Desmond Clark, Marion Barber injured for Bears

On a night with more than a few injuries during preseason action, the Bears suffered a pair.

Running back Marion Barber left the first half of the game against the Titans with a calf injury.  In the fourth quarter, tight end Desmond Clark was carted off with a potentially serious knee injury.

The Titans defeated the Bears, 14-13.  The good news, if there is any, for the Bears is that the offensive line allowed only one sack.

19 responses to “Desmond Clark, Marion Barber injured for Bears

  1. “Let’s hear it Bear fans! “Fourth in the North!””


    Yeah, because both are vital to the Bears.

    Let’s hear it Packer fans, our players are rape free,…..well, at least for last season.

  2. The Pack wont be back this year! Nice first round pick ! Pack will be 2nd in the North again and no.. they are not beating DaBearsk in the playoffs again… The line is getting their act together… Bears held Rodgers in check all three games and will do so again this year … Roy will get it straightened out or he hits da bench and Johnny gets more run… simple as that and Bears are headin to the Super Bowl !

  3. “Let’s hear it Packer fans, our players are rape free,…..well, at least for last season.”

    Oh, man. I hope you’re not digging all the way back to the unholy 80’s trinity of Eddie Lee Ivery, Lofton and Mossy Cade…. OK Mark Chmura wasn’t a choirboy either.

  4. Bid deal. So the whining, sniveling, spoiled little brat Cutler only got sacked once against a rebuilding defense with a new head coach.

    The Bears still have no receivers for him to throw to and with the injury to Clark he now has even less. Saying the Bears have no #1 receiver is a no-brainer. In reality, they don’t even have a #2.

    As bad a coach as Josh (The Franchise Killer) McDaniels was, he did do one thing well. He hoodwinked DuhBears into a trade that will haunt them for years to come. Two first round picks plus the classy Kyle Orton for a cry baby has to be one of the top 10 all-time lopsided trades in NFL history.

    THANK YOU CHICAGO !!!!!!!!

  5. The bears are the biggest joke in the NFL. They strike fear in nobody but themselves. G’s up B’s down if them bears can’t swim they bown to drizown

  6. Can’t wait to see the Lions kill a few more Bears on MNF. The Lions are moving up and the Bears continue to regress. If it wasn’t enough to take the freakin coaches that lead the 0-16 gem, they go and pick up Roy Dropped Pass Williams. You can’t write this kind of humor. I hear Joey Harrington will be looking for a job. If he can survive getting hit by a SUV, he might survive behind that oline.

  7. Hey Denverdud how is the Cutler trade working for Denver? All the picks Denver made flopped, your coach got fired, and Orton is leaving after this year. Bears made the NFC Championship game.
    Good trade Denver lol

  8. I really wish my fellow broncos fans (looking at you denverdude7) would stop crying about Cutler. Suck it up, Cutler is better than any qb on our roster right with it.

  9. Will be VERY happy in a couple of weeks here, no more talking, time to prove it on the field will be here. As a Lions fan The only “excuse” I’ve ever used was Matt Millen [Really, what else would i need? lol] But the woulda, coulda, shouldas??? I stand by my prediction of a 9 win season minimum, don’t know about playoffs, Tampa won 10 and missed ’em, and that seems to happen to someone every year. What I DO know, is when we finish up .500 THEN, Bears fans will say “Well, do it 2 years in a row and then we’ll put you on the radar”. Let me cut you off now Bears fans to let you know YOU have exactly 2 back to back seasons in the last 20 years…keep that in mind because I KNOW that is where you’ll go next. FYI, you’re dead come October 10, 2011. That wont be a game, that will be Jay Cutler’s funeral…nationally televised. We owe you chumps a loss and a broken QB….all debts will be paid in full

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