Browns get roster down to 80


The big roster cuts will not come until next weekend, but teams do need to trim their rosters to 80 by Tuesday.

These cuts won’t include many big names for the most part. Cleveland released eight on Sunday and you probably won’t recognize any of the names.

Here goes: defensive lineman Kyle Anderson, defensive lineman Jabari Fletcher, defensive back Darian Hagan, wideout Johnathan Haggerty, defensiv back Brett Johnson, wideout Juan Nunez, kicker Jeff Wolfert, and quarterback Troy Weatherhead.

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  1. They might not cut Armond Smith due to his speed. He hits the hole quickly and has a great burst, as in his 81-yard TD run in game 2 against Detroit. His problem is fumbling which he has done THREE times in two weeks. Yikes! But if they can address that, he may just get a roster spot cause they’d hate to lose that speed.

  2. You don’t hold on to someone because of speed in this league. If there isn’t something else that he brings to the table, he gets cut…especially now that the kickoff rule has been changed. The only way that Armond Smith makes this team is if Brandon Jackson IS out for the year…and Montario Hardesty DOES get hurt again. He may make the practice squad…but I don’t see him being on the field this year.

  3. GG Eden says:
    Aug 28, 2011 12:37 PM

    Keep an eye on Armond Smith RB.

    I agree. Now let’s hope that, wherever he ends up, he can keep his hands on the ball.

  4. Armond Smith fumbles the ball so easily it makes you wonder how he got on the field for tiny D3 Union College. Troy Weatherhead was 3rd string QB on Arena League Cleveland Gladiators last spring. Not much of a chance for either but great experience for the kids.

    Hope the Browns are scouring waiver wire to add O-line, Linebacker(s), Running Back, and Wide Receiver help off of next week’s league wide cutdowns to 53…depth is major concern with all of the injuries.

  5. Here’s hoping Philly cuts Dion Lewis, and the Browns scoop him up. That kid’s got shake that would bring Kelis to the yard.

  6. The Browns have got to bring another serious running back into the mix. With Jackson missing considerable time, if not the entire season, and Hardesty one step away from blowing out a knee, Hillis will be spent by game 6. I’d like to see Smith get 20 or more carries in the last preseason game just to see if he fumbles again. Either way, the FO better be turning over rocks and working overtime to find another RB.

  7. ^ nah, Colt’s arm is more likely to fall off by game 6.

    Pat Shurmur made Bradford throw it like 40 plus times in his first game… and that’s with Steven Jackson in the background, with no WRs.

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