Massaquoi finally practices after “Camp Colt” injury

Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi practiced today for the first time since the lockout ended, and he said he’s still not sure exactly what caused his left foot injury. He just knows he suffered the injury at “Camp Colt,” the Browns lockout workouts organized by quarterback Colt McCoy.

“It was a bone chip, but I’m not sure when or where it came from,” Massaquoi said. “I didn’t know it until I got here.”

While the lockout was going on, some players expressed doubt about whether the whole concept of lockout workouts were a good idea because of the potential for injuries. But Massaquoi said he doesn’t think his injury was too big a setback, as he’s still been able to learn the offense as a spectator during training camp.

“From a mental aspect, it helped in that I watched and learned,” Massaquoi said. “I love the offense. Now, I want to make up for lost time.”

The Browns will be counting on Massaquoi, whose only missed game in two NFL seasons came after last season’s concussion on an infamous hit from James Harrison, to make up for lost time quickly enough to be ready to start Week 1.