With Gore sitting out, 49ers offense continues rough preseason


We mentioned the other day that Frank Gore wasn’t pleased with how much he was being used in the preseason. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh responded by giving Gore a break and keeping him out of Saturday’s action.

Gore didn’t miss much.

The 49ers offense struggled badly against Houston Saturday night, their third straight weak effort. San Francisco has six first half points in three games.  On Saturday, they had six first downs all game.  The offense was shut out.

It didn’t really matter who was at quarterback for San Francisco.  Alex Smith completed 2-of-6 passes for 17 yards and an interception. Rookie Colin Kaepernick completed 6-of-12 passes for 52 yards. He threw an interception returned for a score.

“I think the defense wasn’t quite as bad as special teams, and special teams weren’t quite as bad as the offense,” coach Jim Harbaugh said via CSNBayArea.com

That about sums up the 49ers preseason.  Looking at the bright side, San Francisco opens with Seattle.

19 responses to “With Gore sitting out, 49ers offense continues rough preseason

  1. Umm I think you messed up with them qb stats…the only thing I got out of this game was who our back up running back is should be hunter not dixon…

  2. To correct the guy who wrote this blog gets ur facts straight. Alex smith went 2 -6 in completions with an interception and the interception was caused by getting hit while throwing the ball. The offensive line couldn’t hold back a line of girl scouts against the texans. Same thing happened when they played the saints week one the difference was the texans were only bringing 4 to 5 guys and still getting the the qb. Harbaughs not going to show any of his cards yet. But man, not looking good when the starting line can’t give pass protection for the qb.

  3. Its going to turn out that Singletary was doing alot with what he had to work with.

  4. I think the Niners’ FO has to be smart enough to know that dumping big money on Gore isn’t gonna win them anything. They’re not playoff bound with him or without him.
    Let him play out his contract and look toward developing his replacement. The new coaching staff has no reason to be tied to him long term.

    Giving in and throwing money his way will only slow down the process of rebuilding the team.

  5. 5-11 with 4 wins in the division.. they should get better with a real qb & another corner.. as long as Alice Smith is behind center playoffs are out the question

  6. No one — including Harbaugh — said the Niners would be a playoff team this season, or perhaps even next. Give the coach a chance to mold the team with the players he wants. Judge him in his third year.

    Gore should play out his contract, then let the league judge his value. If he pouts, sit or trade him. Frank overestimates his value, particularly considering his injury history.

  7. Look at the bright side Niner fans, you won’t have to trade up to get a quarterback in the draft next year.

  8. The Niners were 4-0 in the preseason last year before going 0-5 in the regular season. So you can’t put too much stock in the preseason. Jim Harbaugh is an offensive coach, and hasn’t used Frank Gore yet or even a real game plan. I’m not saying they’ll win the division, but they’ll get more than 4 or 5 wins.

  9. marcsasharc says:Aug 28, 2011 7:46 PM
    “Alex Smith > Jason Campbell. yet raider fans are talking playoffs.”

    Campbell’s been through the same thing Smith had to go through (no oline/new o coordinator every year/etc) .

    Yet, I don’t see Raider/redskin fans chanting for David Carr ….

    “zomg, the saints blitzed him, no oline…”

    ….Jay Cutler plays against The Lions/Packers/Vikings Pass rush, has the Worst Oline in the league, no WRs, yet he took his team to an NFC Title Game.

    Just admit it 49er fans…. The Front Office whiffed on that 1st overrall draft pick. Time to move on.

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