Ten more well-known veterans looking for work

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Florio wrote about the lack of interest surrounding Tiki Barber earlier, which got me thinking: What other big name veterans remain available?

Every year, the list of well-known players unable to get work comes as a surprise.  (Even though we know the list is coming.)  It seems that there are more notable veterans available than usual following the lockout.

A few free agents other than Tiki that you’d recognize:

1. Darren Sharper, safety: The Saints look ready to roll with Jonathan Amaya as their No. 3 safety, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

2. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, receiver: Last with the Ravens, Housh got new representation to help him find work.

3. Dhani Jones, linebacker: Jones started 16 games on a decent Bengals defense last year.

4. Roy Williams, safety: The one-time Cowboys safety and former Bengal took a job in broadcasting.

5. Clinton Portis, running back: He’s worked out for the Patriots and Dolphins.

6. Leonard Davis, guard: The fact Davis remains available is a reminder the Cowboys waited a year too long to cut him.

7. Tye Hill, cornerback: Last with the Lions, this 2006 first-round pick may be out of chances.

8. Pat Williams, defensive tackle: One-half of the Williams Wall is one of the most surprising guys still available.

9. Mark Clayton receiver: It was believed Clayton was going to return to the Rams, but he may not be healthy yet.

10. J.P. Losman, quarterback: I’m only mentioning him because he went to Tulane.

58 responses to “Ten more well-known veterans looking for work

  1. very surprised at big pat, sharper, and housh….and to a lesser degree dhani. im sure that all will be employed at some point in the very near future.

  2. Darren Sharper needs to find a home so he has something to put on his back.

  3. i thought pat williams announced his retirement early in the offseason.

    if not, he’s the only one who really seems like a surprise (suspension aside, he’s stayed pretty healthy right?) sign him to the texans we’re getting run over.

  4. Lifelong Bills fan here…JP got a raw deal in Buff. Yes, he was probably drafted too early, but the coaching comedy that (hopefully) was the Bills should take full credit for screwing his career. Hope to see JP playing for an NFL club again. How about #2 or #3 in Baltimore? We know he and Lee Evans have chemistry!

  5. Im surprised that no one signed mark clayton. He really impressed in st louis last season. Although i think just about everyone expects clayton to be back with rams, if he doesn’t resign with them, you can expect him to go to Cleveland Browns, where his former oc pat shurmur is now head coach

  6. These guys should know by now that the average NFL career is less than three years. Why do they insist on having more than their fair share?

  7. “J.P. Losman, quarterback: I’m only mentioning him because he went to Tulane.”

    I wanna say more, but I rest my case!!!

  8. The Browns can use a safety and linebacker. Sharper’s history with Holmgren could carry some weight. And Jones has always been an underrated linebacker in my opinion.

  9. Did Lofa sign with a team? If not he’s gotta make a Top 10 list over some of these other players, right?

  10. Teams already know what these veterans can do.
    After they review their week 3 games, and finalize their roster during the 4th preseason game and heading into the season, teams will get the clarity they need as to whether one of these guys has more to offer than what they already have.

    Also keep in mind the toll an NFL season has, and with a short offseason injuries could be at an all-time high (hopefully not). I expect at least half of these guys to get signed by mid-season, say around week 8.

  11. Lofa Tatupu was only released because he has 2 bad knees. Not one, but two.
    Seattle would have kept him, and that is the reason he is still unsigned and not on this list.

  12. Roy has work but then you rarely let the facts get in the way of your posts…

    Go ahead and delete this as usual…

  13. When you get a list of ten good names, let me know. Until then, this is just a list of guys who don’t know their careers are over.

  14. Breaking News: Eagle trade Mike Kafka to Seattle Seahawks and sign Jamarcus Russell.

  15. Dhani is average but he’ll get picked up in the next few weeks if someone gets injured.

  16. How bout the best QB ever , Jamarcus Russel ?? He probably cant walk right now , that fat boy has so much “syrup” he’s putting it on his pancakes !

  17. I am surprised that this list does not include Tatupu and Westbrook. Lofa was released by Seattle because of his knees but might still be able to be an inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. I thought Westbrook was looking for work…..did he retire?


    I guess he is not worth signing if he can’t even stop a dude with a broken leg, lol

  19. FinFan68 says: Aug 27, 2011 2:42 PM

    How have the Eagles not looked at Jones? Isn’t LB their glaring weakness?
    True, but he already did a stint in Philly under Reid. Maybe they don’t want to go down that road again.

  20. Pat Williams? Really? “Hey, let’s give a lot of money to an old fat guy who’s finally due to serve a suspension! Yeah!”

  21. How have the Eagles not looked at Jones? Isn’t LB their glaring weakness?


    Yes and they’d like to keep it at least a “glaring weakness” instead of regressing to “completely inept”.

  22. UHH Randy Moss?
    Moss dis Moss dat
    Moss dis Moss dat

    Hasn’t filed his retirement paper yet.
    Btw T.O isn’t signed because he said himself he isn’t healthy yet and still a few months away from it..plus no ones even offered him a contract.

  23. So I’m standing there in the unemployment line, I look over and who do I see? Carson and TJ playing catch…You wanted out of cincy and now your out of a job! So long quitters!

  24. hobartbaker says: Aug 27, 2011 2:13 PM

    These guys should know by now that the average NFL career is less than three years. Why do they insist on having more than their fair share?

    You sound like the movie “Logan’s Run.” Once they hit the expiration date…SANCTUARY!

    For real dude…that’s kinda harsh. Just imagine a real world laborer/machinist with a family of 4 is told by his boss, “Hey, you know the average length of stay in this job is 3 years. Leave now!.”

  25. The packers need to part ways with bush. He is a weak spot every time he steps on the field. And opposing team know it and exploit it.

    Perhaps GB could pick up a decent old timer to back up,guide the younger backs, or fill the rotation.

  26. @dreno322

    -you realize that Carson is choosing not to play right? He wants a trade and they won’t give it to him for no reason. He has bout 40mil in the bank and plus all is has to do is show up before week one and he gets another guranteed roster bonus.

  27. What about Brian Waters? What is the deal with him? Does it have to do with “his role on the NFLPA Executive Committee”? Before any of you talk about his age or performance, PFF rated him possitively. So I imagine someone can’t use him, what about the FA signing happy eagles, they have G/OL problems, among others.

  28. Westbrook is doing radio and tv out in philly. I talked to him the other day and he said he was looking at offers for a few teams but nothing looked too intrigue him. basically the teams werent worth going to. He has his hands full with his horse training facility anyways. Really nice kid.

  29. First, I am a Bronco fan, but of all these people, Darren Sharper is a big surprise to me, I think he is still very productive, and an outstanding safety. Scoop him up Denver!

  30. As a bills fan I can say jp losman is completly worthless

    Anyone who has seen J.P. Losman play an offensive series can say that as well.

  31. Parcells really messed with Williams’ head. The guy never was a genius anyway and when Parcells told him to learn schemes instead of just tearing guys heads off or horse-collaring them – he broke. Flat out couldn’t be cerebral…

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