Tarvaris Jackson plays into fourth quarter


Seahawks fans want Charlie Whitehurst to pass Tarvaris Jackson on the quarterback depth chart in Seattle, but it’s not going to happen in the preseason.

Jackson played into the fourth quarter of Saturday’s preseason game against Denver.  He completed 13-of-22 passes for 93 yards and a touchdown on his final drive against the Broncos backups.   (Jackson left the game down 20-10.)

T-Jack once again got ridiculously bad protection.  He’s averaging 3.77 yards-per-attempt in the preseason. Yikes.

No matter what you think of Jackson or Whitehurst, it’s clear that Pete Carroll prefers Jackson.  It doesn’t seem like a real competition, and Whitehurst didn’t play with the starters at all during the team’s “dress rehearsal.”

The best way for the Seahawks to avoid a controversy was to just keep Whitehurst on the bench.

74 responses to “Tarvaris Jackson plays into fourth quarter

  1. Trade for Leinart, see if Indy will swap Collins for TJ, call NE/GB for Mallet or Flynn….do something seahawks! Tj is not the answer and Whitehurst obviously pissed in Pete’s cheerios

  2. Gallery better start earning his money! And I’m with the ‘Hawks fans on this one, T-Jax sucks!

  3. Does it really matter who the QB is, if they aren’t going to get better pass protection?

  4. treydogg97 says: Aug 28, 2011 12:17 AM

    Poor guy never got a fair chance in Minnesota.


    That’s all we used to hear about Jason Campbell’s time in Washington. How’s that working out Oakland fans?

  5. I gave Tavaris a clean slate when he came but after 3 games I have to say I’m ready for Whity.

    Protection and O-line issues are the biggest problem, so I will give Tavaris some leeway there – but the biggest problem with T-Jack that I see is his lack of pocket presence. No clue when to step up, and he has no idea when to throw the ball away. He also hasn’t attempted a pass of more than 15 yards that I can remember.

    I hope the coaches know what they’re doing cause it’s impossible for us fans to make a call when T-Jack is playing 1st team D’s and Charlie is playing backups.

    By the way, biggest problem by far on the line is Alexander at RT. Beat constantly.

  6. It’s so sad that Carroll is so biased that Jackson was kept into the 4th quarter so he could get 1 TD. Hopefully Jackson wasn’t given much bonus money and the Seahawk front office will come to their senses before opening day. How such a terrible player got a contract worth $8 million is beyond me.

  7. I didn’t see the game but those numbers are pretty bad. I was intially very optimistic about our offseason moves but now not so much. Maybe we can salvage a #1 pick out of this season.

  8. While Jackson hasn’t looked very good thus far, the O-line has looked significantly worse. I think part of why Jackson is getting so many opportunities is that it’s been really difficult to evaluate him because the line simply isn’t giving him time to run the plays the way they are supposed to be run.

    Carpenter looks every bit the rookie he is. He looks out of shape, and is clearly struggling with the move from LT in college to RT in the NFL. And with Okung being held out as a precaution, the line is working without their best player and with a bunch of guys who had never played together before a few weeks ago.

    It doesn’t really matter whether Jackson or Whitehurst is under center this year… it’s going to be ugly either way until the O-line gets some cohesion and experience.

  9. At least when TJax wasn’t given a “fair chance” in Minny it was b/c a better QB was there in front of him. Poor Whitehurst, he is getting screwed over for TJax, that has to be disheartening and terrible for his ego. TJax is just brutal.

  10. He got every chance that a ridiculous reach of a 2nd round pick could ever get in Minnesota. He’s just a bad football player. So go ahead, Pete, keep Whitehurst and Forsett on the bench for the rest of your career and keep winning 7-9 division titles. That should work out well.

  11. Seahawks fans are now seeing what Minnesota had to put up with for 5 years. The picture for this posting sums up T-Jack’s performance in a nutshell.

  12. Pete Carroll is a fraud, his mantra at USC and last year was its all about competing. Now he’s playing favorites for that bum Jackson. He will be done in 1 1/2 years.

  13. Pete knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. He’s throwing the season with Jackson to get into pole position for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes next draft!

  14. Its not TJ, its the OLine. The right side rookies look like swiss cheese. Cable has 2 weeks to coach them up or its gonna start bad……

  15. shout out to P.A. at KFAN Whaaat up?

    but it is way to difficult to sign up to write on pft.com. i quit trying but maybe every time i try, i’m too drunk to figure it out. made it this time. boom.

    by the way
    tard farm sucks….still.

  16. How the hell does T Jax have a starting job in the NFL? I’m not a “hater” but he is one of the worst quarterbacks I’ve seen. If he was starting for my team I’d be so pissed that my season’s already in the toilet. I’d rather have Leinart, Young, Kitna, Troy Smith, Dennis Dixon, and Stephen McGee. Those are off the top of my head, backups that’d I’d rather have. Hell I’d rather have Jeff George.

  17. One of my fantasy rbs Marsh Lynch is looking good now since Hawks won’t have a passing game. They laughed at me at my fantasy draft but I’ll have the last laugh. TJack is gonna be the worse starting qb easily, they will be rushing a lot.

  18. Tarvaris must have incriminating photos of Pete. That’s the only logical explanation that I can see for why he’s been handed the starting job with no competition.

  19. If I’m the owner of Seattle I know my team doesn’t go forward without a QB and your best chance for a franchise QB is the draft. Go with TJ and tank the season and hope you finish bad enough to get Andrew Luck.

  20. Its all on the O line right now, on the very rare occasion that TJ is afforded some time in the pocket, he’s made good decisions and throws. The rest of the time he’s got defenders in his face before any of his guys have gotten separation, O line needs to step it up big time.

  21. my only guesses are:

    1. carroll is not really showing his cards re: the week 1 starter.


    2. the line is only playing for whitehurst.

  22. It’s gonna be a long year. Those rookies on the O-Line are looking like rookies. Carpenter looked like he wasn’t even trying. Hard to blame any QB for that debacle.

  23. Gallery earn his money? Ha he will be injured once the season starts soon enough. As a long time Raider fan I’m glad that knuckle head Cable convinced him to patch over. Jackson or Whitehurst will pay the price for his poor blocking trust me

  24. Whitesauce missing Golden Gate at the end there may take some heat off of TJack: does it really matter who starts on this team?

    Where does Carroll go after Seattle?

  25. Yes, he played into the 4th qtr and got his first TD against the 3rd string. Way to go Hawks! Next stop… the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.


  26. why don’t they just play that Third string kid ?

    The Quintin Moss or whatever his name is…
    That kid looked sharp in that san diego game tbh.

  27. At this point unless they get the offensive line issues fixed it wont matter if we have Montana Elway or Marino

    Carpenter looks terrible so far

  28. This is really funny. Lets see, he sucked in Minny. Bevell sucked in Minny. Rice sucked in Minny without Favre.

    GREAT IDEA: Lets get the gang back together in Seattle, I am sure it will work out great!!!

    In 88% of CBS fantasy leagues both Tjack and Rice were not drafted.

    Seahawk fans, I am sorry for you…no football fans deserve to go through this.

  29. TJack, and Seattle, really suck bad. They’ll be lucky to reach .500 this season.

    But hey at least you beat the Saints in the playoffs last year and you had that Lynch run, that memory should be compensation enough for the next 5 years!

    Pop in that tape and relive YOUR Superbowl! Just remember to repress the memory of what happened the next week…

  30. Just another step in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes…they arent fooling anybody. TJ have fun this season because you will never be a starter again.

  31. I’ll tell you what, If our O line continues to protect like this….Whitehurst will get plenty of playing time! OUCH!!

  32. Okay so Jackson couldn’t get it done…well no one could get it done behind that O-line. I’m really hoping by some miracle they can pull these young pups together and give our QB’s a chance to throw…else we are in for a long season Seahawk fans. It’s awful hard to throw TD’s when the QB is running for his life. This is why Matt did poorly, this is why Tavaris Jackson will do poorly, and this will be why Charlie Whitehurst would do poorly if he were behind the same line as Jackson. Without an O-line a QB is nothing.

  33. T-JAX will make someone very proud in the UFL! LOL! Pete will be gone by the end of this year or next!

  34. That offensive line is atrocious… The Seahawks needed the Broncos 2nd stringers to come in so they could score… It looks like Curly aka Tom Cable has his hands full with that O-line…

  35. Treydogg, Jackson never got a shot -fair or otherwise- because he’s just a bad player!

  36. Maybe Pete thinks TJ is the least likely to get killed behind this young young young O-line. OR…he’s showing why he was unsuccessful the first time through the NFL coaching carousel

  37. As a non viking fan forced to watch them (Minnesotan) TJ has had one compelling problem he never could overcome. He cannot read defenses, period.
    It slows him down and he forces a lot of passes throwing balls before the play develops to get rid of it.
    Good luck with that Seattle

  38. I’m guessing anyone bashing T-Jack’s play for the Seahawks hasn’t actually watched any of the games to see how terrible the o-line is. Every quarterback needs more than 2 seconds.

  39. It takes until the 4th qtr against the 3rd string defense for TJoke to get his first TD pass of the preseason………..the rest of us tried telling you hawk fans but nooooooooooo you would rather listen to Petey Carroll tell you how the Vikings never gave TJoke a chance. Petey also told the NCAA that he wasn’t aware of any cheating going on with his program. The NFL is considerably more vigilant when it comes to cheating and Petey doesn’t stand a chance.

  40. TJoke is an athlete but please don’t try and call him a QB. The kid just doesn’t have it “upstairs”!

  41. I bet they are glad they gave Carroll 8.5 mill to blow up the team and turn them into the Bengals

  42. treydogg97 says: Aug 28, 2011 12:17 AM

    Poor guy never got a fair chance in Minnesota.


    umm I guess everyone has foggy memories that he did have a chance, a two year chance and was awful as a starter. Also, don’t blame Favre for T-jokes future because if you remember Minnesota traded for Sage Rosenfels who was going to start over that bum anyway, so if anyone never got a fair chance it was Sage not that clown .

  43. It’s the O-line. You could put Joe Montana back there and he’d be toast. I wish they’d play Whitehurst against the other teams starters just to let fans see him have no better results with a non-existent offensive line. That line truly is offensive.

  44. Yeah, Because Charlie Whitehorse has proven so much in this league. Seahawks fans, I hate to tell you- none of your QB’s will cut it this year. Might as well see what TJ can do.

  45. Also, newsflash- Pete Carroll sucks as a coach. It’s easy to be a powerhouse when you’re coaching at USC- and recruits all around the nation want to play for you just off the name alone. Seahawks would be like the opposite of that. You go to the Raiders when no one else will take you, the Patriots when you’re ready to take a pay cut and a team player- Seahawks when you just want some private time out of the limelight.

  46. How much of TJ’s lack of production is due to poor protection and how much is due to his inability to read defenses quickly enough to get rid of the ball? He’s always been slow to read and slow to react to his read, plus he has a long delivery on his passes. Seattle and Carroll choked on the acquisition of TJ… period. Remember, if you bench TJ for Whitehurst, you’ll be “jerking TJ around”… lol

  47. My guess is that the Seahawks will be very busy starting Sept 3rd after rosters are reduced to 53. Other teams discards should improve the Hawks. There is also the chance that Carson Palmer will become available between Sept 3rd and the 9th if Carson reports to the Bungles to collect his $11M salary.That is when Mike Brown may be forced to cut him or pay him to sit.

  48. Since Warren Moon does the Seahawks games … I would bet my last dollar he is behind this.

  49. T Jack can’t play. He proved that in Minnesota. Quit making excuses for him! Just because Slippery Pete overpaid him doesn’t mean he is a pro quarterback.

  50. What I’m most excited about in 2012??????
    The draft!!!!!
    I cannot wait to see the frenzy about Andrew Luck! We know he is skillful at the college level, but ask Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Matt Leinhert , Alex Smith…. Etc…… Jamrcus Russel ring a bell!!!! The hype on the “sweepstakes” is annoying…. The only sure thing is, there is NO sure thing!
    I just would be careful resting all my hopes on a “chance”…….

  51. I’m thinking there may be a plan here.

    An offensive line that, aside from Gallery, has a total of something like 24 NFL starts, is clearly going to take a while to gel. This much is obvious.

    So, why draft a rookie QB who will be pressured to start right away? So he can get killed and have his confidence crushed?

    Why trade away high draft picks and young talent and risk $12 million a year on a QB like Kolb, who couldn’t stay healthy behind Philly’s line last year?

    Also, not a good idea to spend money re-signing a veteran QB like Hasselbeck, who has missed at least one full game with injury in each of the last four seasons.

    So, what to do? Find a sacrificial lamb. A player where you won’t think about his confidence being damaged, or how you might be wasting his talent and risking serious injury. A player who can will take the beating while the line learns to play together, then step aside when the actual franchise QB is drafted or acquired through trade in the coming year or two.

    Oh, and in the event that he DOES somehow turn things around and begins to live up to the
    promise that surrounded him years ago, well, that would be like….I don’t know, maybe reclaiming a “too fat” WR from the scrap heap and getting a very solid performer for virtually nothing.

    It makes sense, if you think about it.

  52. I have (had) much respect for Coach Carroll. What I saw Saturday against the Broncos was one Big Fat Inflated Ego. The Coach GAVE away a Pro Bowl – Super Bowl Quarterback that knew how to lead our team.. Period.. He lied to us all saying re-signing Hasselbeck was his top priority”. Ok, maybe Matt has had his best days behind him and were looking to the future but COME ON COACH ! ! ! Just let him go after 10 diehard years as our leader????? It was Matt’s will that beat the Saints and the team believed in their leader!!

    Hmm, wonder why they kept flashing Season Tickets still available!!! Agents ready all game long..

    I TURNED IN MY SEASON TICKETS when they let Matt go and brought in TJax, Carroll LIED to us all, what a disgrace! (I am a Season Ticket holder since day one, 1976)..

    Jackson has showed no talent and Carroll’s BIG EGO kept him in till the 4th quarter just so he could prove to us all that “HE WAS RIGHT” This means to me he doesn’t care about winning! He cares about proving he was NOT WRONG!

    OK, Jackson sucks and no help with the Cable Guy’s folding line BUT a starting NFL Quarterback knows how to “make it happen” under duress, this guy, T Jax just plain AIN’T GOT IT ! ! !

    BRING ON CHARLIE, he looks sharp and its obvious he belongs starting, AT LEAST GIVE HIM A CHANCE CARROLL ! ! ! ! That’s what Pre-Season is all about remember?


    trade T Jax NOW, every other position is a revolving door, why not QB????

    PUT YOUR BIG EGO aside for the sake of the team!

    Maybe the line and the other players just DON’T LIKE TJax, that ever dawn on ya CARROLL???

    I LOVE MY TEAM and honestly, I am looking for another team to go with..

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