Bengals fear Bo Scaife will miss the season

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Free agent tight end Bo Scaife left the Titans to sign a one-year contract with the Bengals this month. That one year may be spent on injured reserve. reports that there’s a fear that Scaife suffered a season-ending shoulder injury Thursday.

If Scaife can’t go, the Bengals will need tight end Chase Coffman, a 2009 third-round pick, to step up. Coffman has been limited by injuries to just six games in two seasons. Jermaine Gresham remains the Bengals’ starting tight end.

Scaife has 251 receptions for 2,383 yards and 12 touchdowns in six NFL seasons, all with the Titans. Last year he started 13 games for Tennessee.

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  1. You fail to mention undrafted FA TE Colin Cochart who, by all accounts, is blocking like a tiger and putting in a darn fine camp.

    The Bengals needed a blocking TE to replace Reggie Kelly, and may have found one in Cochart.

    It has never been a ‘gimme’ that Scaife had made the 53 anyway.

  2. @LondonBengal

    I 100% agree. Cochart has been thoroughly impressive in camp and on the field with limited action. The Bengals wanted a veteran presence to help tutor and mold these young tight ends, and it’s a shame Bo Scaife got hurt, but let’s hope his off-field leadership is better than the on-field skills he has been showing in pre-season because that hasn’t been too good.

  3. Coffman hasn’t been limited because of injuries, but rather the fact they’re coaching him to be a traditional nfl TE. He was more of a receiver during college in Mizzou’s crazy spread offense.

    It’s an unfortunate blow to lose Bo, but I’d rather lose a backup than a starter…

  4. As a Titans fan that’s watched this guy for years… I’m not sure if “fear” is the operative word here. I’ve never seen someone get hit in the face with balls as much as Scaife that wasn’t doing porn.

  5. @ ‘eaglesfan290’,

    Sure, were the Bengals, we need 22 starters at all positions, right ??. We’re gonna suck all year and go 0-16; and be a lock for the Andrew Luck pick next year.

    Unlike the ‘all-world’ dream team you got there in Philly, we might as well give y’all the Lombardi right now. No pressure there then…….

    We all know the NFL just ain’t like that. You’re just a couple of injuries from Vince Young and being 8-8. You better pray the football gods are smiling on you.

    Perhaps we should just play the damn games and just see how this season plays out.

  6. @ TheFiesty

    Smartass comments aren’t quite so effective when you “bungle” the English language..
    It’s “shouldn’t have” not “shouldn’t of”..
    Now you know.

  7. @Eaglesfan290:

    Bud, your Eagles O-Line is exponentially worse than the Bengals O-Line.

    One example of that will be that the Bengals are gonna probably release Max Jean-Gilles, and he started 10 games for your team last year.

  8. Jeez….what a crushing blow to the Bengals’ chances this year.

    I’m afraid they could really end up struggling because of this.

  9. 2 year’s ago the Bengals swept the division, your all mighty Steelers and Ravens! Since then we’ve lost our franchise quitter QB and our all time leading idiot at WR. If the Colts lost Payton and Reggie or the pat’s lost Brady and Welker, my guess is they may need a little time to reload as well. I’m not gonna sweat all the negetive Bengal talk…Pitt. and Baltimore probably didn’t think we’d be very good in ’09 either! Win on sunday baby! Go Bengals

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