Florio Jr.’s team pulls off a season-opening win

OK, so with plenty of meaningless NFL games still be played, it makes sense to share a little info about a meaningful high school game, right?

If you disagree, keep scrolling.

Florio Jr. played his first varsity game tonight for Notre Dame High School, and he spent plenty of time on the field, on offense, defense, and special teams as the Fighting Irish repeatedly applied a shillelagh to a hive of Hundred Hornets, 67-12.

Highlights are available thanks to our friends at 304sports.com and WDTV.ย  You may recognize that one of the hosts is my former PFTV partner Joe Brocato.ย  And at the 4:20 mark of the segment, you may recognize Florio Jr. (No. 52) getting away with a block in the back.

Florio Jr. and his teammates are back in action next Friday.