No suspension for Aqib Talib


At a time when the NFL has gotten so many things wrong, it’s refreshing to see the league get something right.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league won’t suspend Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib.

This report contradicts a recent report from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports that Talib “can expect” to be suspended four games.

Of course, Talib possibly will still be disciplined in the form of a fine.  But if Schefter’s report is accurate, perhaps it means that the league finally has realized that it’s wrong, and potentially legally indefensible, to suspend a guy who did something on his own time at a time when all time was his own time, thanks to the padlocks on the doors to his place of work.  (That said, Talib shouldn’t be fined under that same rationale, either.)

Talib faces charges of aggravated assault in Texas after allegedly pistol-whipping and firing shots at his sister’s boyfriend.

Plenty of folks think Talib and other players like Kenny Britt should be subject to suspension for conduct occurring during the lockout, possibly since those players have a widespread, and arguably deserved, reputation as bad guys.  Still, the league has no business dictating behavior to grown men at a time when the league was forbidding those grown men from coming to work.

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  1. I been trying to tell Adam Schein, Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan to stop their quick rush to judgement

  2. Are you kidding me?

    I understand with the lockout he wasn’t technically employed by the NFL. Having said that, they made several decisions in the recent past to suspend players basically for making the NFL look bad by breaking the law.

    So how does he not get suspended (even one game) for attempted murder/assault with a deadly weapon?

  3. I’m also glad they got it right i mean who would want to punish such a outstanding member of our society.
    I mean there is nothing wrong with pistol whipping and firing shots at people is there.

  4. “Perhaps it means that the league finally has realized that it’s wrong, and potentially legally indefensible, to take employment action against a guy who did something on his own time at a time when all time was his own time.”

    I’d bet that Terrelle Pryor wishes that they learned this lesson about a week ago.

  5. So by your logic as an employer I don’t have to consider the actions of a potential employee because they weren’t employed by my company yet? I don’t need to hesitate on hiring a guy who has been charged with actions amounting to attempted murder.

    What fricken law school gave you a degree?

    Of course the NFL and the Tampa Bay Bucs get to say what kind of people are on their payroll.

  6. How long till the Steeler fans start posting “If he was on the Steelers he’d be suspended for 3 or 4 years. Big Ben definitely didn’t rape 2 girls and he was suspsended for 4 games.”

  7. Its unfair to compare him to Pacman since this guy can actually play but like Pacman its only a matter of time before he screws up again…then theyll get him.

  8. Well, where I come from if you shoot at someone or pistol-whip them, you probably lose your job, let alone get a suspension. But whatever… let’s applaud the NFL for not suspending this guy. Yay.

    Maybe they should start acting like “grown men” before you go calling them that, Mike.

  9. Refreshing to se the league get something right?

    Terrelle Pryor gets 5 games and he wasn’t even in the league. Talib isnt a first time offender and he gets nothing? Not even a benching for one half?

    What this ruling really shows is that it is ok to use a gun to beat the hell out out somebody just as long as you actually discharge it against yourself in the process.

    In his favor, at least it happened in Texas and not New York.

  10. he represents the nfl….who cares who’s time he was on? i guess if he raped and killed three women while he was locked out that that would be ok as well? give me a break.

  11. Good news for Tampa Bay’s secondary. They’ll need him against Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, and Reggie Wayne in the first four weeks of the regular season.

  12. I don’t care if it was during a lockout, that is a ridiculous excuse. To say that an employer has no control over an employees actions during a work stoppage can only happen within a union.

    To have absolutely no one from the league office or the team suspend him for his actions is completely ludicrous. This guy would have been fired on the spot if not for union representation.

    Complete nonsense what this country has become…allowing turds such as this to get away with whatever the hell they want thanks to a union.

    Unions – making the lazy lazier…since 1794.

  13. You people seem to forget that Talib was protecting his sister from Domestic Violence. But you scrubs would have probably let that happen to your family. Apparently none of you have any balls.

  14. As far as precedent goes, Goodell wrote the following to Big Ben for his Georgia incident. Couldnt the same things be copy pasted for Talib? 6 game suspension as well?

    Wrote Mr. Goodell: “The Personal Conduct Policy makes clear that I may impose discipline ‘even where the conduct does not result in conviction of a crime’ as, for example, where the conduct ‘imposes inherent danger to the safety and well being of another person.’ ”

    Among other excerpts from Mr. Goodell’s letter to Mr. Roethlisberger:

    • “I recognize that the allegations in Georgia were disputed and that they did not result in criminal charges being filed against you. My decision today is not based on a finding that you violated Georgia law, or on a conclusion that differs from that of the local prosecutor. That said, you are held to a higher standard as an NFL player, and there is nothing about your conduct in Milledgeville that can remotely be described as admirable, responsible, or consistent with either the values of the league or the expectations of our fans.”

    • “Your conduct raises sufficient concerns that I believe effective intervention now is the best step for your personal and professional welfare.”

    • “I believe it is essential that you take full advantage of the resources available to you. My ultimate disposition in this matter will be influenced by the extent to which you do so, what you learn as a result, and a demonstrated commitment to making positive change in your life.

  15. tbf22

    no friend….most of us are civilized human beings who wouldnt be in that sort of nonsensical sitution to begin with. the guy is garbage….stop making yourself look idiotic by trying to defend him.

  16. mmmpieyummy

    im in a union…and trust me, if this were me, id be suspended, INDEFINATELY, without pay. the entire NFL ctaers to the criminal element, and has been doing so for quite a while now.

  17. In Texas it is legal to carry a gun. he used it to defend his family. I’d do the same thing if someone was beating on my sister. But you can say what you want about it being because he’s a gangster or whatever. But he was protecting his family.

  18. whats up with the thumb downs? you guys wouldn’t protect your family?

    like I said. people here have no balls. 😉

  19. “Still, the league has no business dictating behavior to grown men at a time when the league was forbidding those grown men from coming to work.”

    We’re not talking about someone who cussed out a stripper. We’re talking about someone who tried to kill another human being. I dont think locking the doors had anything to do with it. The lockout had only been in place 9 days. In 2010 the Bucs didnt have anything scheduled til April at the earliest.

    “he used it to defend his family. I’d do the same thing if someone was beating on my sister.”

    Its hard to make that argument considering he was at his targets house.

  20. I find it amusing that so many seemingly well-educated still cannot grasp the idea of “innocent until proven guilty”. Instead, they would rather take as fact something that they may have read in a “report” which only states the alleged events and leaves much room for speculation. Amazingly, these allegations are taken as fact, though no one other than the parties named in the “report” were present, and subsequently only those named in the report actually know what happened. Still, based on these unproven allegations or events, these same well educated individuals want this guy to pay for a crime he may or may not have committed, simply because that’s what they’ve read. I hope none of you are on any jury where an innocent person stands trial for their freedom.

  21. It’s an absolute embarrassment that the league gives this “cretin” a pass for being the trigger man in a shooting but Pryor gets a 5 game suspension for taking illegal benifits while in college.

  22. @ jdandcoke:

    I totally agree…I am non-union but work with both the CWA and IBEW and they would never tolerate this kind of behavior. But I have also seen some people get away with some pretty messed up crap that I would be fired for immediately.

    I probably shouldn’t lump all unions together, because obviously the NFLPA is quite the piece of work and holds players exempt from pretty much just being a jackass.

    And now I think I will go mix me a Jack & Coke. 🙂

  23. yeah it kinda sucks when your sister lives with the fool…

    Go ahead and keep defending a convicted woman beater… lolu

  24. For all you Talib bashers out there, put yourself in his position. I don’t know about you’ll but if I legally owned a pistol and I saw some clown beating on my sister, guess what? I’m going duke nukem on that guy. I’m just sayin….

  25. All those saying he shot somebody, he needs suspending, Ben got suspended, etc, etc need to quit commenting because all they do is make themsleves look dumb.

    “He shot at somebody”
    Were you there?
    Did you see it all go down?
    You better get yourself down to the cops and tell them this because so far you are the only person in the world other than the convicted peadophile/woman beater “victim” who saw this version of events.

    “Ben got suspended”
    Ben did it, what else happens when a guy locks a girl in a room with him and has security on the door?
    Aqib on the other hand seems to have merely been in the area where a gun was fired at a guy the cops allowed to return to the scene of his crime from earlier that day (beating on Aqibs sister) in the hopes of finishing the job. What was Aqib meant to say to her when he got the call “Phone the cops AGAIN.” Just being in the area of someone firing a gun doesn’t make you gulity, not one witness “other than the scumbag “victim”” including ex cops says they saw Aqib with a gun.

    “He should be suspended”
    Because he was tried in the media with reports that had no regards for the facts of what happened.
    You don’t punish based on reputation and rumour, you punish based on the facts presented and in this case it shows at this time he appears innocent of all charges other than being there to support his sister.

  26. The Bucs can’t fill their seats as it is. Suspending Talib will not help the situation. Don’t think Goodell doesn’t realize this. It’s a money driven league!

  27. lexnekst says:
    Aug 27, 2011 8:51 PM
    Britt still taking that ass whupping Andre Johnson put on him out on other people…

    I think you’re talking about Cortland Finnegan

  28. All you jerkoffs that say suspend Talib without really knowing the facts are idiots…You are going on what you read which more than likely is BS printed by some hack…What if this was Brady that was protecting Giselle or Peyton protecting his wife and kids and they had a weapon and had to fire it or god forbid if Goodell had this happen to him…Would he suspend himself…Maybe ..Just maybe what Talib did this time was something right in protecting his sister…Until the facts are really out there ,as in court, then you need to keep your traps shut…Thanks and have a great day!!!

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