Shanahan doesn’t see separation at quarterback


There wasn’t much to separate Rex Grossman and John Beck on Thursday night.

Both had four drives and led touchdown drives with the first team offense.  Both threw a touchdown pass.  (Beck did it with backups.)  Both players had a few drives with the starters that looked ugly, but they bounced back. (Beck also threw an interception.)

It was a mixed performance with promise.

“I’m going to evaluate them all the way through camp, all the way through the last preseason game, possibly up to the day before we play the Giants,” coach Mike Shanahan said via “It all depends on if someone separates themselves.”

That didn’t happen Thursday night.

“They’ve played well enough to date for people to see that, even outside our organization, and hopefully they keep on playing well,” Shanahan said.

The Redskins are the rare team that may use the fourth preseason game as more than a running of the slappies.

UPDATE: Sound from the quarterbacks, including Beck using the phrase “mental quicksand.”

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51 responses to “Shanahan doesn’t see separation at quarterback

  1. That would be due to the fact that they’re both mediocre.

    Beck’s going to get the start because the OC will “stand on the table” for him again.

  2. The Redskins are the rare team that may use the fourth preseason game as more than a running of the slappies.

    Except that you won’t be able to take much from either QBs performance because they will definitely be playing against the “slappies”.

  3. This fact will put them at the NFC East basement this season. Remember, Duck & cover this weekend.

  4. Why? For once, we are not going into the season with unrealistic expectations. So why would we be scared? Regardless of which one of them wins the QB battle, we expect to be a run-first team this year.

  5. you guys are idiots. skins not in last place in division, fight for a playoff spot, either qb is good enough in the system to win games. should be grossman but we’ll see

  6. Our defense has improved enough that all we need is a QB to not lose the game for us.

    If either guy can just convert a few third downs and not commit many turnovers hightower and the defense will take care of rest…

    hail skins!

  7. broncobeta says: Aug 26, 2011 9:12 AM

    The title of the piece should scare the hell out of Redskins fans.


    And then there are those of us who actually watched the game, so we know how they actually played (not what all the preconceived notions are according to every pundit and poster out there.) The fact is, these are two “serviceable” Quarterbacks. No, you don’t have Tom Brady on your team. But you also don’t have Jamarcus Russell. With the rest of the team vastly improved, getting one of these guys to make a few plays and cut down turnovers could be enough for the team to be competitive.

    And NEWSFLASH: Redskins starters beat Ravens starters 21-14. Those of you forecasting ultimate distaster time and time again are just basing your comments on LAST YEAR. At least respond to what is happening now. You honestly sound like you don’t know what you are talking about. No, the Redskins are not a playoff team yet, but they are clearly not the disaster everyone is predicting. They are what they are: an improved and rebuilding team.

  8. If yea really watch and analyze, Beck is better than Rex. Beck makes less mistakes, takes fewer chances. Outside of a overthrown ball that got picked, I thought Beck looked very solid. I’m not a Skins fan, but I don’t think they will be as bad as people think. I think Philly fans should worry more about their Offensive line the the Skins should worry about this.

  9. Ya know, as a Redskins fan, this whole quarterback thing worries the hell out of me. I think it’s going to be Beck… There seemed to be an “extra step” in the offence when he was on the field.

  10. ….thats funny, cause we already took your next best option. Sorry Shanahan, you are not as good of a coach as you think you are (aka chili).

  11. Maybe the Skins could give the Pats a second rounder for Hoyer or Mallet, with it becoming a first if they throw 15 TD’s this year.

  12. @pabillsfan youre right, the fact that your team has not made the playoffs this century is a much bigger problem to worry about

  13. Skins will be better. That may mean 7 wins, but given how they’re building the roster with youth, athleticism and guys that fit their system, I’m already happy.

    At some point — and I dont know if that’s this year, next year, or the year after — the skins are going to be very good.

  14. tundey says:
    Aug 26, 2011 9:20 AM
    For once, we are not going into the season with unrealistic expectations.


    Really? You don’t think that Skins fans’ expectations haven’t quickly become unrealistic during this preseason? Have you listened to the sportstalk shows after the preseason games when the flood of callers declare that the Skins are ready to compete for/in the playoffs? This is a team that was generally doomed to 4-5 wins before the preseason started. People were ready to throw their tickets into the Potomac. Now people are delaring that Hightower is the second-coming, and that Grossman will be great, if he’s finally given a chance to show what he can do (like he hasn’t had chances to this point?). If there’s any doubt as to how unrealistic the expectations are becoming, look at the posts below yours…

    “skins not in last place in division, fight for a playoff spot, either qb is good enough in the system to win games.”

    “Redskins will compete with any team in the east.”


    “..all we need is a QB to not lose the game for us.”

    I don’t think that either Beck or Grossman are good enough to live up to this. They’re bad. They may have looked decent in the preseason when opposing defenses are running vanilla schemes and not giving away any of their good packages before the real season starts, but they’re going to be really bad once the regula season starts. There’s a reason why no other team in the league wanted to sign Grossman – and Beck’s performing the same as him.

    At WR, your depth stops after Santana Moss – even he’s going into his 11th season. Gafney’s been touted locally so far, but he had his career highs for yards and catches last year in his 9th season. Players generally don’t keep getting better that late in their careers. Rather, they start sliding backwards. Besides, the fact that they still let Malcolm Kelly take up a spot on the roster says enough about their WRs.

    The only thing that will keep the skins from being blown out most games is if they can manage to run the ball effectively in order to keep the clock running.

  15. vikefan says:

    ….thats funny, cause we already took your next best option. Sorry Shanahan, you are not as good of a coach as you think you are (aka chili).


    Really? You know you’re in trouble when,” throw it into the ground” Mcflab is your best option. Hey vikefan enjoy the McChoke era.

  16. I liked the look of Beck, and Grossman looked as bad as he usually did with the Bears….how does this guy compete for a starters job?

  17. The Skins gave the mighty Crows all they could handle in the 1st half, and subtract some bad penalties that kept Crow scoring drives alive and the first half score isn’t close. So either the Skins are much improved, or the Crows are in trouble. We will have to see which is which come Sept. 11th.

    And I feel strongly Beck has to start. Rex has the slight advantage with passing, but Beck’s mobility and presence is a noticeable advantage over Rex. And based on sideline interviews during the game I could tell Rex sees what’s coming.

    Fans of other teams can dog the Skins all they want, but get your licks in while you can. Real improvement is being made. This is re-buiding time, not contending time, but the time for contending for the Skins is a lot closer than fans of other NFC East would llike to admit. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  18. “They may have looked decent in the preseason when opposing defenses are running vanilla schemes and not giving away any of their good packages before the real season starts”

    That swings both ways. Our Offense was vanilla, wait until we start using our “good packages”.

  19. I wonder if Moss can throw the ball… or they can run the wildcat all year with Torain, Helu, and Hightower…

    Honestly I don’t know why Wash wasn’t in trade talks with Denver about acquiring Orton, as a Broncos fan I wouldn’t have liked to see it but on the standpoint for Washington it makes sense.

  20. @broncosfan3007

    Sorry, it makes no sense. The Skins got burned by the McNabb trade and McNabb is a pro-bowler at least. With Grossman on the roster trading for Orton would be a lateral move. Why waste a pick?

  21. wethog66

    Orton is a top 15 QB in this league, I understand McNabb didn’t perform well in Wash, but really Grossman!? Literally the only team Grossman has a chance to start with is Wash and that is only because of their lack of QB’s. Grossman is not a top 32 QB in this league period.

    Some may say well “Orton only won 3 games last year”, but really he performed better than probably anyone on their team last year other than Brandon Lloyd and some may argue that. The fact of the matter is, had he not been injured he would have posted pro bowl numbers last year. Denver’s defense was consistently putting Denver’s offense in bad positions.

  22. holdthemayo123 says: Aug 26, 2011 9:33 AM

    Wow, are all Skins fans this completely delusional?


    the only people who are delusional are non-Skins fans who only look at the names John Beck and Rex Grossman and assume that this team is going to be the worst in the league.

  23. Im not really trying to justify anything…but actually all the NFC East Teams have looked pretty much like garbage. The problem though is ….your not supposed to look like garbage..I thought just the Skins were……Dont Sleep.

  24. Wait till Shanny goes back ward straitjacket somewhere before mid season. Whichever QB toes the Shanny line better will get the nod. Hail!

  25. Being a bills fan i understand the redskins fans pain. but im glad we do not have this problem lol

    You have an even worse problem, you have Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  26. Any serious Skins fan knows that they are rebuilding. They are moving in the right direction, built many pieces in off-season. I think they have gotten better in all phases compared to a year ago. This coupled with the fact that there is no drama makes for an interesting year.

    They will win games by rushing the football, defense, and good but not great QB play. I think Beck will start, and could give the skins consistent play.

    In the NFL there are only a few degrees of separation between many teams, parady rules. Only a few really elite teams out there. Eagles on paper could be elite, but not a sure thing. Rest of the division is anyone’s guess.

    In the end Skins could vie for a wild card with a few breaks, their schedule is not too bad.

  27. levingibbs says:
    the only people who are delusional are non-Skins fans who only look at the names John Beck and Rex Grossman and assume that this team is going to be the worst in the league.
    Yeah, because the names “Beck” and “Grossman” strike fear in the hearts of Defensive Coordinators acrossthe NFL, right?

    The typical NFC coach couldn’t pick Beck out of a police line-up, and thought Grossman had retired.

  28. ndallasrush worry about your overrated ass team. That’s you guys problem u suck and don’t even realize it! Guess what your team was 6-10 too last season.

  29. pabillsfan yeah u don’t even have a freakin QB at all. Your franchise sucks and have never won and will never win! Your roster as qcwhole sucks.

  30. granadafan says:Aug 26, 2011 11:52 AM

    Say what you will about Donovan, the two guys Beck and Grossman are downgrades from McNabb.
    Really another D-Bag “expert”!
    Some of us watched the competition last year and everyone concluded that Grossman was more successful than “I’m not wearing a wristband” McNabb.

    So “say what you will” while the rest of us shut our mouths and conclude with our eyes. I can’t wait for the season as the ‘Skins will be around .500 and the rest of you slugs disappear.

  31. @broncosfan3007

    so u r suggesting that the skins trade for Kyle Orten. the same guy who went back and forth with Grossman in Chicago? He didn’t prove he was so much better than Grossman WHEN THEY WERE ON THE SAME TEAM why trade for that guy now? he played ok in denver, because he does throw pretty accurate, but he had the chance to throw jump balls to brandon marshall and brandon llyod for a year.

    You know when Orten and Grossman WERE ON THE SAME TEAM everyone said they BOTH sucked, they were considered so bad that Chicago traded THE HOUSE, AND EVERY ANIMAL IN THE BARN to get Cutler and what did cutler do? PLAY WORSE THAN GROSSMAN.

    my point being, REAL football fans know all player including quarterbacks can progress and be much better than they were before, or they can fall off and be worse.

    in my opinion, Grossman and Beck are much better than they were four years ago.

    while in comparison, McNabb is much worse than he was four years ago. some of people need to get facts straight, and stop just rolling with headlines and stupid opinions, because OPINIONS ARE MADE TO BE DISPROVEN

  32. Anyone that challangez the fact that Mcnabb isn’t one of the top tier Qb’s to ever play the game is am idiot! He has thrown over 35,000 yards, he led philly to 4 consec NFCCG’s including a SuperBowl. His receivers were average until post TO era. He is a stud and winner. His 1yr drift into the chaos that is Washington , was more of a situational story than anything. Only in phily, would you call Mcnabb a loser.
    Really irritates me when he doesnt get respect!
    That being said, my beloved Vikes would be a 4-5 win teamthis yr, with Mcnabb they will be a respectable 10-6 easy. Prob will miss the playoffs but I’m blessed to have him. He’s a winner and class act!

  33. I find all of the comments from other team’s fans rather funny. It’s clear that they either don’t know the game or have an axe to grind. All of the trade comments are amusing also. You realize that the Skins purposely did not take a QB this year because they knew there were not going to be any OTA’s this year so they were going to have to go with a QB that knew the system. It’s an advantage they had having Beck signed and Grossman coming back rather than bring a guy in from another team or drafting a player that they weren’t sold on and then trying to get him up to speed in a month. Keep shoveling dirt on Shanny. One thing he has done in the past couple of years is change the culture of this team. Gone are most of the lazy players and in are hardworking professional guys. The team is rebuilding and as a fan, it’s good to see the Skins going back to the formula of building a team with team guys and not with individuals. This was the formula that allowed them to be one of the dominant teams in the 80’s. It’s just hard to believe that it took them 20 years to figure it out.

  34. This team would be so much better if they still had Jason Campbell. However, Jason would be unhinged. It’s a sad thing to know you’re better off with Al Davis, isn’t it?

  35. @prplpuzzertz

    I did not say that Donovan McNabb is not one of the Top Tier QB’s to ever play the game.

    I said He’s not as good as was FOUR YEARS AGO, and I think that’s fair to say. Me being a fan of the redskins, that ALWAYS supported McNabb and the eagles during his playoff runs understands this.

    He was even in the top 4 qb’s at one point, the way he lead that team and made plays with his legs and throwing the ball, the problem is,

    he reached a point as passer, and never progressed pass that point. He never stopped overthrowing WIDE OPEN PEOPLE and He never stopped throwing balls in the DIRT instead of the numbers on jerseys.

    this was ok, when his legs were younger, and could stay healthy, he hasn’t played 16 games in how many years because of leg problems? granted he would of played all the games last years had he not gotten benched, but guess what his hamstrings were torn from preseason on, HE WASN’T HEALTHY, when he can’t run like he wants to not the same qb as four years ago.

    the reason why philly lost to Dallas two weeks in a row his last year as an eagle, mcnabb had to stay in the pocket because of zone defense lead to him overthrowing Deshaun Jackson several times? D Jack, who overthrows that guy, if he does not step his game up, and go “back to basics” as he stated in video this year, you vikings fans will see.

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