Wes Welker leaves with neck injury


Tom Brady’s last pass on an ugly night wound up getting his favorite receiver Wes Welker hurt.

Brady threw an interception just before halftime on Saturday night to Lions safety Ricardo Silva. (No relation to Evan.)  Welker tackled Silva in the open field, leading with his helmet.

He didn’t return after halftime, and the Patriots call him “questionable” to return with a neck injury. It’s a safe bet Welker won’t be back Saturday night.  The bigger question is whether the injury is serious.

Brady completed 12-of-22 passes for 145 yards, one touchdown to Welker, and an interception. He was knocked down five times in one half and left the game down 27-10 at halftime.  When Brady got protection, his accuracy was uncharacteristically off.

Matthew Stafford continued a sensational preseason with a near flawless performance.

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  1. Lions looking Sharp. Patriots kept trotting out their first stringers but couldn’t get it done even against the Lions second and third stringers.

  2. That’s fine…..

    Broncos fans should know that Tony Sheffler looks great for Detroit!!

    Another serviceable player they let get away!!

    Those silly Broncos!!

  3. I’ve been watching this game and the thought that keeps running through my mind is that the “nose bleed” Bart Scott referred to is still gushing. The Patriots defense is horrendous.

    On the other side, the Lions look every bit the legit team people are touting them as. As a Packer fan, I’m not really worried but you Chicago fans should be shaking in your boots.

  4. The Lions hype appears to be real. If Stafford can stay healthy, they’ll be in the playoffs. I’d love to see them smack the Bears and Packers around.

    Go Colts.

  5. Well bout time dammit! Lions lookin Strong stafford carving up the pats,defense looks stout,yeah I know its preseason but I can’t help it, go lions!

  6. When Brady got protection, his accuracy was uncharacteristically off.

    Cam went 6-19 and almost 50 rush yds and a TD, and he had pressure every drop back, and ppl call him a bust, after 6 QTRs of preseason play!!! Brady is one of the best QB’s, but my point is, any QB under a lot of pressure will make mistakes, especially a rookie QB will minimum off season prep.. I hope Welker is Okay!!!

  7. Hate on them if you must “Ilovefootball” but if you can’t see the difference in those two Lions teams, you know little about the sport you claim to love. Your fear is understandable. They made Brady and the Pats look like the old Lions.

  8. If Stafford gets injured which is what happens to him then there goes the Lions season….They are an ok team maybe 7-9 but hey better than 0-16

  9. A LOT of the pat starters didnt play. Haynesworth and ellis didnt play, Ras-I Dowling, Shane Vereen, Ridley, the list goes on with veterans like Bodden who are essential to the teams success. The patriots arent done Belichick knows how to get them focused off games like this. I.E. Browns game

  10. Strange – usually Brady waits until the first home playoff game to play like crap.

    I seriously will pray for Welker’s health – I would hate to see such a standup guy get a bad injury – or any player for that matter. But I’ve got to say – if Welker was a Steeler, PFT would be calling for a fine and a suspension for leading with the head right now, even if he were injured.

    God speed Welker – heal fast. Besidesn when the Jets beat the Pats, I don’t want to hear any excuses.

  11. seneca1ss says:
    Aug 27, 2011 10:34 PM
    The Patriots season is all but over
    Makes absolutely no sence, but you go with it.

  12. If you could buy stock in a football team, I’d be buying shares of the Lions pretty heavy right now.

    They look solid on both sides of the ball right now.

  13. It’s only preseason, but it looked like this game picked up where the Pats’ playoff loss to the Jets left off. Fluster Brady, no production for New England.

  14. That 4 and 0 preseason you refer to (2008) was a result of the Lions 2nd & 3rd stringers being better than the other 2 & 3 guys. The 1st string sucked, unlike this year.

  15. Lions are for real ……

    Pre-season champions of the world ……

    Unfortunately, another losing regular season right around the corner …….

  16. if stafford stays healthy that dude is going to be one one hell of a player..not a lions fan but i really like what they r doing with that team they deserve it

  17. For it just being a preseason game….I cannot believe all the excuses being made for the Patriots. The Lions were also missing key many starters. The Lions also were running a basic defense. Also it was hilarious how the second string offense marches on the Patriots first string D and Dierdorf starts talking about how the Patriots were missing people. Um, excuse me Dan, if it wasn’t Detroit’s SECOND string offense scoring the TD then your argument would be valid. And then when Brady throws his first TD it was against Detroit’s second stringers and Dierdorf makes no mention of that.

    But at the end of the day, it is preseason and I don’t think anyone truly thinks the Lions are better than the Patriots. It’s just funny how everyone feels the need to come to the Patriots defense for a preseason game.

  18. yeah. hes never comin back…even welker (hope if you want)
    theyre both done forever. like irene was anything more than the great whatever
    beings cycle starting. wondering where albert is? same place randy was the whole 07 preaseason

  19. I can admit it, the Patriots got their asses whipped. Very good game by Detroit. And I agree with several posters that people should stop making excuses for NE. I HATE excuses. It’s preseason, so NOBODY has or uses all their star players . Give credit where credit is due…great game by the Lions. Can’t wait for the regular season to start! Also, hope Welk is OK…that guy is as tough as they come, makes his living going over the middle and running bubble screens. Wish him a quick recovery.

  20. wte1 says: Aug 27, 2011 10:31 PM

    That’s fine…..

    Broncos fans should know that Tony Sheffler looks great for Detroit!!

    Another serviceable player they let get away!!

    Those silly Broncos!!
    Scheffler has always been a nice player. That said he wanted out of his former team if I am not mistaken. I don’t think he was a fan of McDaniels. Smart guy, that Scheffler.

  21. hey colin cowherd, every time you rip on Rodgers/Cutler, just watch this game and remember….

    Rodgers and Cutler have to play against that Dline twice a year without that pro bowl offensive line that brady has.

    just sayin’

  22. I don’t get why Stafford isn’t higher on many QB fantasy rankings this year. I get the health factor. But many of his injuries have been on the flukier side. If he stays healthy hes almost a guarantee for 30-35 TDs. Hell, Shaun Hill was throwing for 3 TDs a game in that offense last year.

  23. anderson…if you spell fantasy like that, you are obviously too ignorant to win a fantasy league anyway.

    speaking of that, flash1283, we assume you mean “sense” not “sence” but again it shows the type of pats bandwagon fan we’ve seen for several years.

    Truth is, Mr. Giselle is on the wrong side of 30, has a lot of non-football commitments because of his wife (hence missing the jets-colts game…Rex may have been kidding but it hurt cuz it cut close to the truth that Peyton would’ve been watching)..and he’s already prepping for life after football. He will put up great numbers for another couple years in regular season, but he really has shown no heart/balls in the last three years when it comes to nut crunching time.
    Just sayin

  24. I hope Wes is going to be ok. Im a Jets fan but I admire the hell out of Welker..Hes a stand-up guy and a true leader on the field.

  25. The Patriots defense is horrendous.

    On the other side, the Lions look every bit the legit team people are touting them as

    Check the score from Thanksgiving, when the game counted.

  26. The preseason doesn’t count bit wiZard do you even know who was playing for the Lions on Thanksgiving? A bunch of backups and they still gave the Patriots a fight for well over a half.

    Nothing better to me then seeing Brady pout on the sidelines.

  27. I remember the last time we went 4-0 in preseason too. I know, EVERYONE that goes 4-0 in the preseason finishes 0-16 I mean, LOOK AT ALL OF EM!!! If you lack an eye for talent so bad that would dare compare this team to the 08 team then my friend, go to Vegas and drop it all on the Lions going 0-16. If you’re not willing to do that [or, the more likely scenario that being you don’t have jack worth a dam TO gamble with…considering I don’t doubt for a minute you’d be dumb enough to do it otherwise] than STFU

  28. I love it when I see the brainless wonders that frequent this sight say that us Lions fans are just drinking the kool aid blah blah blah they suck blah blah blah.
    0-16 was 5 years ago get some fu**ing new material.
    This team is NOWHERE near that team in terms of talent. Mayhew (he’s the dude running the team for all you idiots who follow the NFL in passing and then CLAIM to know what you are talking about. Back up your bullsh** with fact, could ya try it JUST ONCE??????) and Schwartz (more help moron, he’s the head coach of the Detroit Lions) has done everything right so far and this team WILL be a playoff contender, maybe not this year, but I’d put good money on it that they make them next year.
    As entertaining as you (you know who you are) are, wouldn’t it feel good to just one time investigate your “point” before you blather on and make yourself look like a complete Millen (thats Detroit speak for fu**ing clueless jackass”)?
    That is all
    Coming soon to destroy and offense near you

  29. TheWizard says:
    Aug 28, 2011 9:12 AM
    The Patriots defense is horrendous.

    On the other side, the Lions look every bit the legit team people are touting them as

    Check the score from Thanksgiving, when the game counted.

    U MAD?

  30. Its funny how Packer fans come on here and say stuff like, “We’re not worried!” or “You Bears fans better watch out!” Really?? What makes you all SO sure that the Lions aren’t gonna rough you up too? Not a Lions, Packers, OR KC fan (if you look at my screen name…..Ravens fan though!) I think the Lions defense is stout and whatever they do to the Bears, they are gonna do to the Packers too!! Dont get too comfortable!! You all damn well better worry!!

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