an eagles fan, i gotta give the Skins’ trophy case its props: i wish we had some of that hardware in Philly.

  9. I can’t see them getting anything more than a 6/7 round pick for him. They only got a 5th round pick for Sheldon Brown.

  10. In light of the rule that a trade can’t be finalized until the player is officially notified, Joselio Hanson has thrown his cell phone in the ocean, and moved to a cave in Tibet.

  11. udwnwitjpp says:
    Aug 26, 2011 2:06 PM
    Jerry reese make it happen den he can chek steve smith to see who got a betta bargain 2x a year

    This is yet another post by you that has shown your failure to grasp the English language and proper grammar. Please go back to school before you post anything else.

  12. This may have already been said, but I’m just doing a quick “fly by” between appointments….

    But ANYTHING we can get for Jose is worth taking. 7th rounder, cash, footballs, LB help, etc…..

    Not because he isn’t good, he is an above average corner in the league and would be a solid number 2 or nickel on most teams. But the truth is, he was going to get cut anyhow. The birds are high on Marsh, Hughes, Calvin and Lindley, all of whom are at least 5 years younger than Jose.

    Don’t be surprised to see the birds deal a DT as well. We have a ton of quality depth there too.

  13. UDWNWITJPP, See who got a better bargain???? Keep in mind that Philly gave the giants ZERO to sign Steve Smith. It seems like some of you giants fans are just looking for ways to justify losing Smith lol. If you guys DO get Hanson, you will be forced to hand over some more players or draft picks as well. So Philly would be taking Steve Smith AND whatever else they would get for Hanson.

  14. Eagles will get a third rounder for Joselio as he is a quality corner
    from a quality program The worse they get is a
    4th from Carolina Book it!! Hey yo

  15. icelovinbrotha215

    i have to disagree with you there. the giants starting corners are ross and webster….not too shaby at all, and prince will be back around the bye week. the unit is definately thin…and cant sustain any more key injuries…but its not a debacle at all.

    as far as trades for the eagles….like another poster said, the eagles are going to have no choice but to cut a decent CB or two, and every other team knows this. his trade value isnt going to be that great.

  16. Go ahead!!! What are the Eagles waiting for???

    He’s sucked ever since he got his contract extension after 2008!!!

  17. The Eagles might as well trade him to the Giants and exploit him like how they did with McNabb in Washington!!!

  18. eagles are gonna implode because they are the eagles!
    can’t blame the guy,i’d wanna leave too!

  19. Having been so pleased with the deal Philly gave them on McNabb, Washington has offered a 3rd and Kyle Shanahan’s 1st born.
    hahaha, funny, but honestly i dont see Hansen in Washington. Someone also mentioned the Giants, i think they signed Brian Williams so i dont see that either. Carolina for a 4th or 5th round pick, possibly a 5th and a 7th or just a player for player swap and likely involved Dan Conner.

  20. icelovinbrotha215 says: Aug 26, 2011 2:13 PM

    Just don’t trade him to the G-Men. We shouldn’t help them solve their debacle at corner. Fly Eagles Fly.


    They need outside corners, though. Eagles fans know too well what happens when we try to have Jose cover outside *shudder*. Might not be the worst trade.

    Anyway, Reid will trade anyone to any team, he’s proven that before.

  21. Dont trade him for a pick cause the eagles already have 11 picks next yr. What are they going to do with all those picks, drop them. Cause once you signed them thats guaranteed money they are getting. So having so many drafts picks and not playing to me is wasting money. Trade for a value player please!

  22. …can’t blame the guy,i’d wanna leave too!


    Nobody said he wanted to leave. The Eagles have too much depth and money tied up in the corner position, so theory is someone can be let go…and they have received offers for Hanson.

    Hanson is a better than average, underated, nickle back. Definitely good enough to trade rather than release.

    They should be able to easily get a 6th rd pick from somone given that several teams really need help at corner. A 5th is not out of the question. The stingy Eagles gave up 2 5th rd picks for Ellis Hobbs and Hanson is better. The Eagles will probably want at least a 5th.

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