JaMarcus Russell pays his tax bill


There’s actually some moderately good news today about JaMarcus Russell, the former Raiders quarterback and No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft who was a huge bust both on the field and off.

Russell has paid the $223,180.05 he owed to the State of California for failing to pay his taxes, meaning the lien the state had has been released.

But Russell, who signed a six-year, $61 million contract with the Raiders four years ago, doesn’t have all his financial troubles behind him. He’s still behind on the payments on his $2.4 million Bay Area mansion, and that home is expected to be sold in a foreclosure auction.

The 26-year-old Russell hasn’t drawn even a whiff of interest this offseason. Last year the Redskins brought him in for a workout, but he showed up weighing 286 pounds and wasn’t signed.