Ravens dump Oniel Cousins, eight others

Teams aren’t required to cut to 80 players until Tuesday.  But once teams get their third preseason games in the books, there’s no reason to keep the extra guys around.

The Ravens, who played the Redskins Thursday night, have made their cuts.  The biggest name was tackle Oniel Cousins, a third-round draft choice in 2008, who appeared in every game last season — and who started the first two preseason games in 2011.

Tight end Jonathan Stupar got the boot, too.  He spent his first three seasons with the Bills, appearing in 16 games last year with three starts.

Also gone are receiver Justin Harper, a seventh-round pick in 2008, and defensive tackle Cornerll Banks, center Ryan Bartholomew, tackle Brady Bond, receiver Rodney Bradley, linebacker Anthony Leon, tight end Jonathan Stupar, receiver Terrell Zachery.

11 responses to “Ravens dump Oniel Cousins, eight others

  1. @anpsteel

    Yes Cousins could have been your ” steeler defensive player of the week”

    Not upset that the human turnstile will be moving on.

    Just why did it take this long to see what everyone else was seeing??

  2. Please give me some hope Ravens fans. The Bills love trash heap pieces for there O-line. As bad as Cousins is, he has to be better than Demetrius “EZ-Pass” Bell.

  3. @ necromerlin

    Sadly no he isn’t, one of the few tackles worse than cousins is J’marcus Webb so I guess Chicago could use him

  4. You listed Tight End Jonathan Stuper in the next to last paragraph, as well as in the final paragraph of your story.
    Mike, was someone else in a stuper too?

  5. @necromerlin

    Cousins biggest problem was simply being clueless. Playing Tackle he was confused after initial block or missed assignments entirely.

    His last shot for the Ravens was moving to Guard most recently. In one instance he accidentally blocked his own center after whiffing on his own assignment.

    Football is brawn and brains, sadly Cousins severely lacks the latter.

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