Punch at Mankins could result in another hit to Suh’s wallet

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I’ve met Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  He’s polite, friendly, and soft spoken.

Once that helmet goes on, things apparently change.  Dramatically.

Last night, Suh threw a punch at Patriots lineman Logan Mankins during Detroit’s preseason win over New England.  Though Suh wasn’t flagged — and despite the fact that the punch didn’t connect — Suh likely will be hearing from the league office.


The incident can be seen at the 1:30 mark of the online game highlights from NFL.com.

Suh was fined $20,000 earlier this month for a hit on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.  The 2010 Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year nevertheless has insisted that he’s not a dirty player.

But Suh also has said that the Lions want to be feared by quarterbacks and offensive linemen.

There’s nothing like a punch to the chops to make a guy a little leery.

174 responses to “Punch at Mankins could result in another hit to Suh’s wallet

  1. Really? What game did you watch? I don’t see a “punch” on that video. Seems like you trying fit something in to your”Suh is dirty” narrative.

  2. Mankins is one of the nastiest guards in the league. I don’t think he or anyone else is going to be afraid of Suh.

  3. mankins woulda kicked the living daylights outta suh if he wasnt takin cheap sots

  4. It seems to me that Suh is doing this type of thing on puropse to create a buzz about him and the Lions. Honestly He got what, 30+million guaranteed when he signed. A couple of 20k fines is well worth striking a little fear in opponents for this guy.

    I personally think he’s a dirty player and would love to see that fool Goodell make an example of him. He seems to like making examples….

  5. Suh hasn’t had a history of using bad judgement but he’s making up for it rapidly. Could be a sign of substance abuse. Also three-quarters of persons with schizophrenia develop the disease between 16 and 25 years of age.

  6. The Randy White of this era…you don’t want to mess with this guy – he alone will win 10 games for Detroit this year.

    If it was a regular season games, the Lions would have won by 30 against New England…I do love it.

  7. This guy may be able to control his emotions when he isn’t playing a game, but his true dirtbag self comes out when the whistle blows. I hope Goodell throws the book at him.

  8. “Once that helmet goes on, things apparently change. Dramatically.”
    Things change, as they should. He makes a living being ferocious. That’s what he does, not who he is. The league has to let him play and not outlaw legal hits.

  9. Yeah, he’s not a dirty player at all is he?
    The guy is gonna be suspended soon enough for his on field actions, this what, his 4th big “issue” and he’s not even entered into his second regular season yet. The Lions need to get him to learn contained aggression, they want all the fire when it matters but all this stuff is just dumb and only hurts the team.

  10. I just wrote elsewhere that this dude is quickly becoming the biggest idiot in the league. Here is more proof of that.

  11. oh please, fine logan mankins…he had lawrence jackson by the facemask and in a headlock 5 seconds after the whistle and suh came in to seperate him. NE oline got dominated. plain and simple.

  12. It won’t be long before its just fines. He will be suspended. Rightfully so.

    He now has the full attention of the league office.

  13. Another useless fine coming. Players needed to be suspended before this behavior will stop.

  14. He’s a three time loser — three strikes and you’re out. In some states, you get life for that.

  15. edmazeing1 says: Aug 28, 2011 12:57 PM

    Damn I wish Raiders had the chance to draft this guy!!!


    no way his 40 times wasn’t fast enough

  16. Disappointing that such a capable young player seems determined to make his reputation on fines, penalties and drawing negative attention; also surprised he isn’t wise or mature enough to understand that what goes around comes around, sooner or later.

  17. kchoya says: Aug 28, 2011 12:53 PM

    Really? What game did you watch? I don’t see a “punch” on that video. Seems like you trying fit something in to your”Suh is dirty” narrative.

    Maybe you should try watching it with your eyes open.

    Even as a Packer fan I love the way Suh plays, I just hope we can keep him away from ARod.

    Crazy part is the guy is so good he doesn’t need that crap. If he doesn’t check himself he’s heading for a suspension. He defiantly on the radar now.

  18. And no mention of WHY this incident happened? Mankins was pulling Jackson to the ground BY THE FACE MASK. But Suh – not Mankins – is the dirty player in this incident? Seriously?

  19. “If it was a regular season games, the Lions would have won by 30 against New England…I do love it.”

    How delusional can you possibly be? Wow… seriously.. wow.

  20. I don’t get it, there are a numerous amount of dumb flags being thrown at a game(Foster hit on Ocho or Rahim Moore on Jones) and a flag is not thrown for striking to an opponents face? The NFL is starting to be a joke, literally.

  21. Mankins had a Lions lineman grabbed by the face mask for about ten seconds that play. Suh came over to get him off, and we get another “SUH is dirty article”. Get off your high horse and watch both sides of the game. If Suh is dirty so is 99% of the NFL.

  22. imjinbrdgr says:

    Maybe you should try watching it with your eyes open.


    1. I watched it again. Nothing more than pushing and shoving.

    2. You should learn the difference between definitely and defiantly.

  23. Now, every O-Line in the league knows that they can bait this guy into a free 15 yards any time they want.

  24. Punching a guy who wears a helmet … how stupid can you be?

    Besides the rules, your hand is the only thing you are gonna break with that ….

  25. If the league doesn’t get this guy under control, one of his opponents will with a shot to the knees. the guy’s a dirty player. Pure and simple.

  26. Seemed to me he was defending his team mate.

    I’m not a Lions fan but i like the way he’s bringing smash-mouth swagger to Detroit.

  27. If it was a regular season games, the Lions would have won by 30 against New England…I do love it.

    I hate to bust your bubble but if it were a reg. season game the Patriots would not have left half their defense in New England.

  28. His rep will get him into more trouble than he should be. He is an aggressive player but needs to learn how to control himself. If that was any Lion other than Suh, this story would have been about that player coming to the aid of a teammate after Mankins’ cheap play.

  29. everyone that says that suh should be suspended or fined for that are what rhymes with wussys. Mankins grabbed his teammates facemask and was pullin him around. Suh did what any other great teammate would do and take exception to it. he didnt punch him first of all he shoved his helmet and then pushed him. He finished what mankins started!!! All these morons that a re calling Suh dirty are just jealous that he’s not on your team.

  30. It looked to me like he was defending his teammate. That doesn’t justify it, but your teammates are like family…mess with them, and you’ll get messed with back.

  31. I’m a DIEHARD Lions fan, as have been, always will be…..but I’m slowly starting to not really care for Suh’s attitude and dirty play!

    Schwartz needs to stop kissing his azz and sit him down and give him an ear full!! Regular season rolls around and he has this image, he’s gonna start getting calls like James Harrison does, as a young and up and coming team, we can’t afford that!!

    Suh, I love ya cause your on my team, but buddy, go watch some film on Reggie White, and watch how he played the game! Your right there in talent and promise, but your gonna start getting looked at like James Harrison!

  32. Not a fan of either team, but I like the intensity in Suh.

    On the other hand, Mankins is selfish cry baby that sits out when he doesn’t get what he wants.

  33. Fines, penalties, suspensions & ultimately payback in the form of a crack-back in the knee area …….

    But yet the ‘boy named Suh’ can’t quit talking …… Look for this story to end badly for Suh & the Lions ……

  34. What a joke. If anyone else would have done that, this wouldn’t be a story. I understand why everybody (except Lions fans) want Suh to be punished — so he won’t punish your team with his freakish skills and ability. He’s not dirty, he just plays hard. The NFL should praise him for not being a haynesworth or shaun rogers. He’s big and gives it everything he has. I hope he can temper it just a little though. he doesn’t need to do any “extra” stuff to be scary. he already is scary.

  35. next time suh should just let makins pull jacksons head off so people want call him dirty, someone called suh dirty a couple of weeks ago so now everyone is saying he is dirty and i guess that cool if thats what you think but every time i ask someone why they think he is dirty they bring up the delhomme hit from last year and a bunch of stuff that never happen if that makes him a shady player then every player is shady

  36. Are they going to wait for this guy to kill someone to take appropriate action?? This guy is as dirty as they come, i know it’s football but some of the things he does is uncalled for. SUSPEND THIS GUY

  37. Lions are all hype. “We wanna be feared”…yada yada yada. Until they win (which won’t be this year) they’re just running their mouths. They still suck.

  38. deeboisgonnaeatyourkids says:
    Aug 28, 2011 12:58 PM
    I love players like Suh, they are what football is all about
    its kinda funny how most ppl think like this, but no one likes James Harrison?

  39. All you guys crying about Suh and James Harrison apparently never watched an NFL game prior to 2010.

    The Hall of Fame is full of guys that played the game on the edge just like Suh. The NFL used to celebrate guys like this, now they paint them as out of control criminals.

    Pretty hypocritical.

  40. “But Suh also has said that the Lions want to be feared by quarterbacks and offensive linemen.”

    Feared? No. More like afraid. As in “I’m afraid Suh is going to get suspended if he keeps this kind of crap up”.

  41. staff2cj4td – I doubt you are a DIEHARD Lions fan by your comments. For years this team has been pushed around by the rest of the league and now Detroit has a player in Suh that won’t allow that to happen anymore.

    Mankins had his teammates facemask and wouldn’t let go. Suh came to his teammates aid and Mankins was the one that got the flag.

    Keep that motor running Suh. It will pay off in the long run!

  42. The league needs to do something to get Suh’s attention and I don’t think fines are gonna do the trick. The ole’ saying “actions speak louder than words” apply to Suh’s “claims” of not being a dirty player…….he’s dirty. As for the Lions, they are one of my favorite teams (I always have a soft spot for the underdogs, lol) but Lion’s fans shouldn’t be getting to giddy, this was the pre season and until the Lions do something during the season, no need to get to excited. Especially playing against the Pats who aren’t going to show anything to anybody in preseason, much like the Colts.

  43. Profootball talk loves to generate controversy over nothing. Makins basically tossing Suh’s teammate around by his helmet after the whistle, Suh comes and slaps him to stand up for his teammate. Not sure if anyone of you played sports but I’m certain all Lions players and their fans are happy to have a guy like that playing for them. It’s football!

  44. Im a Eagles fan and I saw the game , and that was not a dirty hit . Suh was protecting his own guy as every player should . Suh is a great player who played within his limits . Anyone who thinks that was a punch is the kind of guy who should be watching figure skating .

  45. Man I just love seeing primadonna Brady getting crushed.
    As for Suh, it looked to me like Mankins was pulling on Suh’s face mask causing Suh to take a swing.

  46. It’s funny that if all these penalties had occured 40 years ago he’d be considered tough and we’d be pining for players like him in todays game. The hypocrisy of fans astounds me.

  47. deeboisgonnaeatyourkids says: Aug 28, 2011 12:58 PM

    “I love players like Suh, they are what football is all about”

    The exception to this rule being of course, is if you wear black and gold and your name is James Harrison, then you’re just a dirty player.

  48. Suh repeatedly “claims” he’s not a dirty player but let’s see what he has to say when teams decide to pay him back for injuring their QB or some other dirty action on his part. We will all get to listen to him cry about a cheapshot when an offensive player hits him with a crackback block that tears his knee up. Other players appreciate opponents who play hard but they don’t “forget” when someone plays dirty. I hope Suh learns quickly becuz otherwise his day will come…………and when that happens, I hope Lion’s fans don’t cry about a cheapshot or dirty play becuz they seem to like it when Suh does it.

  49. After watching that clip again Mankins was pulling on Jackson’s facemask and Suh was defending his teammate.
    I have no problem with that. Nothing should happen to Suh.

  50. Being a Skins fan, it’s just a matter of time before he meets a lineman like Mark May or Jon Runyon for the Eagles. They’d welcome a punch from him and counter with a knee or kick to the stomach. And they’d do it right in front of the ref, just to prove a point.

    I’m quite sure there are OL like these two in the NFL left. It’s one of those things where fines, penalties, or a walk to the Commish’s office won’t solve. It’s only when guys punch back and punch back harder than he does, will he get the idea. Nobody is above an a$$ kicking, and it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he’s no longer in college, but now in a league of men.

  51. Yeah, I’m not seeing it either – looks like a one armed shove, not a punch. And it was clearly intended to get Mankins off of Suh’s teammate. The refs were watching the situation closely enough to call a personal foul on Mankins, so I would imagine that if Suh had actually thrown a punch, there would have been offsetting personals. I doubt very much he’ll be fined over this one.

  52. And why is it that skill players dont have to wear mandatory hip, knee, and tailbone pads? Along with cups?

  53. Here’s the thing about the Lions. Everyone’s giving them credit, saying they might be good…but only because they’ve been SO bad for SO long. If they were just a normal team, people would be yawning. 8-8 AT BEST. Think about it. Packers won the Super Bowl. Bears went to the NFCC game. Vikings went to the NFCC game a year ago, and have good players like McNabb, Peterson, Harvin, etc. Lions are all hype, simply because they’ve been SO bad for SO long.

  54. Man Suh….Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money
    but I think we can (aaaahhhh-FORD) it he spent 40 million for bad @$$ man in the TRENCHES.

    Dirty player whatever, Suma Suh putting in work throwing (2) 300+ men around. Hate the game not the player. Roger Goddell yo people choose Suh.

    GO LIONS!!!!!!!

  55. Oh, and why is the writer writing headlines about physical play? Are you supporting the “NEW SISSY NFL”?

  56. NEVER MIND the fact mankins was pulling on LoJack’s facemask LONG after the play. Suh tried to get him off and you can clearly see mankins pulls even more. Suh had enough and yeah, he swung…and so too would I have. ALL you dumb a$$es talking smack obviously never played the game because if you had you would know that your teammate is your family. Same as the Cincy game 2 weeks ago, Jerome Simpson got away with an illegal block on delmas that could have injured him and WHAM, Stepehen Tulloch in his first outing as a Lion came right in and blasted that fool. Call it dirty or whatever you want to call it, when that whistle blows ya best be stopping what you’re doing or you WILL be handled

  57. No mention about how Mankins was ripping Lawrence Jackson down by his facemask…

  58. I don’t know about any fines. and don’t really care. If this guy played on my team, I’d pay all the fines he incured. If I were the coach, owner, gm , or whatever. This guy is a one man wrecking crew. I’m a bears fan, and I wish we had him. A true beast. He’s the best I’ve seen since Reggie White.

  59. Suh is going to hurt his team more than any opposing player. His preseason behavior will put more scrutiny on him and remove any benefit of the doubt that anyone else is going to get. Critical penalties on him may get him suspended or ejected and his team will suffer for his foolishness.

  60. “So many Lions haters….. Jealous much?”

    yes.. I am sure everybody here is jealous of a team that went 0-16.. and employed Matt Millen for 7(!) years.

    they went 6-10 last year.. but we are all definitely jealous of a team because they won some preseason games this year.

    who are you people?

  61. goes to show how much this generation has been pansified by their overprotective mothers…can’t a guy in a tough physical game be tough and physical anymore?

  62. Who got the personal foul on that play? Mankins. Suh was trying to stand up for his teammate.

  63. It seems like the sky-is-always-falling whiny-asses who squeal he should be fined, he should be penalized, he should be suspended — largely tend to be the cupcake versions of males. The testosterone-challenged amongst us.

    Quit squealing like stuck pigs over every perceived reason to fine, penalize or suspend everyone who plays a game designed for people NOT LIKE YOU.

    Romo spitting in Stokes’ face was bogus. Charles Martin spiking McMahon LONG after he had gotten rid of the ball was despicable. Those are a couple of legit examples of b.s. on the playing field that should certainly have been punished.

    But crying over everything is ridiculous and shameful.

    Here’s a thought: go find a new spectator sport if this makes you so miserable every 4.03 seconds.

  64. Mankins tried to break Lawrence Jackson’s neck on that play. I’m glad Suh stepped in to try to stop that.

  65. all the tackles can be lumped into “playing the game” but taking swings is another category. i won’t say he’s a dirty player but it’s gonna get harder and harder to defend him

  66. @To all the people who hate
    That high speed O with the passing game the ST and the THE DISASSEMBLE LINE bring it on.

  67. Okay lets go through what happened on this play

    1. Mankins is grabbing a Lions player by the facemask after the play
    2. Suh comes over to help his teammate
    3. Suh pushes Mankins and makes an absolutely stupid pass at Mankins head
    4. Suh misses

    I watched the game live and frankly it looked more to me like Suh was trying to push Mankin’s head not punch him, and it was no punch because I don’t know about you but I don’t punch with an open hand. Was it a stupid thing for Suh to do? Should he have been flagged? Probably.
    But lets not forget that Mankins started this by pulling a Lions player around by his facemask, which is just as bad if not worse than a punch. Because I’m pretty sure when bare hand goes up against helmet, helmet wins.

  68. Suh repeatedly “claims” he’s not a dirty player but let’s see what he has to say when teams decide to pay him back for injuring their QB or some other dirty action on his part. We will all get to listen to him cry about a cheapshot when an offensive player hits him with a crackback block that tears his knee up. Other players appreciate opponents who play hard but they don’t “forget” when someone plays dirty. I hope Suh learns quickly becuz otherwise his day will come…………and when that happens, I hope Lion’s fans don’t cry about a cheapshot or dirty play becuz they seem to like it when Suh does it.

    How many players has Suh hurt being such a
    “dirty” player. I don’t think any of his hits has resulted in a player missing as much as a down. Yet, you and others think it is completely justifiable to go after his knees and end his season. If Suh hurts a QB, it’ll be because an offensive lineman didn’t do his job, not because Suh did his.

  69. Die hard Lions fan for many years…I love Suhs tenacity but at the same time we don’t need him gettin the same rep as James Harrison…tough call

  70. Detroit’s Defensive Line and defense overall is reminiscent of how Pittsburgh coalesced in the 70’s behind Greene, Arrowhead, Mad Dog and Greenwood.

    The Steelers defense was known as the Steel Curtain, though their defensive line anchored it at the core.

    Similarly, Detroit is building around a nasty core: The Motor City Mob.

    Works for both the defensive line and the defense as a whole.

  71. Mankins uses an axe as big as Suh to chop trees in the off-season.

    Not the man you want to take cheap shots at, kid.

  72. I really like Suh. But don’t compare him to Harrison. Harrison rarely does anything that isn’t within the realm of the game.

    Suh has, a few times, tackled people by their necks.

    I don’t think Harrison or Suh are dirty players; they are just aggressive. But if Harrison is a dirty player, Suh is REALLY dirty because he keeps going even after the play is done.

    The only comparison between the two is that they play the game right and are probably the best at their respective positions.

  73. rushmatic says:

    Mankins uses an axe as big as Suh to chop trees in the off-season.

    Not the man you want to take cheap shots at, kid.


    You may want to actually watch the video to see which of the two is actually taking a cheap shot on the play.

  74. It wasn’t a punch, it was a open handed jam that he missed and followed with a two handed jam trying to shove Mankins (who was busy hanging onto a fasemask of a team mate).

    The Delhomme hit last year was dirty and I’ll admit that. The subsequent personal foul calls on Suh for Cutler and Barber were wrong. The hit on Dalton is debatable; did he still think he had the ball?

    So that’s one dirty play, one debatable play and two that shouldn’t have been called.

    The guy plays violent, no doubt, but its a violent sport. All this talk about him being “dirty” is a joke.

  75. Steve Hutchinson can still knock Suh on his ass. It would be fun to watch Conrad Dobler line up against Suh.

  76. to me the thing is we didn’t see what mankins did. i really doubt that suh threw that punch just for the heck of it,as many here have pointed out suh knows he’s being watched and has been fined several times so why would he do that? i think that if the truth were known mankins took the first cheap shot (as normal) and suh responded with the attempted punch.just another cheating patriot story thats all but i’ll give em credit they are pretty good about not getting caught at it oh wait….

  77. Suh is trying way too hard to earn some kind of reputation around the league. All he’s really doing is putting himself under a magnifying glass for the refs to focus more on his play. If a close call could go either way, he’s not going to get the benefit of a doubt because of his new found “reputation”. This dirty talk is a joke, but he’s only putting it on himself.

  78. He better be careful, if he thinks he can get opponents to fear him through these cheap shots, it’s not gonna be long before a guard or center puts their helmet into the side of his knee and sees how he likes it when he misses a season.

  79. Mankins grabs and pulls down Jackson by his facemask AND draws a personal foul for it…and yet the article is about Suh being dirty because he pushed him off Jackson??? but I guess if the Suh articles are going to generate 100+ comments then they are going to keep writing them.

  80. Sug is a good player but I think he is dirty at times. Still not as dirty as the other clown from Auburn.

    This clip at 1:20 however is nothing. If anything, it is Spoiled whiny Tom Brady shocked that he is gettting hit and knocked down.

    From the look on his face he doesnt believe he should be allowed to be hit!!! Hahahahaaaaa…….take a seat Tommy Terrific.


    Bwaahahahahaha! I surprised your computer didn’t crash due to a fatal error when you typed that out.

  82. So many Lions haters….. Jealous much?

    Jealous? Of the freaking Lions???? Hahahahahhahahhahahhahhahahhahha!!! They will always suck. Stafford will last 4 games, then falls down and breaks something and is out for the rest of the season just like every other year. Whos your RB? Whos anybody besides Suey on D? Most hyped 5-11 team EVER!!!!

  83. @visible4. Detroit is the media darling this season. They’ve got a franchise QB in Stafford, a pro bowl WR in Calvin Johnson, and SUH. They have the potential to contend, if Stafford stays healthy. The league hasn’t seen a player like Suh, for many years. The microscope is on him, for better or for worse. If the league allows the worst, so be it. But like one poster on here stated. gbfanforever says: ” it’s not gonna be long before a guard or center puts their helmet into the side of his knee and sees how he likes it when he misses a season”.

  84. Here is the bigger question for the NFL what happens when Fairley enters into the mix? Dare I hear more complaining about teams not being able to stop just one man. If you do not like his play than stop him.

  85. Not sure what’s funnier. That Mankins was the only one penalized by that brutal officiating crew or that a Lions fan was calling people jealous here.

  86. wow can tell we just had a hurricane on the east coast…. took almost 3 mins to scroll to the bottom of the comments.

  87. I think at the end of the day this guy will be proven to be a Roido. He is completely out of control on the football field.

  88. how many of you actually watched the event unfold? makins had lawrence jackson by the facemask pulling him around, all suh did was shove him to the ground,its called “standing up for your teammate” the kinda thing you like to see on your team. watch the play before you jump on the “suh is dirty” bandwagon. mankins deserves a fine.

    btw get your jokes out on the lions while you can. as a die-hard lions fan my whole life (yes im brave enough to admit it) this isn’t the same old lions, just as robert kraft said at halftime ,”football is back in detroit” ill see you guys on the bandwagon, ive the conductor since 84

  89. Wait until Nick Fairley is healthy and in the rotation. You clowns are really gonna be crying about dirty hits then. 2011 NFC North champs!

  90. ” (yes im brave enough to admit it) this isn’t the same old lions, just as robert kraft said at halftime ,”football is back in detroit”

    Good to hear it, even better to see Suh annhilate T.Brady and Co. DONT APOLOGIZE FOR SH%T, Suh.

    Butkus, Nitchke and all the old school guys are smiling somewhere thinking “Now this is somebody I could play with”

    Glad to see you guys back, and this is coming from Raider fan…we have suffered also!


    Hail Megatron!

  91. Somewhere along the line a lot of you lost your mind. When Mankins is getting into it, like he always does because he’s a DIRTY PLAYER on the line, with one of my teammates. If I am coach of the lions or I am the teammate, I want Suh to come and help me because then dirty Mankins will find a hole to cry in. Suh would blast Mankins out and you guys are crazy if you don’t think so.

  92. Suh will be viewed as the best defensive tackle in history before he retires. He was taking up for a teammate when Mankins was clearly playing beyond the whistle that is what the big guy is supposed to do defend his guys. Mankins should of gotten a penalty then there would of been no need for Suh to intervene the refs just missed it.

  93. Suh might not care about fines with all the attention now. Bets are some opposing offensive linemen might not care about fines after a crackback or chopblock on him to win a vital game for their team.

    It might not be right or fair but paybacks can be a b*tch. Detroit has had a long history of losing their best players to injury.

  94. As a lifetime Lions fan, I’m thrilled to have Suh defend his teammate from a dirty facemask well after the play.

    I’m also thrilled that so many internet whiners are on here trying to justify getting Suh off the field by any means necessary because he’s just that good.

    Suh has never injured anyone, so they can’t use “trying to protect their favorite player from injury” as an excuse for him to not play.

    If Suh wanted to hurt someone, he would. Not like anyone on your O line can stop him.

  95. There is a fine line between physical and dirty. Some athletes have trouble figuring out exactly where that line is – Suh seems to be struggling with that right now. But i’d rather see him be overly aggressive then not aggressive enough

  96. If by “paybacks” you mean trying to hurt Suh that means your QB will have someone come unblocked so go ahead and try the karma thing. Signed your QB on his back!

  97. isphet71 says:
    Aug 28, 2011 8:07 PM

    As a lifetime Lions fan,…….


    i honestly did not read anything beyond that….sorry, laughing too hard!

  98. I was there and what a GREAT game! Brady looked pathetic but no denying his charmed life with Gis. I just find it amazing how the Patriots are so mortal after ‘spygate’. I know Patriot lovers want to burry the issue but the ‘proof is in the pudding’ as they say. Man, I love watching the ‘hoodie’ get P.O.’d!
    Lions may not be Super Bowl bound but no longer are they a mere blip on the radar.

  99. Suh has already earned a reputation in the league office. Two regular season issues last year speak to that: the forceful push down of Cutler, which drew a penalty and a fine, and when he tackled Marion Barber by the dreadlocks, which drew a penalty. Both those plays were very hard, physical football plays, but within the rules of a violent sport. As a Lions fan, I am very happy with Suh’s play. It has been a long time since we have had a defensive player or unit that had to be specifically game planned for. If he incurs some fines along the way of instilling fear in opponent’s, so be it. I particularly like the way he defends his teammates – the Lions have been a doormat for so long and he is sending a clear message that those days are over. His massive shoulders and bulging wallet can handle the burden.

  100. Suh’s a great player–which is why he doesn’t need to pull these stunts. Ripping off a QBs helmet and trying to take his head with it isn’t how you intimidate opposing offenses. He can accomplish that by sacking the QB. Just as Ray Lewis. And throwing a punch on the field is supposed to be an automatic ejection … not that I’d expect these officials to remember the real rules. They’re too busy trying to accommodate Goodell’s imaginary rules.

  101. I just find it amazing how the Patriots are so mortal after ‘spygate’

    That’s for sure. Last year’s 14-2 sure exposed those losers.

  102. @ backdapack

    says, “i honestly did not read anything beyond that….sorry, laughing too hard!”

    Get a life Packer Troll!

  103. hey backdapack-who was the last team to beat the packers in a regular season game?……Why did you stop laughing?lol

  104. I have to say that 1) I do believe Suh is too aggressive when tackling and 2) If I was Suh I would’ve punched mankins as well as he was starting a fight with a smaller Detroit player.

    Suh was completely in the right here. Most of the time I wouldn’t say that.

  105. Funny thing that you don’t mention Mankins dragging Jackson to the ground by the facemask after the play, which is why Suh retaliated. ANY player would’ve done that. Cut this Suh hater crap, you jealous punks.

  106. Wow, maybe we should micro-manage every play of the game. How about when lineman or running backs chop block a d-lineman and ends his career. Should we fine them out the ying yang or have a civil suit? I see guys face mask and about take off somebody’s head. Is that a 50,000 dollar fine? How about all the cussing? Fine that?? Put sensors on their teeth and fingers for when they are in scrums for a fumbled football. Let’s just put skirts on quarterbacks to make them more visible to potential penaltys. Get real

  107. Its funny to listen to the whiney Pat fans on this site, but on their own websites they are infuriated with the Pats play in the Lions game.

  108. Ok, say someone takes out our best defensive player with a DIRTY HIT to the knee. Do you, in all honesty, think that the Lions players wouldn’t do the same to THAT team’s best player? Seriously? You’d be overjoyed, I’m guessing, to see one of your players play dirtier than Suh has EVER. You would want someone to potentially end a career, whin this guy hasn’t even ended someone’s DRIVE with his play? You don’t want this guy sticking up for his teammate, but in the same breath, want one of yours to cause just short of felonious assault?

  109. I hate Goodell. The patriots line was mad because they couldn’t stop Suh they were the one doing the extra pushing after the whistle was blown! I think you will see a lot of this in the regular season. If teams can’t stop him try to piss him off and get him fined or suspended. When Suh retires I think he should put goodell on the end of one of those punches!

  110. Let’s look at Suh’s infractions that make him such a “Dirty Player”. He grabed a runningback (Barber) by the hair (part of the uniform by NFL rules). He gets fined for a horsecollar (it clearly wasn’t but here is an opportunity to send a message). He then pushed a quarterback from behind (Cutler). The quarterback is out of the pocket and although he is still inbounds and whistle has not been blown Suh is fined again for catching him from behind, at a full run, and pushing him down too hard (again, a message that you have to be less agressive when you havecontact with a quarterback). The incident with Cincinatti QB , is a borderline case but again the league is protecting the quarterback.. Still it seems to me he is being given a reputation without people looking at the facts. For those of you that feel he wouldn’t have been fined if he were not guilty, we all know the NFL never is wrong. Of the three previous infractions, one MAY be legit.

  111. hilarious reading about all the Lions fans huffing and puffing and pounding their chests!

    yes, you are well on your way to the “Preseason Championship” once again…..CONGRATS!

    Suh is a DIRTY PLAYER and the opposition will inflict justice on him….happens all the time!

  112. Didn’t Cleveland beat the heck out the Patriots last year in a game that actually mattered? How did the rest of the season go for them? Lions fans – i know its been a long time but really now, lets not get too happy over a win in August that doesn’t mean a thing….you’re still the Lions!

  113. Nothing wrong with defending a teammate. Suh vs. Mankins…Mankins is a lot dirtier.

  114. For how many years were the Patriots irrelevant before they figured out how to cheat the system? NOW they are slowly returning to where they came from but STILL have the ‘holy’ attitude. Oh well, when the Lions finally DO win, it won’t be because they have an inside track as to exactly what the other team is going to do. ONE Super Bowl like that is more ‘legit’ than all the hoodie has accumulated. Since being CAUGHT, how many Bowl appearances have the Pats made? I know, fire back with a Lions comment but they will get there with HARD play. Call it dirty but look at the REAL NFL with Deacon Jones, Too Tall, Mean Joe, Lambert, etc. Yeah, REAL clean! The NFL has just become soft to protect Ugz models.

  115. Please tell me you guys are kidding. Mankins has a Lion by the facemask and Suh comes over to push him off and that’s “punch at Mankins”????
    O-Lineman chops a defender who goes on IR…it’s a 15 and a “naughty boy”. D-Lineman allegedly punches a guy wearing a helmet and it’s money with a suspension????

  116. Quit being so dramatic. You guys are like a bunch of women at bleacher report. Making something out of nothing. I get tired of it. If you have a legit story then I can see it. Dramma queens.

  117. Here’s the truth Soccer use to be the softest sport in America,..now with all the sissy rules protecting the quarterback trying to drive up points, trying to make sure the quarterback position stays the highest paid, trying to use concussion as the reason behind all the soft girlie rules…has turned NFL into the Worlds softest sport. That’s not all even NBA has taken its share of PTA mom protection rules. Heck its no wonder the world thinks Americans are soft fat men

  118. I hate to bust your bubble but if it were a reg. season game the Patriots would not have left half their defense in New England.


    I’m sure that is true, but lets not forget half the Lions starting D and O were not playing either. We may not go 10-6 this year but it won’t be because we don’t have the talent!
    If some dirty offensive lineman was yanking one of your team mates around by the face mask you would just stand there and watch, I don’t think so. Put it into perspective before you run your mouth. You can go back and watch the footage on all the Suh fines and only one of them was legit, Delhomme. The Dalton fine was a joke, and Cutler isn’t even worth mentioning.

  119. What happen to the days when Football players use to deliver the Fore arm shiver. When men played football. Don’t give that bologna on players are stronger and faster, Darrell Green can out run majority of the nfl players of today. Concussion is such a big deal then while you change the rules to protect the quarterback change rules to protect the running back, give them the same rules. Give Vick the same rules even if he decides to run. Football is an aggressive sport, all kids and parents know what can happen if something GOES WRONG, but they still let their kids play. NFL players know concussions can and will happen possibly. I believed players association goal was not to add rules but for the owners and NFL association to support and help with funding for medical treatments after a player retires. Not destroy the game so no one gets hurt so they don’t have to fork out money. That is what I call evil. If my neighbor comes over and helps me with my roof, I would pay him,..if he got injured doing it, i would still pay him and then pay for his medical bills. Why because that’s the right thing to do. PERIOD!

  120. Why is everyone so afraid of Ndamukong Suh?

    Oh yea because on sports science he showed that in 2010 draft he was quicker than anyone coming off the line of scrimmage…that includes running backs, wide receivers and cornerbacks.

    Oh yea because I also think that he displayed after 6 yards and moving two 300 pound objects he still hits someone with 3200 pounds of force.

    Ray Lewis at this distance only hits with 1000 pounds of force….and he didn’t have two 300 pound bags to move out of the way first.

    Ndamukong Suh says the refs don’t understand his strength….they don’t.

    Ndamukong Suh says he wants to be feared…well look at all the women on here crying about him.

  121. Reading some of the comments, I need to clarify. I do not think Suh is a dirty player. Dirty players are guys who regularly dive for an opponent’s knees, reach inside a facemask and try to gouge someone’s eyes, or try to step on an opponent’s face with his cleats once the guy is down. I don’t think we should label players “dirty” because they play hard … and certainly not because they get caught up in an altercation and throw a punch in the heat of the moment.

    I thought the head-ripping thing he did to Dalton was a bad play–that doesn’t make him a dirty player. And throwing a punch is supposed to be an automatic ejection, so when opponents are trying to goad him, he’s got to be careful how he responds. He’s a great player, but like James Harrison, he’s getting a reputation. Unfortunately, officials and Goodell will react to the rep instead of the play because they don’t know what they’re looking at.

  122. Suh is a very good young player….and there is no dirty player story here…likewise there really is no comparison to James Harrison as Suh has not, as of yet, been awarded a Defensive Player of the Year award.

    And for those defending Mankins, watch the video and then recall how big a selfish A$$ this guy was with his holdout last year…wrenching another player around by his facemask deserves an ejection, suspension, fine and an A$$-kicking.

    Good for SUH for having his teammates back.

  123. Actually Deb I agree but the one true dirty player of them all is the player that spits in your face. This one goes to NFL’S dirtiest player Bill Romanowski. which everyone seems to have forgotten. That should have been a fine of 150,000 and 500,000 of his guaranteed salary. But this was one that all love to forget and or sweep under the carpet. This was and still is the NFL’s dirtiest player.

  124. Dirty player, period.
    I’ve seen enough to be pretty damn sure of that.
    Enjoy paying your ever-increasing fines. You’ve yet to even begin your second season and the next one will likely be $20K…and counting, with suspensions eventually becoming an issue.
    Keep wrenching QB’s necks and throwing punches, schlep rock. That ought to help the Lions win games.

  125. It’s OK, No worries, Suh can play however dirty and cheap as he likes and/or wants to play.

    But hey, turnabout is fair play!

    A couple of cheap shots to his knees, a couple of seasons lost to knee surgeries, and he’ll slow down.

    It’ll come!

    It’ll happen!

  126. What part of defending a team mate didnt you guys see? Mankins was (after the whistle, no doubt) holding his teammates facemask and jerking it. Suh got Mankins off his teammate. Its the reason he didnt get a flag. Not because the refs didnt see it, but because he was defending his player. Everybody talk about his fines. The Delhomme hit was the only one worth it. He did not grab Dalton by the head, but by his shoulders and flung him backwards and Cutler got pushed really hard in the back, it just looked bad.

  127. hydenja says: Aug 28, 2011 1:15 PM

    So many Lions haters….. Jealous much?
    We are ALL so very jealous of your 6 – 10 Lions!
    Damn, I wish the Packers could have done as well!
    Man, am I Jealous!

    What a fool you are to be so happy at 6-10! I’m betting you’ll come all over yourself if they hit 8 – 8

  128. always remember he may be fined but to his gm or other gm’s Suh is a gold mine for DT position. Im 100 percent sure he may be fined 20k 30 k 50 k 60 k what ever k, I’m sure he is doing this to insure his next contract will double his previous contract. So call him dirty all you want to as long as a DT is able to pressure or even tackle the qb his stocks will triple….so take that to the bank Suh, ROCK ON – SMASH HEADS – SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF qb who are protected by the new rules,…mind you not all qb are protected, those that scramble with in the pocket aren’t protected..sorry Vic….oh wait they don’t consider you a qb anyway because you have an ability other non athletic qb’s don’t have that’s the skill to avoid the rush,..so you too are penalties…wow what a bunch of BS rules. There goes the game of football. I grew up playing football with the sole purpose of delivering a big hit and using my agility to avoid big hits which made me love the game even more. That WAS FOOTBALL. NOT SCORING 30 POINTS with some lame qb pass…..BUT MORE of the spectacular throw as a real QB gets hit but still manages to get the pass off taking a big hit like a man totally void of sissy thoughts about concussions or getting hurt and have the WR do the unbelievable and catch that off target pass with a spectacular display of acrobatics or leap of faith just out of reach heights to finger grab that ball through some divine miracle and bringing it home only to be hit by a train coming across the field but still maintaining the football…..GLORY….GLORY… THAT IS FOOTBAL… That is what had kids dreaming for days inspiring kids to great like the GREATONES from back in the day… can’t say the same for qb now except a few Peyton Manning-Mike Vic- heck I will even throw Eli Manning in there he has proved he can take a hit and not have the commissioner change rules for him….Like Tom Tom Brat…i mean Brady

  129. If you know anything about football, you wouldve realized that mankins had his teammates facemask long After the whistle had blown. Suh defended a helpless teammate, yes I said defenseless. If you ever had your facemask anked you’d understand.

  130. i love all the haters crying about Suh being dirty, yet getting turned on to an O lineman taking out his knees……hypocritical

  131. I like Suh and I love Mankins. Mankins can handle it.

    I just hope Suh can save something for the regular season.

    The Lions have to play the Packers twice.

  132. @soulman45

    i see a lot of hits around the knees and head area and taking the quarterback down to the ground hard in that clip…I dont know if you are with or against Suh but if it is against you didnt post the best evidence for your point

  133. Damn right im a lions fan, and when trying to make a point you should bring the best evidence possilbe to show why you are right, just a tip for the future

  134. Alright ! This Deserves My Comment ‘ Suh Deserves Exactly What He GETS .. If Harrison From The Steelers Can Get Fined For Doing The Same, So Can Suh & For Everyone Who’s Saying “Makins Started It,” You’re Incorrect. Mankins Got Into It With A Detroit Lion ‘ & Suh Pushed Him Twice After The Fact, Mankins, Only Was Caught & Got Flagged. It’s Another Thing To Play Aggressively, But When You’re A Dirty Player. That Should Not Be Tolerated, & Once He’s Fined Enough, He’ll Realize He Needs To Slow Down.

  135. imjinbrdgr says:
    Aug 28, 2011 1:21 PM
    If it was a regular season games, the Lions would have won by 30 against New England…I do love it.

    I hate to bust your bubble but if it were a reg. season game the Patriots would not have left half their defense in New England.
    result the same…teams discovered once you beat Tom Brady’s a$%, he’s just another QB…once they fall behind and have to pass, here comes Kong. Just wait to Fairly comes in as well.

    Haynesworth, and Andre Carter make up one Richard Seymour…this isnt the same team and neither are the Lions.

  136. tatum064 says:
    result the same…teams discovered once you beat Tom Brady’s a$%, he’s just another QB…once they fall behind and have to pass, here comes Kong. Just wait to Fairly comes in as well.

    Haynesworth, and Andre Carter make up one Richard Seymour…this isnt the same team and neither are the Lions.


    Has nothing to do with Tom Brady and everything to do with QB’s who are hurried, hit and sacked OVER and OVER will not play as effectively. Not an indictment on Brady.

  137. Love that video Soulman…everyone that says Suh is dirty and White played the game more cleanly is ridiculously misinformed and they don’t understand football.

    I made it 35 sec into the video (kind of like a porno) and I think I saw about $80,000 in fines!

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