Chester Taylor will be cut by the Bears

We have our biggest name yet among these early cuts.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports Chester Taylor will be cut by the Bears.

That indicates that Marion Barber’s injury on Saturday night is not serious. It’s also an indication that Kahlil Bell has made the team as the No. 3 running back after a strong camp.

The Bears wasted $7 million on Taylor last year so he could be one of the worst backups in the league.  We wonder if the Vikings could show interest because they have injuries behind Adrian Peterson.

UPDATE: After being told he was cut by Lovie Smith, Taylor will remain the team for now. Odd.

38 responses to “Chester Taylor will be cut by the Bears

  1. Future Titan? CJ holding out, I like Ringer and Johnson but neither was ever a solidified number one. Taylor was in Minnesota.. ’til they got that Adrian character.

  2. big loss for the bears they should keep chester taylor as a back up running back, because what if matt forte gets hurt or he holds out because of contract issues then whats going to happen then.

  3. @ iamgoodkid- dude, ive read several of your posts, and i must say your absolutely ignorant! have you ever watched a football game???? There cutting him because hes garbage! Who cares if forte holds out, chester cannot contribute to the team!

  4. Bring Chester back to Minnesota! Booker to the practice squad
    What about Toby Gerhart??? IF Minnesota trades Gerhart to say, San Fran then Taylor back to the Vikings, if not, Taylor should look into Arizona where Wells has been injury prone in his career and where Ryan Williams is out for the year.

  5. I often wonder how many so called fans that post on here even understand or watch football. Chester Tylor is a very good back and had proven it with the huge contract he signed with the Bears. It didn’t work out last year but one year does not define the guy as a player.
    Lighten up Francis.

  6. Terrible signing by Jerry Angelo last year, just like Manumaleuna. Of course, nobody realized he was already washed up. Chester Taylor put up the lowest yard per carry number in the league last year. Good riddance. If the Bears had kept him, it would have been only to keep him an an inactive player on the 53 man roster, as insurance against an injury to Matt Forte or Marion Barber.

  7. apooster says:Aug 29, 2011 12:17 PM

    Bring Chester back to Minnesota! Booker to the practice squad.
    Firstly Booker is a vet, he has been in the league for some time now he cannot go to the practice squad. Second, he is much better than Chester Taylor, he has the speed and agility Chester doesn’t have. He can run inbetween the tackles, take it outside and receive. He also plays special teams.

  8. Chester ain’t worth $7 mil. But did you see the Bears’ running games last season? It was pathetic trying to run behind that O line. Ask Matt Forte, who was healthy and put up mediocre rushing numbers.

  9. The bears did not use him when he should have been used. Great 3rd down running back during his last year in MN and got you the first down when you needed it.

  10. Anyone who wants this guy didn’t watch him last year. He had zero impact on this team. The line is not good, but Forte did have 1,700 all purpose yards last year with this team.

  11. Bad as he was last season the guy is a good blocker and has soft hands. Some team will get in a pickle for a 3rd down back and pick him up.

    Vikings have injuries to Gerhart and Booker so I wouldn’t be shocked if they kick his tires. Nobody knows if those injuries are serious though.

    Eagles have picked everyone else up and really Chester’s game fits exactly what they look for in running backs with a premium on catching passes and blocking. Not saying he can make their team but he is the style of back that they employ and they seem to want all new players.

  12. bears fans have no reason to be mad. only 2 reasons why you took chester b4 was he only cared bout money and bears just wanted to take him away from division rival. he was only a serviceable 3rd down back here in minny, chicago & co. got what they got, tried to put him in a system that does not work for him, and never put him in decent spots to produce, alot lot our previous head coach did here with rest of team last 4 years. it was a stupid deal for chicago from the beginning, deangelo & martz work in completely separate universe, taylor never fit martz system but should have known that b4 signing last year and knew righting was on wall that this deal was a failure from both sides from the start. dont know if he would still work in MN, have gerhardt and taylor run 40’s and see who wins, think hands r bout the same.

  13. silverwolf3561 says: Aug 29, 2011 12:29 PM

    Why couldnt we just trade him for a low pick? stupid angelo….

    this isn’t the NBA you don’t trade garbage in the NFL…. every team who has any remote interest in this guy knows nobody is going to give up a draft pick for him… so you just wait for the bears to cut him.

    trade….not….. possible.

  14. Threedeep…maybe the bears didn’t use Chester right and maybe he should have been more successful as a 3rd down back. But when the team gives someone $7million I think more is expected.

  15. what a waste of 7 mil by the bears. he sucked but it was the lines fault he could not a inch let alone a yard on 3rd down when they needed it?

  16. U bear fans r so stupid Chester Taylor is a GOOD back up this guy was your only threat on 3rd downs last year and the only good goal line runner u guys had. U guys will be one of the worst goalline teams in the leauge this year I guarentee that, and have fun with Cutler (what a bumb.)

  17. I dont see how anyone can say that this isn’t a smart move. NO TEAM should pay starter money to a #3 running back/3rd down back. Not even the Raiders.

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